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Rezpiral is perhaps the most ambitious Mezcal related project in existence. It is truly an holistic approach to the spirit of agave, the community, the land, and the people who make it possible. Here at K&L we have found no other brand operating on this level. The transparency and commitment is incredible. The profit sharing (30% last year) that goes directly back to the producers (with no strings attached, so it can be used in the best way possible by those who receive it) is unrivaled. Rezpiral is making an enormous difference in the lives of those who...
Price: $19.99

Casco Viejo is produced by one of the premier highland distillers, Tequila Supremo. Known commercially as Casa Camarena or Gran Dinastía, the famous house was established by Augustin Camarena in 1938. The prominent agave-growing family founded the town of Arandas and multiple distilleries. The woman who runs the distillery, Dona Elena Herrera Orendain, is Tequila royalty. The great-great-granddaughter of Don José Cuervo has built Jalisco's fourth largest distiller that you've never heard of. Casco Viejo is a 100% pure blue agave matured a minimum of 7 ye...
Price: $21.99

The follow-up to the unbelievable first batch of Huerta Singular, the Las Antenas highlights a completely different terroir with the same goal of creating a completely unique example of blanco tequila. The overripe pinto Blue Weber agave for this batch was grown entirely in the mineral-laden caliche soils of Vista Hermosa in Michoacán. The ground is rich in calcium carbonate at the high elevation field. At just over 5,000 feet in elevation, the agave was left to ripen in the field after the quixote was cut, resulting in an ultra-ripe "pinto" or painted a...
Price: $129.99

The amazing Cortes family should be considered mezcal royalty. Located outside the village of Mengoli de Morelos, the kind, young son Ageo learned from his father Felipe and began distilling at 17. Third and fourth generation mezcaleros, they cultivate many varietals in the rich Miahuatlan soils, where it seems every plant grows faster and bigger than elsewhere in Oaxaca. The rolling hills, cut through by streams and rivers, provide the perfect environment for agave to thrive.
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Maguey Melate specialises in small-batch mezcal sourced directly from the families that make them.
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