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Absolut "Elyx" Single Estate Vodka (1L)

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The Elix Single Estate Vodka is Absolut's answer to the craft spirits movement. If vodka fans are interested in locally-produced, handcrafted spirits, then why shouldn't Sweden's largest distillery join the party? All the ingredients and production steps for Elix are performed within a 15 mile radius in Ahus, southern Sweden. The Elyx is distilled from Swedish winter wheat sourced from a single estate, called Råbelöf, that has been growing wheat since the 1400s. The vodka was distilled manually in a 1920s copper still, offering a silky texture and blended to 42.3% ABV for an ideal taste. This vodka definitely brings the goods to the high-end shelf. Round, soft, creamy, and textural, this is everything we're looking for with vodka and it's got a great story to go with it. What's not to love? Recently voted "Best Vodka in the World" at the 2013 San Francisco Spirits Festival. We don't disagree.

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Staff Image By: Kyle Kurani | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 5/23/2013 | Send Email
David and I taste a lot of spirits, a lot. Some are great, well crafted, thoughtful spirits that are made with passion, but those are the exceptions to the rule. There is a lot of hyped up plonk in fancy packages that cost more just because they need to portray and image. Vodka is bar far the worst offender in my book. “This is the Vodka Alexander the III drank!” “This is all the rage in the clubs right now because so and so featured it in their video.” (Or on a boat). None of these things have to do with what is actually in the bottle. The Elyx looks good, but it also has stuffing. Coming off a vintage pot still, the first thing that struck me was the creamy texture and velvety mouth feel. This Vodka is supple and mouth coating, very soft and supremely drinkable. David and I opened this right next to another Vodka to compare with this, there is more depth and weight to this, it is noticeably better than any other Vodka I have tasted recently. This falls into the category of well made, crafted Vodka, and is absolutely worth a try.

Staff Image By: Alex Pross | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 5/23/2013 | Send Email
Glass Full Glass Full Glass Full Glass Full Glass Half
One of my drinks of choice when I’m out at a bar is vodka rocks with a twist. It is simple and easy to make and generally leaves me hangover free. Usually I opt for Belvedere because it is smooth and easy to drink even though it may lack a truly distinct flavor. When I tasted the Absolut Elyx Vodka I was blown away, it was smooth & rich but had a very clean and distinctive profile with hints of vanilla and hazelnut notes on the finish. A wonderful tasting vodka and an even better value this is perfect on its own or use it as a top-shelf blending ingredient in your next martini or gimlet.

Staff Image By: Gary Westby | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 5/15/2013 | Send Email
The Absolut Elyx Single Estate impressed me with its effortless presence, it seemed to tease me with a hidden flavor or texture, and this hard to describe but easy to appreciate vodka changed the way that I think about the whole category. Since I tasted it yesterday with Mr. Driscoll I have not been able to stop thinking about it! Vodka is not an easy thing for a wine guy to get excited about. It is meant to be flavorless, which seems like a strange goal for something that goes in your mouth. If you have been drinking Grey Goose or Chopin and want to see what one of the world’s top producers of vodka can do when they really put their mind to it, this is bottle is a must.

Staff Image By: David Driscoll | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 5/15/2013 | Send Email
I love it when a brand-oriented whisky customer comes into K&L and I get the chance to talk with them about all of the smaller independents. Nothing feels better than turning a new drinker onto the lesser-known spirits of the world. Almost nothing. There's one thing I actually enjoy even more. I really get a kick when a brand known for bulk production and cheesy gimmickry actually delivers a product that tastes good.I love it when Glenlivet makes a good whisky. I love it when Tanqueray releases a good gin. I love it when gigantic brands show that they're still capable of making something inexpensive, but tasty. Taking a page from the craft spirits movement, Absolut has answered the call for locally-sourced, "handcrafted" (whatever that means these days - in this case I think they're referring to the fact it was manually distilled on a copper still) spirits by offering one of their own. The Elix is made from all-estate (apparently Absolut owns a number of fields in Sweden) grown wheat. It's bottled in a nice package and proofed down to 42.3%, which to me means that they actually tinkered with this thing at various levels to find the one that tasted best, rather than just dropping it down to the defacto 40%. One of the best vodkas I've ever tasted - easily.

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