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Foursquare 14 Year Old "Equipoise" Ex-Calvados Barrel Aged Exceptional Cask Selection Mark XXV Single Blended Barbados Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
This is a rare special-release rum from the masterful distillers at Foursquare. This blended rum is aged in a mix of bourbon and Cognac barrels, which lend the final (over-proof) rum a gorgeously complex flavor profile.
Price: $149.99

Alambique Serrano "Comerciante" K&L Exclusive Single Cask #13 Oaxacan Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
This incredible single barrel from the Master's in Santa Maria Tlalixtac sets a new standard for complexity in Oaxacan rum. Harvest between 2500-3800 feet above sea-level exclusively from the Java varietal of estate grown sugar cane. The cane is crush and the fresh juice put into pine vats for up to ten days of fermentation without any additions of yeast or other chemicals. When the natural fermentation is complete Rommel Krassel distilled the batch on his small 250-liter custom built pot still. It was filled into new French oak casks and aged in their d...
Price: $64.99

Myers's "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #22-E-20-057 Dark Jamaican Rum (750ml) (Previously $30) (Previously $30)
Top Pick!
The Sazerac owned Myer's Rum has always been a staple in the pantheon of dark Jamaican rums and offered some of the best value on the market in the category. For the first time, they are offering single barrels of this special rum. Selected at the Buffalo Trace distillery when our spirits team visited in May of this year, this barrel was aged in Sazerac rye barrels for 15 months before bottling.
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1993 Appleton Estate 29 Year Old "Hearts Collection" Jamaican Rum (750ml)
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With their first distillation happening in 1749, Appleton has had some time to perfect the art of tropical maturation. For decades master blender and chief chemist Joy Spence has been crafting the style that sets todays standard for Jamaican rum. A blend of pot and column distillates, all of Appleton's rums reflect that special signature of Jamaican funk blended with soft and approachable characteristics.
Price: $299.99
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1998 Montebello 23 Year Old "Colours Of Rum" Edition No. 1 Single Barrel Cask Strength Guadeloupe Rum (700ml) (Previously $350) (Previously $350)
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Colours of Rum is the newest creation from the famous bottler and luxury goods purveyor Wealth Solutions in Warsaw, Poland. The team at Wealth Solutions has been identifying, bottling and selling the world's most collectible products in almost every category. While their specialty is fine spirits - they've bottled a 1964 Karuizawa, 50 year old GlenFarclas and countless casks of Cognac, they've also traded in rare and limited watches and other collectibles. They have a knack for finding products that will appreciate significantly in the future. Colours of...
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