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Staff Favorites - Illya Haase

Illya Haase


Corner Creek 10 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 03-06-2020
It always makes me smile to see a new Bourbon come through. Even more exciting is when a new age stated whisky comes out under $100! Did not know much about this producer, but they seem to know how to get some fine juice. Corner Creek 10 year starts off with a blast spearmint! Then, the usual suspects, sweet vanilla, toffee, charred oak and fine traces of herbs. Light on the palate with lovely french vanilla, mint, caramel and tobacco. That tobacco flavor sticks with ya through out. This is super smooth but don't let the lower proof fool you. It still delivers some good complexity til the end. This is a fine alternative to the high proof beasts that seems to be all the rage now. With spring just around the corner this is a great whiskey to server at any Kentucky Derby party! Or any party for that matter. This is one of those Bourbons that is sure to please everyone. Did I mention this makes one hell of a julep.
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2018 Cellier des Dauphins "Réserve" Côtes du Rhône
Review Date: 02-11-2020
You can go to another store and sift through a sea of underwhelming wine options. But - and this is one of the many things I love about K&L - here, we consistently have a large quantity of outstanding wines for under twenty dollars. This Côtes Du Rhone is no exception. What a pleasing balance of 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah! The 2018 Cellier des Dauphins "Réserve" is spicy, fruity, and medium-bodied with notes of strawberry, pomegranate, and raspberry. The graceful palate unveils good roundness, dense tannins and an elegant structure, plus hints of spice and pepper. This aromatic wine is made for food, but is also good if you're just hanging out with some friends after a long week of work.
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Old Potrero "K&L Exclusive Barrel #10" 62.43% Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 02-07-2020
We have had a lot of great ryes coming through the store of late. Still, the Old Potrero #10 is a stand out. You can’t deny that lots of floral (mint and white flowers) and spice (cinnamon, vanilla and sweet toffee) are bursting out of the glass. There is a beautiful warming of wood smoke even before you take a sip. Wow, talk about an upper cut rye spice when it first hits the lips -- caraway seeds, black pepper, clove and cinnamon; I must have more! Dare I put a touch of water with all those wonderful flavors already or might it dilute? I dare!! Water tames the beast of spice, but also cranks up the wood smoke, orange peel and honey. The finish is long, sweet and smooth with the black pepper, dried peach, cinnamon and vanilla notes. This is a serious rye whiskey my friends.
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2015 Allegrini Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
Review Date: 01-30-2020
What a great day! We are trying Amarone on a Thursday afternoon! How fortunate we are to have Alessia Botturi from Lux Wines, bring in some wines from Allegrini. Of course, any chances I can get to try Amarone, I must admit I am a happy man. No doubt that Allegrini is one of the best producers in the Vento and how could we deny it, when it is going 6 generations strong. Who cannot recognize that great nose of lively fruit, herbs and mineral notes that dance in the glass. Add to that the richer, more powerful style, showing lots of ripe baked red fruits. Top that full-body with firm, structuring tannins -- smooth all across the palate with a very long finish! Let’s celebrate!

Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Single Barrel K&L Exclusive Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 07-14-2019
Our friends at Hillrock pull off a very cool way of making a cask strength bourbon. They use the Solera method which is traditionally done in Spain and Portugal. Basically, one transfers a liquid from barrel to barrel, older vintages into younger vintages, etc, the oldest mixtures being in the barrel right "on the ground." In this case, you wind up with a great mixture of 4 year old to 13 year old wonderful whiskeys blended together. A whiff from the glass expresses a mixture of earth, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. There's a nice touch of heat with a complex blend of wood spice, sweet corn, and caramel. The finish is long and smooth with notes of butterscotch and brown sugar. If you are looking for an adventurous and fun gift for the bourbon drinker in your life...look no further!
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Four Roses Small Batch Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 05-09-2019
The Four Roses barrel selection is amazing. This special bottling will be the distillery’s first permanent product-line extension in more than 12 years. And boy, was it worth the wait! It's crafted from six Bourbon recipes OESF, OBSF, OESK, OESV, OBSK, and OBSV, with a 6 to 7 year age statement, and the seldom used F yeast strain. It imparts some very unique fruit and floral components. The candied fruit flavor is poised and balanced on the palate along with the warming spice bursting through from the heavy rye influence. This is a must have for your Bourbon collection.
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2000 Clos du Marquis, St-Julien
Review Date: 01-15-2019
This was my holiday treat this year! What a treat it was. 2000 Clos Du Marquis, I feel, is drinking beautifully right now. Rustic, earthy with a nice balance of fruit to round it out. Big splash of cedar, cassis and cherry. This is very well integrated but still has some big grip and tannin. I would highly recommend a lamb roast be brought to the table. ​

Antech Blanquette de Limoux Brut Nature
Review Date: 11-27-2015
This is as dry as it gets folks. Zero dosage. Which means outstanding acidity! Perfect for that signature cocktail at your holiday party. Did I mention bone dry and a amazing ability to pair with everything on the holiday menu. Keep a case on hand for all the events on busy holiday calendar.
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

Fluteau "Cuvée Réservée" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-26-2012
One of the hits for me at our Champagne event was Fluteau! I love the cheesy and toasty notes that come from this champagne. Coming from the wine being left to age on the lees for three years. Notes of citrus and spice in a golden yellow hue. This will make a perfect Holiday wine! At this price you can give it out to all the family. This is a Champagne will are talking about here folks.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Scrappy's Grapefruit Bitters (5oz)
Review Date: 04-30-2012
It's citrus time at the Hollywood Farmers Market. There is nothing better on a lazy Sunday than a greyhound! This grapefruit and vodka cocktail is an ideal choice for a summertime brunch. The beauty of this mixed drink is in its simplicity. But, I like to spice mine up with a little Scrappy's Grapefruit bitters. It is that little extra that goes a long way!
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

Russian River Brewing "Blind Pig" IPA, California (500ml)
Review Date: 02-27-2012
This may be the best beer ever! But, one is enough: trust me.
Price: $5.49 Add To Cart
Limit of 6 per customer

Ariston Aspasie "Réserve" (formerly Carte Blanche) Brut Champagne
Review Date: 02-27-2012
This is my kind of Champagne! Toasty, yeasty, and dry. The price speaks for itself! We are so lucky to get great champagne at sparkling wine prices!
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Ariston Aspasie Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 02-26-2012
This my friends is my go to Rose Champagne! Great acidity, intermingled with some bright cherry notes. Balanced minerality which is perfect for some salmon or Friday night sushi!
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La Petite Marquise Crémant de Loire Brut
Review Date: 11-25-2011
In our recent staff tasting for sparkling wines. This by far was top of the class! I brought it to start the Thanksgiving Day events. Deligeroy did not disappoint! It went perfect with the root salad!
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Aecht Schlenkerla "Oak Smoke" Rauchbier, Germany 500 ml
Review Date: 03-17-2011
So, here it goes. I am German. Sso that would mean I should love German beer, right? The Aecht Schlenkerla "Oak Smoke" from Rauchbier was a little much for me at first. That is until I had it with its proper food: something highly seasoned and fatty, especially pork.
Price: $6.49 Add To Cart

Franck Bonville Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 07-29-2010
For me, one of the best finds at our recent Champagne tasting! It's off-dry, with beautiful fruit and a nice toasty nose. All this from third generation winemaking family whose holdings consist of 15 hectares of Grand Cru vineyards. The winemaking here is all about elegance and finesse and allowing the terroir to speak for itself and it shows.
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