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Matchbook Distilling Co. "Ritual Sister" Smoke Pineapple Eau-de-Vie (375ml)
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Price: $59.99

90-95 points Wine Enthusiast: "The bouquet smells enticingly of fresh cherries, cherry pit, limestone and cooking spice. Entry is ripe and seductively sweet, with touches of spice; the midpalate explodes with juicy cherry and cherry compote tastes, supported and balanced by mineral. Concludes with a lovely rush of ripe cherry flavor. *Superb, Highly Recommended* (PP)" (12/2008) K&L Notes: Produced from the small black cherries of the mountainous region around Lake Zug in Switzerland, Etter packs the essence of 10 pounds of this unique fruit into one 37...
Price: $39.99

A beautiful and unique Pacific Northwest "terroir" brandy from Steve McCarthy's Hood River Oregon distillery, Clear Creek. Inspired by an obscure Alsatian distillate called Eau de Vie de Bourgeons de Sapin, this tree spirit was 10 years in the making. McCarthy infused a clear brandy with springtime buds from a Douglas Fir, then redistilled it, then infused it again with more buds. The liquor is then strained and bottled. Greenish in hue, this smells and tastes like the woods. Wow! Spiced and pure with juniper, forest floor, fresh wood, Christmas tree and...
Price: $49.99

Schladerer is Germany's finest producer of eau-de-vie. Built to rival the highest quality producers from Switzerland for a fraction of the price.
Price: $47.99

Special Order Only! Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable. Will take 3-7 days to receive this product before it can be shipped. I can't tell you all how excited I was after getting a taste of Lance Winters's Basil Eau-De-Vie. It is very, very, very long as you like basil. The Aqua Perfecta is an extraordinary feat of distillation artistry and showcases yet another stong offering in the St. George portfolio. Distilled from several typ...
Price: $34.99

The legendary Black Forest producer is finally at K&L. The cherry "schnapps" is classy Kirschwasser in every way. The fruit is vibrant and clean with the alcohol in perfect balance to the concentration of cherry. Thank goodness someone is making sure this leaves Germany and makes it over to us! A total of 33 pounds of cherries are used to produce one bottle of this clear Black Forest cherry brandy.
Price: $44.99

Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable.
Price: $54.99

How could something that is absolutely colorless contain so much aroma, flavor, and character? There is, simply put, magic in these Austrian spirits, and to call them eau de vie is rather like calling Lance Armstrong a bicyclist. The Raspberry is authentic, balanced and very well-knit, with fruit aromas with a touch of lemon, slightly green-leafy flavors. It seems almost light-footed, though it has a long, powerful finish.
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Yes, this is for real. One of the world's most unusual and magnificent eau-de-vie, this true eau-de-vie is made from that humble vegetable - the carrot. Yet the aromatic components of this special product will not be found in any other spirit in the world. It's completely entrancing and absolutely unique. This is a perfect finishing drizzle for a Bloody Mary.
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This little brandy, designed to keep you feeling fresh on your duck hunt, is simply delicious. A maceration of fresh North Fork blackberries in an eau-de-vie of biodynamic Pinot Gris from Keeler Estate in Oregon. Distilled, owned, and bottled by the excellent Matchbook Distilling, it's perfectly proportioned to slide neatly into the back pocket of your waterproof camo overalls.
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92 points Wine Enthusiast: "The bright ginger aroma is underpinned by an earthy note. On the palate, this eau de vie is light and fresh, with mouthwatering salinity. Delicate gingery heat comes forward slowly on the finish. Some will miss the sweetness typically found in ginger liqueurs; there's none here. (KN)" (12/2014)
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