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Andrew Tobin


ArteNOM "Seleccion 1579" Blanco Tequila (750ml)
Review Date: 08-24-2020
NOM 1579 is widely hailed as one of the best Tequila distilleries in Mexico. ArteNOM has been kind enough to source a special batch from them to share with the world and I for one, am thrilled they did! The nose is soft with hints of lime, fresh pineapple, black pepper and green herbs all wrapped up in a tangy cream. Oh man does the palate come through after with a huge savory herbaceous punch right up front that rounds into sweet vanilla cream notes. Minerality completely defines the finish with a nice wet stone pull that finishes clean and lean. The quality of the tequila that ArteNOM sources at this price range is amazing, this is definitely one of the best Blanco's on the shelf!
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Knob Creek 12 Year Old Small Batch 100 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 01-06-2020
Knob Creek has always been a great choice if you're at a bar with a moderate whiskey selection, spicy, nutty, easy-going, what's not to love? Never anything to blow you away, but a perfect little sipper...until this powerhouse was released. I picked up a bottle out of pure curiosity as it had a hefty age statement for bourbon at this price point and I think I finally understand Knob Creek. Dripping in rich spice and caramel, the mouth is round and luscious, there is a note of cherry wrapped up in the middle right between the spice and the nutty finish. I'm amazed that more people haven't jumped on this bottle!
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Alexandre Le Brun "Tradition" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
Alexandre Le Brun grows some spectacular fruit, and something around 70% goes to Bollinger, and keeps the best for himself. The vines are averaging 40 years of age now, maturing beautifully and producing amazing fruit. The Tradition is rich and toasty on the nose, with notes of pastry cream, almond, and sweet nut butter. the palate though comes through with wonderful acidity, tart apple, and under-ripe berries. This is a classic and elegant champagne that is as perfect for celebration as it is for winding down and relaxing at the end of an evening.
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Franck Bonville Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
I am a sucker for a good Blanc de Blanc. Something about the rich, round, honeyed quality that chardonnay based champagne can bring always puts a smile on my face. Franck Bonville is an exceptional producer, and when you can get your hands on a bottle of 100% Grand Cru fruit at a price this low, it's a no brainer in my mind. The nose is fot, with notes of cherry, vanilla, and white flowers. The Palate is laden with cashew, marzipan, and a long toasty finish. This is a beautiful wine made from exceptional fruit that for the the price, is going to be hard to beat!
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Fallet-Dart "Grande Sélection" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
The Faillet family have been known wine growers since the early 17th century, but it wasn't until the marriage of Gaston Faillet and Genevieve Dart in 1970 that the house of Faillet-Dart was formed. the Grande Selection is a blend of 70% Pinot Noir, and the and even split of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier to round it out. The nose is toasty with notes of white florals, browned butter, and apples. The palate is rich with notes of under ripe stone fruit, apples, and a round marzipan finish.
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Baron-Fuenté "Grande Réserve" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
The Baron-Fuente family has been working in the vineyards of champagne long before the region started producing sparkling wine. The years of experience have lead to the production of some amazing wine at every price point, and the Grande Reserve is no exception. A blend of 60% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay, and 10% Pinot Noir, makes for a warm and round nose with notes of honey, sweet dough, and hazelnut. On the palate though it is bright, with a biting acidity, and notes of soft cherry. This is a beautiful bottle for any occasion!
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