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The latest addition to our selection of craft mezcals hails from the heart the Mexican highlands in Durango. Made from 10- to 13-year-old piñas of agave cenizo, Burrito Fiestero is entirely handcrafted (with the help of some small but hardy donkeys or "burritos"). Notes from the distiller: "Burrito Fiestero is made out of agave cenizo, endemic to the state of Durango. This maguey takes from 10 -13 years to mature. Once naked from its spikes, it is carried and trasported by donkey down the mountain to begin with the elaboration process. It is here where o...
Price: $39.99

Ultramundo is an important agroforestry project. The goal is to foster a balanced relationship with nature. They produce mezcal using agaves from a 24,000-acre ranch in Mapimí, Durango, Mexico´s Silent Zone. This area in northwestern Durango is known as a hotspot for UFO sitings, and the ranch where the wild Maguey Lamparillo is harvested is one of Mexico's most rugged and rural terrains. The agave is caponed either by hand or naturally by the animals that graze the land. At least twenty percent of the wild mature agave found are left to complete the lif...
Price: $139.99

Maguey Melate specialises in small-batch mezcal sourced directly from the families that make them.
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