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Grand Domestic Tasting, Hollywood, Saturday, November 7th, 4:30-6:00pm

We will be tasting the following: 2010 Heitz Cellar "Martha's Vineyard" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Spottswoode "Lyndenhurst" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars "Fay" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Robert Mondavi "To Kalon Vineyard - Reserve" Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Inglenook "Cask" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Hall "Kathryn Hall" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Opus One Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend 2013 Lewis Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Pine Ridge "Fortis" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauv... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Bittermilk #2 Elderflower Hops Tom Collins Cocktail Mix 17 oz (Previously $15)

To build a cocktail with a quality gin, like, say, the Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Gin, you want a quality mixer, made from all natural ingredients. The producer's note: "Not just your grandma's Tom Collins, we've made a refreshing Collins with floral and citrus notes. Using Centennial hops as the bittering agent prized for its aggressive floral characteristics. Mixes best with light spirits. Build equal parts No.2 + Gin or Vodka in a glass with lots of ice, top with soda water." 

Inventory: San Francisco

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Bittermilk #1 Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix 8.5 oz

When both time and quality are at a premium, a splash of Bittermilk #1 bourbon-based cocktail on the rocks will do nicely. The fine points: "We've recreated this gentlemen's cocktail by using classic bittering agents like gentian root and cinchona bark along with burnt sugar, spices and a bit of orange peel. Aged in Willett bourbon barrels to allow the flavors to come together and ramp up the intensity. It is super concentrated so just a little goes a long way. Best with aged spirits. Stir 1 part No.1 + 4 parts Rye in a glass with ice." 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City

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Tippleman's Island Orxata (Orgeat) Syrup 500ml

Orgeat was originally a barley infused water which was flavored with almonds to cover the funking earthiness of the malted grain. Originally thought to be healthful, its benefits as a cocktail ingredient far out-weighed any potential health benefits. Slowly the grain was left out of the recipe. Here, Tippleman's has reintroduced a subtle grainy undertone using cracked corn from Geechie Bay Mill, roasted sesame seed and a subtle jasmine herbal quality. The almond element adds richness and a subtle sweetness, plus it's non-allergenic and therefor safe for ... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Bittermilk #5 Charred Grapefruit 17 oz

Not your typical tonic, the No.5 combines lime and lemon juice with cinchona bark, the source of quinine for tonic. We peel fresh grapefruits and char the skins to help bring out bitter yet refreshing notes. Just a bit of local Bulls Bay Saltworks sea salt helps pull savory caramel notes and rounds out flavor. Works well with any light spirit. Build over ice equal parts No.5 + vodka + soda water in a tall glass. Garnish with a lime wedge. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Bittermilk #4 New Orleans Style Rouge 8.5 oz

Our Old Fashioned Rouge is strong and bittersweet packed with licorice and spice. Wormword, fennel, and gentian root imply flavors of absinthe and bitters. A traditional coloring technique using Cochineal, a red beetle from Peru gives this Old Fashioned it's "Rouge" naturally. Aged in Willet Family Reserve Rye Whiskey barrels. Add 1 part No.4 + 4 parts rye, stir with ice, strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a lemon twist. 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Tippleman's Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup 500ml

This is just ultra flavorful maple syrup infused with smoke from Willett Bourbon casks. A wonderful value considering the already high cost of good quality maple, add the incredible depth of flavor from the top-notch bourbon cask smoke and you've got one of the most versatile flavoring enhancers on the market. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Tippleman's Falernum Syrup 500ml

A fresh high quality falernum that's packed with lime zest and tropical spice. This is falernum with all the flavor your expect, but without any alcohol added. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Tippleman's Burnt Sugar Syrup 500ml

This is basically a sugar syrup that's been cooked down to resemble molasses without all the difficultly of use of the thick brown sugar by product. Flows easily and mixes without trouble, this product is a must have for anyone who is mixing rum or whiskey drinks and needs a little something extra to take it over the top. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Vergano "Luli" Moscato Chinato 500ml

Chinato is a vermouth-like foritifed wine made in Italy. The wine used here is Moscato d’Asti that has a higher alcohol content (more than 10%) than is generally common. The Moscato comes from the prestigious winery of Vittorio Bera & Figli. Their Moscato’s fragrance and full-body meld perfectly with the aromatic extract of the added citrus zest, cinnamon and vanilla. These fresh and sweet aromas are balanced by other herbs and spices, making this a perfect aperitif. 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Tippleman's Ginger Honey Syrup 500ml

Simple satisfying and versatile, this is nothing more than excepetionally high quality wildflower honey and fresh ginger juice. This makes everything better. Put it in anything. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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1995 Bodegas Alejandro Fernández "Tinto Pesquera Janus" Ribera del Duero Gran Reserva Back In Stock!
1995 Bodegas Alejandro Fernández "Tinto Pesquera Janus" Ribera del Duero Gran Reserva

94 points Robert Parker: "The full-bodied 1995 Janus Gran Reserve (a cuvee only produced previously in 1994, 1991, 1986, and 1982) is remarkably young and vibrant despite the fact that it has been aged for 3 years in oak casks. Sadly, there are only 1,000+ cases of this wine. It exhibits a deep ruby/purple color along with a bouquet of barbecue spices, creamy oak, melted licorice, and copious quantities of black currant and cherry fruit. This opulent, viscous, full-bodied, lusty 1995 reveals substantial tannin that is largely concealed by the wealth of f... Read More » 

Inventory: Main Warehouse

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RP 94