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Foursquare 14 Year Old "Equipoise" Ex-Calvados Barrel Aged Exceptional Cask Selection Mark XXV Single Blended Barbados Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
This is a rare special-release rum from the masterful distillers at Foursquare. This blended rum is aged in a mix of bourbon and Cognac barrels, which lend the final (over-proof) rum a gorgeously complex flavor profile.
Price: $149.99

The incredible Agricoles coming out of Trois Rivières are renowned worldwide, but only recently become available in the US. Trois Rivières refers both to the distillery and the 120-acre plantation bordered by the three rivers, St. Pierre, Oman, and Bois D'Inde. It was founded around 1660 by Minister Nicolas Fouquet making Plantation Trois Rivières one of Martinique's oldest. Located in Sainte-Luce, its famous windmill is a well-known landmark on the island. Their ancestral methods of creating agricultural rum produces one of the Caribbean's finest spirit...
Price: $139.99

Hampden Estate's "Great House" rums are named in homage of the Great House on site at the distillery, where barrels historically awaited shipment to the Americas and Europe. Now, this special release bottling is an homage to Hampden's history and evolves each year with blends that aim "to highlight a different aspect of the rich and diverse Hampden aromatic profile," according to the distillery.
Price: $129.99

Price: $129.99

The famous distillery in Trelawny Parish is easily one of the most important distillers of any kind in the world. Until recently, they focused exclusively on the sale of bulk rum; now they're aging and bottling their own products. Each mark differs in flavor profile as a result of various differences in production from raw ingredients to distillation times, each representing an exciting example of the complexity of the Hampden operation. Expect 8 bottles of 200ml each, proofed to a perfect 60% abv and bottled without additives or coloring of any kind. Th...
Price: $159.99

El Dorado Rum is made by Demerara Distillers Limited in Guyana, South America. It is perhaps the single greatest rum producer on the planet. Having operated since the 1600s, it supplied the British Royal Navy with rum for more than 200 years. The Diamond Estate Distillery still churns out a variety of spirits today. DDL's historic stills were built in the 18th and 19th centuries and are still in operation, producing a number of amazing flavors. The complex and ethereal 21-year uses heavy-bodied rums from the EHP Coffey still (a wooden column built in the...
Price: $129.99

This single cask, triple matured, pure single blended rum is no less than 10 and a half years old. Blended at birth from FourSquare's pot and column stills and tropically aged in Barbados for 8 years in ex-bourbon before being moved to Adelaide from some "Australian dry ageing." Once there it was filled into 60 year old Seppeltsfield Winery ex-Tawny cask for 8 months before being transfered a third time to a high-char ex-bourbon barrel for another 22 months. Seppeltsfield makes one of the world's great sticky wines and the intense porty character is tame...
Price: $119.99

1993 Appleton Estate 29 Year Old "Hearts Collection" Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Top Pick!
With their first distillation happening in 1749, Appleton has had some time to perfect the art of tropical maturation. For decades master blender and chief chemist Joy Spence has been crafting the style that sets todays standard for Jamaican rum. A blend of pot and column distillates, all of Appleton's rums reflect that special signature of Jamaican funk blended with soft and approachable characteristics.
Price: $299.99
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97 points Wine Enthusiast: "Deep amber in the glass, this sipping rum offers tones of fudge, and hazelnut on the nose. The supersoft palate brings flavors of brown sugar and toffee accented with orange peel and clove, winding into an extraordinarily long exhale tinged with espresso, dusty cocoa and allspice. Aged for a minimum of 21 years. (KN)" (06/2019) K&L Notes: Every cask that goes into this exceptional bottle has been aged a minimum of 21 years in Jamaica's intense tropical climate. With their first distillation happening in 1749, Appleton has ha...
Price: $149.99

From the Producer: Clément 15 YR Rhum Vieux is distilled from sugarcane juice as is typical in Martinique and proudly wears the “AOC Martinique” designation signifying an exemplary degree of expertise in every stage of production. Color: Dark Mahogany Maturation: 15 years tropical aging in ex-Bourbon barrels. Nose: Aromas of bittersweet chocolate and mocha alongside notes of apple pie and fig jam. Palate: Full-bodied and luxurious mouthfeel punctuated by dried spices and roasted nuts.
Price: $169.99

Pacific Oblivion is one of the rum ranges from independent Italian bottler Samaroli. The producer website describes the 9 year old Fiji rum this way: "On nosing: provoking through classic timbres we have become adept at recognising. Waxy with peaks of lacquer. The medicinal and dried fruits notes may evoke the title of 'peatiest' rum. The palate is titillated as if by rivulets of water caressed by oars. A fiery sensation veering to vanilla, liquorice, mint and spices, such as pink peppercorn and nutmeg."
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