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2022 Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
Review Date: 02-08-2023
A gorgeous, and classic Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. Notes of citrus on the bouquet; more specifically lemon rine and grapefruit with driving minerality and present acid -- on the palate of the same notes above are prominent albeit the grapefruit intertwines with the minerality in an exciting way. Texturly engaging with some unimposing body, but enough to demand someone's attention. The finish of this wine is reasonably long-lasting and impressively refreshing.
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1999 Léoville-Barton, St-Julien
Review Date: 01-11-2023
A beautiful vintage is offered at a considerable value. the structure of the '99s is shining beautifully now, with firm yet soft tannins and a wonderfully medium-bodied palate. Some subtle savory quality but the gorgeous fruit associated with St Julien, and Leoville Barton isn't lost with age. Various red and blue fruit flavors offer themselves at the front of the palate while it finishes with notes of cedar and olive. Absolutely beautiful.

2009 Langoa-Barton, St-Julien
Review Date: 01-11-2023
A beautifully structured wine with a firm tannic structure and soft acidic backbone. The bouquet offers notes of blackberry, cedar, and redwood while surrounding itself with a gentle periphery of tobacco and red fruit. Finishes beautifully inviting the drinker for another sip. Ready to drink now but could benefit from several hours of decanting, with that being said I'd be curious to see how this wine drinks in another four years considering its drinkability now.

Barrell Bourbon "Private Release C94A - K&L Exclusive" Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys (750ml)
Review Date: 10-28-2022
Barrel Bourbon is an extremely consistent blender. Our selected casks have been huge successes, one after the other. With that being said, we're looking at our most recent win. This bourbon offers a wide range of age statements in the blend that impart an extremely unique profile on both the bouquet and the palate. Enough of the periphery talk, let's crack into the bourbon. Scents of stone-fruit and cinnamon candy shoot right up from the glass. These notes are accompanied by soft scents of vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar. Additionally, it doesn't register as too hot. That's always a pleasant surprise when assessing a high-proof spirits bouquet. Moving to the palate now, this spirit has an insane character! A plethora of warming spices upfront accompanied by a subtle vanilla bean and apricot character. I was expecting a rougher texture considering the amount of intensity that's offered at the initial sip; however, it's surprisingly soft. A drop of water brings the orchard fruit and cinnamon character right up front, offering flavors reminiscent of fresh apple pie. All in all, worth every penny. A super serious offering that's as delicious as it is rare. We're looking at an extremely complex spirit with a backbone strong as steel to support it. This bottle will be a welcome addition to my shelf, and hopefully yours too.
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Rebel "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #7903533 Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-04-2022
Maple syrup, brown sugar, allspice and cinnamon on the nose. Honestly, I had found it concerning I could catch all this right from pour, bouquet was practically jumping out at me. However, as I had brought it closer it wasn't the harsh bite of ethanol that greeted me but rather a clear preview of the flavors I'd get to experience, 60% ABV... The texture on this is insane. Supremely smooth with absolute clarity when regarding the translation of aromas to flavors - considering the quality and the value on this bottle it's a steal. Waste no time on tossing this into your cart. Once folks know what we have it'll be gone.
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Fortuna Sour Mash Small Batch (9/2022) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 09-23-2022
Wow, it's not very often we get to encounter something so "new" and so refined. New is in quotation marks for the sake that Fortuna has a preexisting history. With that being said however this bottle is nothing to scoff at. The aromas just off the initial pour alone are enough to get the mouth-watering; brown sugar, and maple, with the most subtle char. The flavors are heavy on the warming-spice side but not so intense to the point of misbalance, it's chased by caramel for a long-lasting finish -- the texture is extremely silky. Even now as I'm writing this I'm considering going back for a second dram. This is a legendary bottle produced by a soon-to-be (if not already) legendary team. I foresee this bottle sweeping out in the coming days. And considering at the time of posting this the juice was bottled only one day ago, so get it while it's hot -- or rather, get it while you can.
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Subtle Spirits "Full Circle" Blend of Straight Whiskies (750ml)
Review Date: 09-19-2022
Eight different straight whiskies are going into this blend, the majority being rye. With that being said I was expecting some bite, a bit of an oppressive presence even; however, I was greeted with something elegant. The bouquet is tame, offering little to no ethanol save the dredges of the offered fragrances -- maple, cinnamon, and some subtle toast are lent in minor intensity, allowing the drinker to lean in for a good assessment of the whisky's aroma. The flavors are just as delicate if not more so. With that being said there's far more to pinpoint and appreciate than its louder contemporaries. Most if not all flavors from the bouquet transfer over to the palate while being elevated by an extremely prevalent rye spice that approaches from the front to the finish of the palate. Serrano spice comes to mind. Overall, an enjoyable dram in limited quantity, only eight hundred or so bottles produced -- I've been enjoying every sip of mine.
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2018 Clos la-Gaffelière, St-Émilion
Review Date: 09-11-2022
Beautiful nose on this wine: cassis, lavender, pepper, and moss. The acid in collaboration with mild tannins offer a complex texture that's both challenging and inviting. The flavor profile consists of fresh tobacco, pepper corn, blackberry jam, and an underlying note reminiscent of semi-sweet chocolate. Could benefit from four or so more years of aging; however, it already drinks splendidly.

Mii no Kotobuki "Pastoral Beauty" Hojo Biden Yamahai Junmai Sake (720ml)
Review Date: 09-10-2022
The boquet on this sake is insane! Red licorce, crushed almonds, and goat cheese layered atop soft notes of berries and melon. Flavor/texture profile is rich and creamy. An insane value considering how high quality this offering is!
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Smoke Wagon "Uncut - Unfiltered" Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 08-23-2022
Honeycrisp apples, cinnamon, all spice, and a tinge of vanilla on the finish all wrapped up by a smooth yet warming texture, what more could you ask out of a bourbon? This bottle delivers. The back of the bottle reads "Not all barrels are created equal." This expression is a testament of how true that really is, grab one before it's gone.
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New Bohemia Brewing Company "Pilsner Soquel" Santa Cruz Style Pilsner, California (16oz can)
Review Date: 07-13-2022
Extremly crushable Pilsner witt some really great texture. Refreshing, rich, and lined with crips citrus notes. Not really much more you can ask for in a solid beer. New Bohemia takes their old-world styles very seriously. This Pilsner is crafted with expert care, it translates in the glass and right from the can!
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Blandy's 10-year-old Bual Madeira (500ml)
Review Date: 06-22-2022
Today we were fortunate enough to be taken through a Spain/port tasting by our buyer Kirk Walker! Additionally, he provided us with a pairing element that absolutely blew my socks off: Baul and custard! Okay, I know, that's sort of a no-brainer but what an awesome way to introduce a dessert wine. Flavors of orange peel, caramel, and maple syrup jump right out of the glass as their activated by the secondary fatty yet high-sugar element. Of course, I don't think a wine needs a pairing to be good, I'd drink this on its own with no issue, in fact, I already have!
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Gin Mare "Capri" Limited Edition Mediterranean Gin (700ml)
Review Date: 06-08-2022
Candied citrus and beautiful juniper. This gin will be visited over the summer for a delicious G&T. I don't necessarily think this spirit needs cocktail support but the more I drink it the more I fantasize about what can be! However, with the natural citrus content of this gin accompanied by the soft bite of juniper I believe it'll be perfect with two cubes of ice and a gentle twist of lemon, the Gin Mare label wins again!
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Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 06-08-2022
Oily, savory, and complex... God, what a drink this is. I'm personally not the expert on gin nor do I drink it often but when I'm able to find a bottle I enjoy... I never let it go! The flavor of olives is distinct, the herbs utilized thyme, rosemary, and basil are a great support for an already delicious primary botanical. Over ice or in a Martini this Gin makes a perfect treat for any gin drinker looking to expand their horizons!
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2006 Benriach 15 Year Old "Hart Brothers Finest Collection" K&L Exclusive Cask Strength Single Port Pipe Unchillfiltered Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
Review Date: 05-24-2022
Nothing beats the nose on a Benriach, it's delicious but not overwhelming. I perceive it as a welcoming pair of arms pulling you in for neat dram... err, I mean hug. The nose is a wonderful combination of bright floral notes, juicy red fruit, it's all rounded out by the scent of fresh honey. The palate is a perfect reflection of the nose however we get some chocolate grinds, and some really beautiful warming spices. I did approach this neat for my initial tasting, I think it drinks fine; however, a drop of water or an ice cube really brings out those chocolate flavors!
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Nikka "Yoichi" Japanese Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 05-19-2022
Nikka malts are a consistent product. There often refined but offer a depth of flavor without compromising their delicate profile. The Yoichi malt is no exception. Scents are reminiscent of black pepper and brown sugar with some minor notes of mango; however, its in no way overpowering as often those notes can be they marry well for a mouth-watering opening. Tastes kick off with some spices; black pepper followed by minor notes of anise. From there we transition into some tropical notes: coconut, and mango come to mind right off the bat. It's gently wrapped up by some warming spices: cinnamon, cardamon, and coriander. The peat offers some textural complexity, pairing well with the front, and finish of the palate. The Yoishi is a delicious hay-yellow malt that can be enjoyed neat or however you please. I whole heartedly believe there's not much that can diminish the quality of this malt.
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Nikka "Miyagikyo" Japanese Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 05-19-2022
In terms of high quality, Japanese malts Nikkas' Miyagikyo is a coveted bottle. This whiskey is a gorgeous golden hue. It's not too weighty, pours into the glass like air! The nose on this bottle is elegant, with cherry blossoms, cut red apples, and even fresh-pressed pineapple juice! That's not the end though, right on the dredges of the nose is the sweet scent of caramelized sugar. Some textural complexity here dances on the tongue without being too overbearing on the palate, this plays in nicely with the warming spices you catch on taste. Cinnamon and cardamon play well with a persistent note of red apples. This whisky speaks for itself, honestly. No amount of my words will do it justice -- give it a try and see for yourself.
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2018 Crabitey, Graves
Review Date: 05-07-2022
This wine smells delicious; dried herbs and spices with the supporting scent of rich leather, and damp earth. This wine has a lot to offer now, in ten years it'll yield even more rich flavors and textural wonder. Perfect for cellaring!
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1975 Chateau de la Grangerie Leon Beyries (De Gerault) "La Hauresse" 46 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac (750ml)
Review Date: 04-29-2022
Forty-five years of decadence in a bottle; beautiful, rich, and round. Caramelized brown sugar for days on the nose, a power-house note to start that's immediately followed by plums, dates, and praline. There's a strong complexity to the nose that's perhaps lends to notes of leather, and dry tobacco; the aromatics are absolutely insane! The flavors are nothing to scoff at either; the fruit is there and demanding attention! Allspice, cinnamon, fresh pepper, and toffy, are there to lend support with a minor note of cocoa nibs on the finish. The body is rich, and fatty offering a gorgeous platform for the aforementioned flavors to present themselves one after another, with a smooth liquid texture; super easy sipping. Some absolutely spectacular value for a supremely aged Armagnac with some supreme quality to boot! Pick this up when you can!
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Bruichladdich "Botanist" Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 04-02-2022
My single malt senses are tingling... Wait!... This isn't malt!... It's gin! Bruichladdich is an extraordinary gin out from the Isle of Islay, twenty two native botanicals are used in this gins conception. It's flavors are lush, real great juniper bite with a wonderful saltiness on the finish.
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Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 04-02-2022
An interesting London dry, of course as the name states its produced in London and has a great classic botanical list; however, it's water is sourced from Iceland! Once the gin arrives in a village called Borgarnes it's blended with fresh water from the Selyri spring. The inclusion of fresh water offers the gin a softer body, and smoother liquid texture. An awesome London dry that'll be great over ice, or in a martini.
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Beefeater London Dry Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 04-02-2022
A wonderful London dry gin at a phenomenal value. Perfect for G&T's. Real crisp juniper on this one with great classic flavors, can't pass this up!
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Fukucho "Moon on the Water" Junmai Ginjo Sake (720ml)
Review Date: 02-20-2022
Fragrant, expressive, and deceptively fruity; what a fine sake this is! Only in the past two or so months have I found myself gravitating to this category of beverage, and well.. I'm happy that I am! This Junmai Ginjo is beautifully balanced; fragrant cherry blossom and floral perfume, fresh melon and banana mash, and a minor saline quality that just ever so slightly lingers on the palate... Umami! Glorious Umami! With a Nihonshu-do level of +3 this Sake fringes on the border between dry, and sweet. A great compromise for anyone looking for a fruit bomb, or a more complex expression... If you're someone looking for both.. This is the perfect bottle!
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Highland Park 15 Year Old "Viking Heart" Isle of Orkney Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-20-2021
This single malt is an absolute treat -- extremely mellow on the nose: this whisky invokes scents similar to fresh vanilla, hot honey, and soft touches of maple. The palate offers flavors reminiscent of a decadent angel's food cake. On the middle palate, there's the acidity and sweetness of fresh pineapple that's tied up by a soft cinnamon finish. Sweet and delicate - Highland Park has produced a whiskey at a great age statement, a must-buy for anyone looking to enjoy a subtle bottle by a well-seasoned producer.
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St. George "Baller" Single Malt California Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-30-2021
A mildly complex single malt: St. George “Baller” Single Malt Whiskey is an array of floral flavors and scents, ranging from wildflowers to dried rose petals – this sweet, and decadent whiskey has a lighter body, velvety texture that delivers flavors like citrus zest, baking spices, and delicious chocolate malt chased subtly by a lingering plum finish. A perfect whiskey for drinking straight or making its name’s sake: The Highball.
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Animas Joven Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 10-30-2021
In terms of reasonably priced Mezcal, this bottle is a gem. For its value it has a near endless amount to offer to anyone who’s looking to enjoy it. On the nose you’re immediately met with an array of rich, and juicy fruit notes: Citrus and Pineapple –followed by green bell pepper, and the soft bite of serrano peppers. The palate offers all the same if not more, wrapping it up in a wonderful savory subtle smoke that leaves the drinker wanting for another sip. Perfectly balanced, and perfectly accessible.
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