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Rezpiral is perhaps the most ambitious Mezcal related project in existence. It is truly an holistic approach to the spirit of agave, the community, the land, and the people who make it possible. Here at K&L we have found no other brand operating on this level. The transparency and commitment is incredible. The profit sharing (30% last year) that goes directly back to the producers (with no strings attached, so it can be used in the best way possible by those who receive it) is unrivaled. Rezpiral is making an enormous difference in the lives of those who...
Price: $19.99

Madre Mezcal hails from the tiny village of San Dionisio Ocotepec. In between Chichicapam and Matatlan, the village is in the heart of Mezcal country. The Garcia Morales family has been growing agave for generations here and they make one of the most balanced and inviting mezcals we've ever come across. A blend of estate grown Espadin and wild harvest Cuishe, the agave is cooked for days over pine. After being pressed in the traditional tahona, the juice is fermented naturally over the course of nearly two weeks and distilled twice in copper potstills. D...
Price: $19.99

El Silencio Espadin Black Bottle Mezcal (750ml) (Previously $30) (Previously $30)
Back In Stock!
El Silencio is made in Oaxaca using a unique approach to delivering hand-crafted spirits to creative drinkers and cultural innovators alike. Distilled from 100% Espadin agave, using only traditional harvesting, roasting, fermentation and distillation techniques, El Silencio remains committed to making authentic mezcal approachable for all. The Black Bottle really hits the mark, delivering all the classic full bodied flavors of traditional mezcal. Not to mention, the excellent price makes it perfect for those wanting to experiment in the home bar or just ...
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YOLA Mezcal holds a perfect balance between authenticity and aesthetics. Created in collaboration between Yola Jiminez (of La Clandestina Mezcaleria fame), Lykke Li (Swedish songwriting sensation), and Gina Correll Aglietti (chef and stylist), YOLA counters the patriarchal system ubiquitous in Oaxaca. YOLA is run by women, bottled by women. We've seen time and again that no palenque succeeds without the contribution of strong women, and YOLA provides a place where the women of Oaxaca can have steady work. The result is absolutely delicious mezcal that wi...
Price: $19.99

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