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Named for the independent landowners who fought to defend Mexico in the 18th century, Chinaco has been producing excellent tequilas since 1972. Their distillery, La Gonzaleña, remains family-owned and -operated today. Its name pays homage to their patriarch, General Manuel Gonzalez, the hero of the Cinco de Mayo battle who served as President of Mexico from 1880 until 1884. Their Añejo is bottled at 40 proof after aging for thirty-five months in a mix of Scotch white oak barrels and ex-bourbon barrels. The result is a silky-smooth Añejo with beautiful oa...
Price: $69.99

Price: $129.99

Tequila Clase Azul, the company that brings you the beautiful painted porcelain bottles of Jalisco's finest spirit has branched out into mezcal. Not even Oaxacan mezcal, mind you, but mezcal from the Mexican state of Durango. This isn't contracted juice either; they purchased part of the actual production and registered their own NOM number (D291G). It took them two years to get this project up and running, which shows you how serious some of the bigger brands are getting about mezcal right now.
Price: $399.99

In a stunning artisanal-design blue decanter, the flavor of this Mezcal comes from the rare papalote variety of agave which grows wild in the mountains of Guerrero. Tasting notes from Clase Azul: "Color: Crystal clear with light straw-colored highlights. Body: Full bodied. Aroma: Grapefruit skin, fresh wood, rosemary, peanut oil, hints of butter and daisy flowers. Taste: Fresh wood, seaweed, lemon juice, pepper and light notes of tobacco."
Price: $399.99

Clase Azul's most coveted release.
Price: $1,899.99

Starr Ultra Superior Light African Rum, Mauritius (750ml)
Back In Stock!
90-95 points Wine Enthusiast: "An earthy, dry, clean, and bean- and cane-like aroma with delicate scents of cocoa bean, vanilla bean, and brown sugar. The palate entry is bittersweet, concentrated and beany; at midpalate the flavor profile becomes sweeter and more like vanilla extract. The bean intensity reaches its bittersweet zenith in the high-flying aftertaste. Chic, racy, and delicious. *Superb, Highly Recommended*" (06/2006) K&L Notes: Distilled and bottled on the island paradise of Mauritius. The locally grown cane matures on volcanic soils, whi...
Price: $32.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Complex and balanced, this go-to bourbon features vanilla aromatics with a touch of fresh apple. On the palate, it's light at first, showing vanilla and honey, and winds into deeper, rounded notes of cocoa and hazelnut. Splash in ginger ale for a highball and sip all night long. *Best Buy* (KN)" (07/2015) Whisky Advocate: "Interesting that the label says 'Artfully Aged,' yet there’s no actual age statement. Lively nose, good rye snap and spice, a bit of mint and oaky edge. Not hot, well-behaved on the tongue, and happily giv...
Price: $79.99

96 points Wine Enthusiast: "More citrus-forward than the standard Tanqeray Dry bottling, this is gin-and-tonic perfection. The classic aroma features juniper and touches of mint, anise and coriander. The same is echoed on the palate, though it's also bursting with grapefruit and lemon peel, finishing soft and herbaceous but perked up with a white peppercorn spark. The No. Ten also has a new art deco-inspired bottle, making it a particularly gift-worthy choice for summer party-goers. (KN)" (07/2014) K&L Notes: Ultra smooth and silky, this super-premium ...
Price: $54.99

Wine Enthusiast: "Does any spirit have a name that's more fun to say? Overall, this rye-based vodka is pleasantly neutral, with a citrusy spark and a sweet, marshmallow-like finish. Goes down smooth. *Best Buy* (KN)" (06/2012) K&L Notes: A handle of good vodka will cost you $50. A handle of great vodka is just 29.99! Taste this blind against any of your big brand vodkas and you'll never go back. Wodka is the best value in vodka that we carry. Period. Wódka is one of the last estate-grown Polish rye vodkas left in existence. The distillery is near Kalis...
Price: $29.99

Price: $19.99

Yes, this is for real. One of the world's most unusual and magnificent eau-de-vie, this true eau-de-vie is made from that humble vegetable - the carrot. Yet the aromatic components of this special product will not be found in any other spirit in the world. It's completely entrancing and absolutely unique. This is a perfect finishing drizzle for a Bloody Mary.
Price: Hidden

Gonzalez Byass needs no introduction in the world of Sherry - their wines are of the highest caliber. Perhaps less well known however is their brandy program. The finest sherry casks make for the best Spanish Brandy. The Lepanto PX Gran Reserva Brandy is deep amber in color and just as deep in flavor and complexity. The unctuous raisin, orange peel and chocolate flavors are to die for.
Price: $59.99

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (1.75L)
If you're a Fireball fan you know what I'm talking about. It's intense, it's spicy, it's just like the candy of the same name. Great for warming up in the winter. Watch out!!! This stuff is hot...
Price: $22.99

Barreled on 3/28/2014. Aged in Rickhouse II, Floor 3 and clocking in at 62.8% ABV - This great 2 pack includes the new Clean Up Hitter Barrel at a robust 62.8% ABV and the Small Batch Bourbon for just $15 more!
Price: $99.99
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