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97 points Wine Enthusiast: "Lively and complex, this carries aromas of honey, cedar, Mandarin orange, cooked pineapple and brown sugar. The plush, slightly viscous palate echoes those flavors, layering on bright flickers of cedar and lemon peel, plus a hint of funk reminiscent of agricole rhum. It finishes with a warming clove tingle on the tip of the tongue. Made with 100% pot still Jamaican rum, aged first in Jamaica and then in ex-Cognac casks at the Ferrand estate. *Best Buy* (KN)" (06/2019) K&L Notes: This stunning 100% pot still Jamaican rum is a...
Price: $28.99

Duncan Taylor possesses some deep stocks of single malt and rum in their Scottish warehouses. Here we have a beautiful 2007 produced Hampden rum which is at a very approachable 50.8% ABV natural cask strength. The 2007 vintage of Hampden is an unusual expression of the distillery, which was likely run for only a short time during the year. It's thought that the ester levels correspond to the c<>h marque that has ester levels between 1300-1400 gr/hL AA. It's wild and funky offering notes of wood polish, tomato juice, nduja sausage, ginger, parsley combin...
Price: $119.99

Doctor Bird "Moscatel Cask Finish" Traditional Pot Still Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Back In Stock!
This exceptional and affordable Jamaican Rum is exactly what the world needs. Brought in by the wonderful Two James Distillery in Detroit, this Worthy Park distillate is aged for 6+ years in Jamaica before being shipped to Michigan and filled into fresh Moscatel Sherry Casks. Full of estery goodness, the Moscatel casks round out those intense aromas. Bright, fresh tropical fruit, hints of citrus, pineapple, passion fruit and rich caramel to balance. At 100 proof it stands up nicely in a drink, but has plenty of depth and character to sip straight or on t...
Price: $29.99

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Made with rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad, and blended in France by Cognac Ferrand, this pleasing white rum offers a mild aroma like a grassy breeze and a smooth, slightly viscous texture. A lightly sweet coconut flavor morphs into vanilla, candied lemon peel and cinnamon sparks on the warming finish. Sip or mix. *Top 100 Spirits of 2016, Best Buy* (KN)" (06/2016)
Price: $19.99

The legendary Probitas (Veritas in every other country) is finally upon us! This "extremely exciting" (a direct quote from K&L's spirit buyer) is a collaboration between the excellent Foursquare distillery in Barbados and the wonderful Hampden Estate in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica, where they are "rewriting the rules for rum." It begins with a base of molasses-based rum distilled expertly by Richard Seale on his famous Coffey still. These are mingled with two rare rums from Jamaica's most authentic distillery, are two "low-ester" rums from the OWH marque (O...
Price: $24.99

Hampden Estate's "Great House" rums are named in homage of the Great House on site at the distillery, where barrels historically awaited shipment to the Americas and Europe. Now, this special release bottling is an homage to Hampden's history and evolves each year with blends that aim "to highlight a different aspect of the rich and diverse Hampden aromatic profile," according to the distillery.
Price: $129.99

Myers's "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #22-E-20-057 Dark Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
The Sazerac owned Myer's Rum has always been a staple in the pantheon of dark Jamaican rums and offered some of the best value on the market in the category. For the first time, they are offering single barrels of this special rum. Selected at the Buffalo Trace distillery when our spirits team visited in May of this year, this barrel was aged in Sazerac rye barrels for 15 months before bottling.
Price: $29.99

The famous distillery in Trelawny Parish is easily one of the most important distillers of any kind in the world. Until recently, they focused exclusively on the sale of bulk rum; now they're aging and bottling their own products. Each mark differs in flavor profile as a result of various differences in production from raw ingredients to distillation times, each representing an exciting example of the complexity of the Hampden operation. Expect 8 bottles of 200ml each, proofed to a perfect 60% abv and bottled without additives or coloring of any kind. Th...
Price: $159.99

Price: $99.99

The lovely workhorse blend developed by Transcontinental over delivers on flavor at this price point. A blend of well-aged Panama with significant parts of high-ester unaged Jamaican and Grand Arôme Martininque Rum (molasses distillate rather than cane juice), it's richly textured and full of pungent rum character. Bottled without coloring, sugars, or other additives, this is the perfect mixing rum for those who love to taste the rum in their drink! Transcontinental's answer to Foursquare and Velier's wonderful Probitas, it offers more aged rum character...
Price: $29.99

Price: $74.99

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "A top pick for tiki and tropical drinks, this practically begs for lime juice. Scented with warm honey notes, the palate shows lots of brown sugar and spice, plus an enticingly untamed, funky finish (the fabled 'hogo'). Since it’s 'Navy Strength,' you might not want to sip it straight up—the producer wisely recommends exploring the profile first in a daiquiri—though it’s smooth and interesting enough if you want to try. " (08/2014) K&L Notes: The original Jamaica rum is back. It's been 80 years and true Jamaica pot still rum...
Price: $34.99

Ed Hamilton now has his own series of rums from different Caribbean islands. This Jamaican Black Pot Still edition is fabulous for mixing and comes in at an excellent price. Now just grab some ginger beer and get going.
Price: $26.99

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "This rich, silky sipper entices with caramel and vanilla aromas. The palate opens with deep toffee and caramel and a drying dose of oak, then the finish dazzles with spice: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, black pepper. (KN)" (06/2019) K&L Notes: The gold standard for Jamaican sipping rum, Appleton 12-year uses a harmonious blend of pot and column distilled rums for a rum that carries the island's trademark funky character with richness and a supple texture. For those just breaking into serious rum connoisseurship,...
Price: $49.99

Price: $169.99

Price: $139.99

1993 Appleton Estate 29 Year Old "Hearts Collection" Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
With their first distillation happening in 1749, Appleton has had some time to perfect the art of tropical maturation. For decades master blender and chief chemist Joy Spence has been crafting the style that sets todays standard for Jamaican rum. A blend of pot and column distillates, all of Appleton's rums reflect that special signature of Jamaican funk blended with soft and approachable characteristics.
Price: $299.99
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With their first distillation happening in 1749, Appleton has had some time to perfect the art of tropical maturation. For decades master blender and chief chemist Joy Spence has been crafting the style that sets todays standard for Jamaican rum. A blend of pot and column distillates, all of Appleton's rums reflect that special signature of Jamaican funk blended with soft and approachable characteristics.
Price: $219.99

Price: $129.99

Price: $320.00

Price: $270.00

Price: $1,499.99

Price: $189.99

Price: $149.99

Price: $149.99

The very special Hampden Estate is one of the last of the truly old-style Jamaican rums available. The distillery, which long made ends meet selling to blenders and bottlers, has finally released their finest rums under their own label. With the full support of the fabulous Luca Gargano of Velier, Hampden has packaged this exceptional rum with absolutely no additives or adulterants of any kind. Hampden Estate produces rums inoculated with dunder, a process not totally dissimilar from sour mashing in Kentucky, which uses the spent lees of distillation to ...
Price: $69.99

Long a secret of bartenders in the Caribbean, Hampden distillery's Rum Fire is now available at retail in the U.S. The high-ester, high proof is aptly named, as it will catch fire if opened around an open flame! Funky and fruity, this is the ultimate Tiki lover's delight!
Price: $27.99

If you haven't checked out Shannon Mustipher's new Tiki cocktail book, it is a must read for history, recipes, and tips and tricks on all things Tiki. She worked with Myrtle Bank to create this exceptional unfiltered Jamaican pot distilled rum bottled at 100 proof with no added color or sugar. Aged in ex-bourbon barrels it offers intense tropical fruits like pineapple and banana in a powerful yet smooth package.
Price: $69.99

Price: $24.99

Price: $19.99

Explore the varied world of Extra Old (XO) Rum with Rum & Cane Merchants' Regional Rums. Journey through five main rum producing regions with each unique expression combining two hand-picked rums, reflecting the character of their origin. In this unregulated landscape, Rum & Cane Merchants guarantee the purest form of rum, unmodified by additives, and bottled at a robust ABV. The Asia Pacific XO Rum is a distinct fusion of Fiji's South Pacific Distillery and Java, Indonesia. Aged in White Oak barrels and Djati wooden vats, it exhibits a vibrant Fijian p...
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Colours of Rum is the newest creation from the famous bottler and luxury goods purveyor Wealth Solutions in Warsaw, Poland. The team at Wealth Solutions has been identifying, bottling and selling the world's most collectible products in almost every category. While their specialty is fine spirits, they've bottled a 1964 Karuizawa, 50 year old GlenFarclas, and countless casks of Cognac, they've also traded in rare and limited watches and other collectibles. They have a knack for finding products that will appreciate significantly in the future. Colours of...
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This blend of column and pot distillate from the Fiji Islands give a firm structure and fruity/estery profile.
Price: $22.99

Indulge in the rich complexities of the British West Indies Extra Old (XO) Rum from Rum & Cane Merchants. This prized bottle is a superb blend hailing from the Trinidad Distillers and the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Created with a combination of pot and column stills and aged in American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels, it envelops a smooth, classic flavor within each drop. The initial nose carries a refreshing burst of citrus and the warmth of dark stewed prunes, leading to a subtle hint of smoke. The tasting transitions from this smoky aroma into the inv...
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