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Daniel Bouju Tres Vieux "Brut de Fut" Premier Cru de Cognac Grand Champagne Cognac 700ml
Top Pick!
The unprecedented Tres Vieux Brut de Fut is one of the most memorable and unique offerings from any producer in Cognac. Bouju is well known for speaking out in the region against the use of additives and has carved out a niche as one of the few Grand Champagne producers willing to offer unfiltered, uncut, full-strength Cognac. This brandy is the house's top offering and represents some of the oldest stocks with a minimum age of 40 years. The color is dark like coffee and when we inquired about that insanely dark color, Bouju explained that long term agin...
Price: $199.99

91 points Vinous: "Solid, good-value 10-year-old from Grande Champagne. Golden in color, offering bright, warm notes of apricot, plum and orange peel, with toasted oak, baking spice and bit of toffee coming on the palate. But the overall effect is light and lean. (JW) " (09/2019) 91 points Wine Enthusiast: "This Cognac offers a golden hue and mild honey and white flower aromas. The subtle palate opens with a mild smoky note, then gives over to honey, sandalwood, and a nutmeg and ginger exhale. Made with eau-de-vie a minimum of 10 years old. *Best Buy!*...
Price: $49.99

Price: $49.99

From the same company that brought you Courvoisier - Salignac offers a great value V.S. of Fine Champagne (a blend of Grande and Petite Champagne Cogancs). At this price, don't hesitate to elevate all your brandy cocktails with this gem.
Price: $17.99

95 points Vinous: "Age makes all the difference in Grande Champagne, and at 20 years old, this Cognac has begun to show its elegance and depth. Pronounced aromas of dried rose, peach jam, marmalade, toasted nuts and the beginning of rancio glide softly on to a palate of baked, spiced pear, warm pastry, and a savory note on the finish. My favorite of the Dudognon collection. (JW)" (09/2019) 94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Look for a burnished gold hue and mild floral aromas. The palate is relatively dry, alternating cigar wrapper and espresso with chamomile...
Price: $89.99

Price: $24.99

This exceptional "VSOP" is aged a minimum of 10 years in the cask before being bottled. It could easily be listed as an XO, but Ragnaud Sabourin is not like other producers. 100% Ugni Blanc from the finest vineyards in Grande Champagne, the VSOP is not blended with younger or older stocks whatsoever. Vibrant and complex with an undeniable freshness, few products in any quality category, match Ragnaud Sabourins completeness and complexity. Bottled at 41% abv, the producer offers these inviting tasting notes, "Vibrant and deep, the golden yellow colour of ...
Price: $69.99

96 points Vinous: "Delamain’s youngest offering, at 20 to 25 years old, is also one of the standard-bearers of Grande Champagne (the blend was created in the 1920s and hasn’t changed). Light amber, with a delightful nose full of pear, marmalade, quince and orange blossom. The pear and quince carry onto the palate, where a distinctive membrillo-like flavor emerges — a unique note I find in a number of Delamain expressions. There’s gentle spice and warm citrus on the palate, gliding to a long, delicate finish. The definition of elegance. (JW)" (09/2019) ...
Price: $109.99

99 points Vinous: "One of the prized expressions in Grande Champagne — indeed, in all of Cognac. Aged 35 to 50 years, yet light amber in color. The incredibly complex nose is at first warm and affable, presenting pretty dried flowers, rose petals and roasted walnuts, but as you return to the glass, the aromas open up with a tropical explosion of pineapple, mango and guava. Wows the palate with so much going on at once, both profound and hedonistic. Lots of fiery spice and pepper at first, which is then balanced and rounded out by more opulent tropical fr...
Price: $249.99

Martingale Cognac comes to us from the Thomas family. A family that has been growing grapes and distilling Cognac in anonymity for over a century. Like most producers in the region - they have historically sold their production to the big brands. Now, they take their considerable estate holdings and generations of experience to challenge the status quo of Cognac and create a new product for a new era of drinker. Developed by a visionary young Master Blender, Martingale is distinguished by its dramatic departure from traditional methods; void of lees in d...
Price: $119.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "This pours a bright amber color, with restrained but beautiful aromas of white flowers, orange, peach and honey. On the palate, it's full-bodied, with bitter orange peel and stone fruit flavors, with lingering vanilla and oak. The alcohol feels relatively balanced, but it creeps up on you. This needs dilution, so use it in punches as intended and you'll be fine. *Best Buy* (KN)" (12/2013) K&L Notes: 94 points, "Highly Recommended," from the 2012 Ultimate Spirit Challenge
Price: $39.99

Price: $109.99

The Monnet house, founded in 1838, and long been known as a "sunny" Cognac. Warm and strongly floral and fruity, they are very pretty brandies. Famously called 'Sunshine in a glass' by Leonardo Cappiello, the 1920s lithographer, it has stuck ever since. Their modern expression going by the name 'Sunshine' is an ode to that house style at a very affordable price. Elegant and round, this expression is bright gold in color and loaded with quince jam, spring flowers, ripe summer stone fruits, and a wisp of vanilla and gingerbread. The finish is long and smoo...
Price: $39.99

Francois Voyer is renowned for producing high quality, ultra aged cognac from the most prestigeous vineyards in Grand Champagne. The Chaquet-Voyer family first started growing vines in this special place since the French revolution. Five generations later, they're still committed to producing the highest quality eau-de-vie possible. Their Cognac spends more time in new oak than most, a minimum of three years, before being transferred into old cognac or hogsheads. All of the barrels come from the Limousin forest and are medium toast. The large cellars at ...
Price: $109.99

Price: $39.99

Françoise Voyer VS Grand Champagne Cognac (700ml)
Back In Stock!
This wonderful VS is a benchmark for the category. Open, fresh and fragrant we're definitely on the more fruity and floral side of things, but a tiny hint of stewed apricots and oak spice poke through to give this lovely affordable Grand Champagne cognac the perfect balance. Voyer have owned 1er Cru vineyards in the most prestigious parts of Grand Champagne, Verriere and Ambleville, for 5 generations. While they're known for old ultra rare cognac, they're not ignoring the entry level like so many other producers in the region. They could sell this same E...
Price: $29.99

Price: $39.99

While some producers blend batches of different origins to create quality products, independent family business Grosperrin Cognac takes a different approach, crafting rare cognacs unique to their terroir and history, each with its own character. Founder Jean Grosperrin became a distiller in 1981 and traveled around France with his three pot stills, working on farms as a shepherd during the summer, and distilling-for-hire in the winter. He eventually arrived in Cognac in the early 1990s, where, after spending time in the region, he grew increasingly frus...
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93 points Wine Enthusiast: "In the glass, this VSOP Cognac has a topaz hue with orange highlights. The inviting aroma is warm, honeyed and mellow. The silky palate echoes that honey and layers it with vanilla and baking spice, finishing long with citrus, spice and a hint of dried apricot. Sip or mix. (KN)" (12/2019) 91 points Vinous: "Pierre Ferrand doesn’t use VS, VSOP, or XO on its labels, but this flagship bottling from Grande Champagne has an average age of around 10 years and is about 10% Colombard along with the Ugni Blanc. Golden honey in color,...
Price: $44.99

Price: $49.99

Price: $29.99

The incredible estate located in Ambleville on the finest terroir that Cognac has to offer was brought to prominence by the famous Marcel Ragnaud. Marcel perpetuated a tradition of craftsmanship that continues today, now run by his granddaughter Annie Sabourin. His father, Gaston Briand, was the head of the Cognac grape growers association and split his 100-hectare estate between brothers Marcel and Raymond. The estate is unique for cultivating all 8 legal varietals and this product contains 60% Ugni Blanc and 40% old-vine Folle Blanche. They claim that ...
Price: $299.99

Single Cask, bottled in 1995, and likely distilled in 1930. This rare and exceptional Cognac has been patiently aged in oak barrels for decades in VT cellars before being carefully stored in demijohns. Tasting notes by the bottler: "Aroma: amazing rancio of very old Cognac, with strong liquorice notes. Palate: candied prunes and dried grapes Finish: very long, with notes of candied fruit & coffee." Nonchillfiltered, natural color, no added sugar. Limited Edition of 238 700 ml bottles.
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Aged 28 years in a single French Limousin oak cask. Bottled in 2023 unchillfiltered and with no added color.
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Price: $129.99

Price: $59.99

Price: $59.99

Price: $169.99

This limited-edition release aged in Limousin oak casks and was bottled in 2023 nonchillfiltered and with its natural color. Only 614 bottles produced.
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92 points Wine Enthusiast: " This velvety Cognac opens with plenty of oak on the nose and palate. The more you sip, the more the oak recedes and bold vanilla and citrus come forward, fading to a lip-smacking finish of nutmeg and ginger. Sip or mix. Aged a minimum of 2 years. *Best Buy* (KN)" (12/2017) K&L Notes: Bach Gabrielsen Tre Kors is a lovely blend of Grande and Petite Champagne (25%) and Fins Bois (75%) grapes. Aged in Limousin oak for a minimum of 2 years, this Cognac takes on a remarkable amber hue despite the minimal usage of caramel and bois...
Price: $29.99

A rare bottling of single estate, single grape varietal Cognac. Baker focuses on purity of expression without adulteration or addition and this beautiful spirit shows what is possible when extremely careful selection is employed in such a bottling.
Price: Hidden

Bid on this bottle of Camus XO "Borderies Family Reserve" Single Estate Borderies Cognac (750ml) (97WE). Wine Enthusiast: "Dark, mysterious and complex, this deep-amber liquid has a sherried scent, with hints of fresh figs and black cherry. The mouthwatering palate is sweet up front, showing vanilla and black cherry, drying to a long finish of earthy espresso, leather, orange peel and a brush of cocoa. Borderies region. *Top 100 Spirits of 2017* (KN)" (12/2019)
Current Bid: $175.00

Bid on this bottle of Courvoisier Millennium Cognac (750ml). Founded in 1809 by entrepreneur Emmanuel Courvoisier, this esteemed cognac house operates from the beautiful Château de Jarnac in France’s renowned Cognac region. Courvoisier Millennium was specially made to celebrate the year 2000. It's a unique blend of Eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions, and is slightly sweeter than other Courvoisiers. The bottle features a unique paintbrush streak effect.
Current Bid: $60.00

Bid on this 2-bottle tasting lot; including 1-bottle of Davidoff "Classic" Cognac (750ml) and 1-bottle of Davidoff "Extra" Cognac (750ml). Of the Davidoff "Classic" Cognac (750ml), The Davidoff Classic VSOP Cognac is a refined and mature spirit produced by the world-famous Hine estate for the Swiss cigar company Davidoff. This VSOP is a blend of more than forty eaux-de-vie, primarily sourced from the Grande and Petite Champagne growing areas, aged for an average of 8 years in French oak barrels.
Current Bid: $145.00

Bid on this bottle of Remy Martin XO Cognac (750ml) (late 80s, early 90s). Rémy Martin, a French firm founded in 1724, prides itself on being the only Cognac house founded by a winemaker. Their VSOP Cognac is crafted with a blend of carefully sourced eaux-de-vie, aged nearly four times longer than legally required.
Current Bid: $165.00

Bid on this bottle of Hennessy 3 Stars Cognac (750ml) (circa 1910s). The Hennessy cognac distillery was founded by Irish Jacobite military officer Richard Hennessy in 1765. Richard Hennessy had served in the army of Louis XV before embarking on a journey to create exceptional spirits. In 1865, Maurice introduced a star-based classification for cognac qualities. This system was simultaneously adopted by Hennessy’s competitor, Martell. The classification assigned varying numbers of stars to designate different quality levels. Hennessy’s Three Star Cognac emerged from this classification, signifying a remarkable blend. Hennessy V.S., also known as Three Star Cognac, became the flagship expression of the brand. This historic bottle is a treasure for collectors.
Current Bid: $295.00

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