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Spontaneous fermentation - an altogether preferable scenario to spontaneous combustion, and A LOT more fun to drink. This pink, semi-dry bubbly was made by spontaneous fermentation, otherwise known as méthode ancestrale. Grapes are picked by hand (the local Poulsard and Gamay grown on mountainous slopes in the shadow of the Alps) and fermented in chilled vats just reaching 5 or 6 degrees alcohol. The young and light wine is then bottled, along with its active yeast and considerable unfermented sugar. Under pressure of the cork, the wine continues to ferm...
Price: $16.99

Roulot's world famous for making some of Burgundy's finest wines, but the family has made incredible spirits for over 100 yeas as well. It only makes it's way into California in miniscule quantities. 9 bottles available. From the distributor: While Jean-Marc's white wines tend to get most of the spotlight, there are other delicious contributions that merit attention. The Roulots have been making spirits since 1866 and Jean-Marc's father had a particular love for the process of making fruit eau de vie. “Distillers from father to son since 1866, we continu...
Price: $169.99

The Esprit flows with layers of mineral infused fruit in a rich, textured style. Though firmly structured, this is open and accessible, with a creamy intensity and a crisp, lingering finish. It is composed of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay and fermented in old oak with the benefit of 50% reserves from a solera style perpetual blend.
Price: $49.99

Jean Marc Roulot is of course world famous for his wines, but his family has also made extraordinary liqueurs for several generations. The l'abricot has been available for a few years and garnered new fans with every sip, but finally a new product has arrived - Le Citron. This is a like a cross between Limoncello and eau de vie. Relatively low sugar (140g/L) and incredible citrus zest from Sicilian lemons at 35% ABV makes this the perfect expression of lemon.
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