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From the producer: 2021 is a very important date for Luxardo as it marks our 200th Anniversary. To celebrate the gratifying milestone of two centuries of history, the company is now putting back on the market, in a strictly limited edition, the most prestigious product in its range, Maraschino Perla Dry. This Maraschino Luxardo Riserva Speciale was last produced in the distant 1970s. Maraschino Perla Dry has a high alcohol content (40% alc./vol.), a considerably reduced sugar content (hence the term“dry”), and a marasca cherry distillate base more than 5...
Price: $149.99

The world's first farm-to-table Irish Cream. The cream is collected from family-owned farms in County Cork and blended and bottled within 48 hours of collection. While most Irish creams are about 1% whisky, Five Farms is 10% whisky and uses 10-year-old high-quality whisky for a more intense flavor. And unlike most other cream liqueurs, Five Farms doesn't add any sugar--the sweetness comes naturally from the cream. Awarded 97 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, this is certainly the world's finest Irish Cream and perfect for the holidays. It also co...
Price: $34.99

Starlino's recipe is made by Denis Muni and Beppe Ronco who have worked at Torino Distillati for over 20 years and are natives of the Piedmont. Focused for decades on making traditional aperitifs and vermouths, Hotel Starlino is their first change to create innovative new brands at the old distllery. The Rosé was designed to capute true freshness of the ingredients. The fresh ingredients include wormwood gentle, local roman wormwood, savory, elderflower, coriander, cloves, dittany, centaury, hyssop, cardo, angelica, sandal, ambretta, thyme, orris and ora...
Price: $14.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Deep purple-brown in the glass, the aroma mixes jammy cherry and raspberry with eucalyptus. The palate walks the line between lightly sweet and lightly bitter, mingling herbaceous root beer notes with faint but refreshing mint and a mildly bitter edge. Recommended as a digestif or for cocktail mixing (i.e. Negroni-style drinks). (KN)" (04/2016) K&L Notes: *94 points, Ultimate Spirits Challenge Top 100 of 2020* This traditional Amaro from the far-flung Basilicata region is made in the most traditional manner. Using only natur...
Price: $19.99

Fabulous small production Cassis from a top notch producer in Burgundy. This domaine located in the hills above Pernand-Vergelesses orginally specialized in producing cassis and frambrois and while the wine has become the focus they are still producing some of the finest quality liqueurs available anywhere. Juicy, vibrant, with the perfect amount of sweetness. This is our new GO-TO creme de cassis.
Price: $23.99

Wine Spectator: "Although many amari boast a secret formula comprising a multitude of ingredients-Fernet-Branca ($30) contains a total of 27, giving it a licorice, menthol and raisin character - certain flavors are well-trodden. Among them are anise, angelica, marjoram, cinnamon, cinchona, gentian, rosemary, saffron, fennel and cardamom, as well as mint and orange. (JB)" (02/2016) K&L Notes: Fernet Branca is an Italian amaro developed in 1845. The family's secret recipe has never been disclosed but what they can tell you is that it is a combination of ...
Price: $29.99

Price: $39.99

Price: $34.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Inky dark brown in the glass, this liqueur suggests strong espresso in look, aroma and taste. Inspired by New Orleans-style coffee and made with French chicory root, vanilla and cane sugar, this liqueur has a robust, long-lasting coffee flavor with restrained sweetness, showing dark chocolate and a flicker of bitter edge on the exit. (KN)" (02/2017) Wine & Spirits: "Not as unusual, but certainly noteworthy, is the St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur. Based on the New Orleans–style chicory coffee, the lightly sweet and spiritous b...
Price: $32.99

The famous winery in Lebon's Bekaa Valley makes one of the country's finest Arak. This traditional Anis spirit uses the grape spirit of the domaine to create a traditional Arak of the highest order. The triple distillation processes incorporates the vibrant flavors of fresh anis seed into the ultra high quality distillate made the in the ancient cellars at the fabulous winery. Once distilled the "Brun" is aged for at minimum of one year in traditional clay jars before bottling at traditonal 100 proof. Warming, complex, and delicious, this is one of the f...
Price: $21.99

Price: $36.99

Hand-peeled, hand-cut Vietnamese ginger is the core of this spicy, exotic elixir. It is then macerated with herbs and spices and married with a fine Cognac. "Ginger," according to the New York Times, "as a cocktail ingredient, is on a serious roll right now… but the Domaine de Canton, which fuses baby ginger with Cognac, feels more like a classic than something parachuted into a trend. It's got that ginger heat, but it's not too strong and it's very aromatic. It's also a lively addition to Champagne."
Price: $34.99

The gorgeous new Limoncello from the boys up in Ventura is a modern version of the classic Italian liqueur. If you didn't know, Ventura County grows a lot of lemons. They hand zest these fresh lemons and macerate them in wheat spirit. The remaining lemons are juiced into the maceration and distilled on Ventura's small pot still to create a clear lemon essence. The intense lemon distillate is carefully blended with sugar, water and more fresh lemon juice to create an incredible expression of Ventura's finest citrus. Packaged in a striking Pop Art label th...
Price: $27.99

Perhaps the most ambitious and intriguing new Amaro liqueur is coming from the wonderful bottler and spirits maker in Scotland -Sweetdram. They begin with their exceptional blended Scotch as a base, which is incidentally extremely affordable for its quality as a scotch, but ridiculously expensive and complex as a base for an Amaro. The base spirit, which is a blend of Ardmore (7-year-old, bourbon 1st fill), North British (3-year-old, virgin oak), and Invergordon (12-year-old, ex-sherry), has nine botanicals added to the full proof spirit for extraction. ...
Price: $49.99

The spectacular Tempus Fugit line of liqueurs hits another home run with this special and extremely limited release: Noyaux. Made from the fresh stones of apricot, bitter almonds, and select botanicals, this product took years of experimentation to perfect. Utilizing only natural ingredients as specified in the original recipes, Tempus Fugit has recreated one of the golden ages most prized ingredients. Suddenly, where there were no options, there are now no substitutes.
Price: $34.99

According to Wine Enthusiast: "Tastes of cassis, red raspberry syrup or, better, raspberry compote. Long, ripe, intense berry aftertaste." (06/06)
Price: $34.99

Suze Gentian Liqueur has been out of stock for months now as supply chains around the world continue to break down. Finally back in stock, but we have no idea for how long, we've stocked up as much as possible to try and make it through the holidays. Lightly sweet with plenty of gentian bitterness, this is the perfect ingredient for a White Negroni, or mixing with plain soda water. Suze was invented in Switzerland and then bought by Fernand Moureaux in 1885, but wasn't sold commercially in France until 1889. It's still in production, now under the owner...
Price: $27.99

Matchbook Distilling Co. is an advantgarde R+D facility bridging the gap between tradition and science. One of the most thoughtful and adventerous distillers in the country today, they're not afraid to buck convention or do it different, but always with the goal of producing quality over quantity. The small facility located in Greenport is devoted to sustainable agriculture and returning to a farmer driven distillation cycle, where distillation is a means of perserving energy rather than extracting it. Nestled on the far tip of Long Island, Greenpoint is...
Price: $36.99

Manly's Limoncello is refreshing and exceptionally well balanced. It has a wondefully creamy meringue texture to it that is to die for. From Manly: Combine a passion for distilling native botanicals and craft exquisite liqueurs, and the mouth-watering Zesty Limoncello is born. Manly Spirits Co. present this unique Italian-style limoncello with an Australian twist. We hand-peel the finest lemons at the distillery to craft this exceptional liqueur with a zesty, lemon meringue tart finish. In our ‘Manly Spirits’ way, we complement our lemon liqueur with the...
Price: $24.99

Bid on this bottle of Chartreuse "V.E.P." Green (1L) (bottled 5/28/1994) (OWC - 98WE) in original wood. Wine Enthusiast: "Extra-aged Green Chartreuse. Aromas are keenly botanical and vegetal/woodsy. The palate shows peppermint, citrus peel, and sage along with the herbs and botanicals. Concludes with finesse and power." (03/2007)
Current Bid: $625.00

Bid on this 1-half-bottle lot of Chartreuse Green (375ml) (bottled 10/11/2006) (93WE). Wine Enthusiast: This lime-green, anise-scented liqueur is sweet at first sip, then herbaceous in the middle, showing fennel, pine, tarragon and mild floral notes. The finish is spicy and warming, with anise, white pepper and ginger heat. It's a bit too viscous and fiery for straight-up sipping, but it's beautifully complex and a key ingredient for the classic Last Word and other cocktails. (KN) (04/2016)
Current Bid: $77.00

Bid on this bottle of Chartreuse Green (750ml) (bottled 3/4/1996) (93WE). Wine Enthusiast: "This lime-green, anise-scented liqueur is sweet at first sip, then herbaceous in the middle, showing fennel, pine, tarragon and mild floral notes. The finish is spicy and warming, with anise, white pepper and ginger heat. It's a bit too viscous and fiery for straight-up sipping, but it's beautifully complex and a key ingredient for the classic Last Word and other cocktails. (KN)" (04/2016)
Current Bid: $245.00

Bid on this bottle of Hardy Extase XO Orange Liqueur (750ml) . Hardy Extase X.O. Orange Liqueur is a delightful blend of eau-de-vie distilled from the orange peels of Curacao oranges and 20-year-old X.O. Fine Champagne Cognac. Crafted in Dijon, using one of the oldest operating pot stills. At 80 proof, it's perfect for mixing cocktails.
Current Bid: $72.00

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