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Staff Favorites - Jackson Lee

Jackson Lee


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2007 Dailuaine 12 Year Old "Old Particular" Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 12-06-2019
I’m pretty on board with most of the things the other reviewers have said about this whisky here. Unique and different from almost every other Scotch I’ve tasted in this year’s rounds of D.I.’s, I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. The nose is sour and savory with and underlying sweetness. Initially I got molasses, sour apple/cherry, overripe fig, and raisin bagels. The sour/sweet/spice combo had my mind reeling. Once I sipped it, there was a different story to be told and my brain immediately got back in line. Like the other reviewers have mentioned, the texture is absolutely beautiful. Notes of sweet sherry, umami, and grilled peach skins rode on a full-bodied and silky mouthfeel. If you’re looking to try something new and fun, this is the Scotch for you.
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

2014 Rhys "Bearwallow Vineyard" Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 12-03-2019
I tried this wine both upon opening and after letting it sit for a day (corked, in the bottle) and enjoyed it all the way through. The first glass was bramble-y and herbaceous sitting on top of dark fruits, big and complex with a full body. After some oxygen interaction, sweeter notes started to come out that reminded me of mulberry pie with blueberry ice cream and candied parsley on the side. The finish had more of that sweet herbal component with a slight bit of anise that was reminiscent of a Ricola cough drop. This is one of the better bottles of Pinot's I've had and even purchased a couple myself to put in the cellar and experience their potential down the line.

Palenqueros "Onofre Ortiz" Bramaderos Pure Single Palenque Ensamble Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 12-01-2019
This ensamble succeeded in balancing all the different species of agave that went into the blend, they harmonize beautifully as each simultaneously complements the other as well as having their solo’s. The first notes to come off the nose were blueberries and bacon, followed by dill pickles, fresh cut sweetgrass with a stone-like minerality overseeing the stage. At first, sipping on this was like taking a sip of fresh river water- very smooth with almost no burn and a very slight minerality with a slightly creamy consistency. Then the alcohol starts to creep in, which introduced more players to the stage- prickly pear and a very light note of raspberry hard candy. The finish had a bright citrus tone with menthol and lidocaine and aloe joining for a surprising encore.
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2007 Glenlivet 12 Year Old "Signatory Unchillfiltered Collection" 1st Fill Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 12-01-2019
I immediately checked the pricing on this bottle once I got it into my glass and began to explore. I was hit, unmistakably by Buttered Rum Raisin ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. After that, white sage and candied plum became apparent with the influence of the Sherry Butt. A single droplet hit my tongue and there was a sudden explosion of flavor and texture that emanated to every corner of my mouth. Golden raisins and dried cherries combined with salted toffee rode atop of soft, silky wave that seemed to break for miles. The finish saw notes of marzipan and raspberry jolly rancher and five minutes later, it was still changing; I can’t say enough good things about this bottling and at this price point, I’ll be picking up a bottle or two myself.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

Còdigo 1530 K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Anejo Tequila (750ml)
Review Date: 11-30-2019
This was a fairly unique barrel, I’m still organizing my thoughts around it. Aroma-wise it was one of the more herbal anejo’s I’ve had. The first thing I thought about when nosing this glass was the mouthwash my dentist uses, a much more subtle mint aroma than Listerine but still had that quality about it. I also got pine sap, star anise, cinnamon bark, and a hint of bubble gum underneath it all. On the palate it was herbal and sweet, with notes of dulce de leche, Christmas spices, and peppermint. The finish was long with a white pepper spice and a strong oak presence.
Price: $109.99 Add To Cart

1979 North British 40 Year Old "Old Particular" Single Refill Barrel Cask Strength Single Grain Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-29-2019
I always get a bit giddy when I have a chance to try a dram older than I am, and this offering did not let down. The initial whiff reminded me of Fernet Branca Menta — herbal, anise, and mint; but as that faded, pine wood shavings, caramel chews, tar, and roasted cacao nibs found their way out of the glass. It reminded me of a funky, well-done Jamaican rum giving an excuse to really geek out on the aromas. The palate returned to the Scotch path as I got kettle corn, blondies, oak barrel (like, the actual barrel), and sassafras. The texture was also quite compelling, not quite velvety but soft and full-bodied. As the finish approached, caramel corn, sweetgrass, green apple peel, oak wood, and Saigon cinnamon all got a chance to make a cameo during the long fade. A fun and complex Scotch that is sure to impress a crowd.
Price: $299.99 Add To Cart

Glengoyne 21 Year Old "Old Malt Cask" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-23-2019
The nose was so frustrating (but in a good way). I felt like there was something escaping the glass while simultaneously escaping my vocabulary. In the end, the best I could do was describe it as a “green.” Floral vanilla, followed by pine wood, verbena, and sweet wisps of cocoa powder underneath it all. The aromas continued to evolve in the glass, at which point I stopped grasping for descriptors and decided to just appreciate. Sipping on the juice was smooth, silky and sweet; notes of brined cherries, quince, cardamom, and strawberry nougat played with the palate and as it faded, slowly, a menthol, apple-honey was left to linger.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

2001 Ben Nevis 18 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Refill Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-22-2019
I was a bit surprised to get such an earthy note on the nose from this Scotch, like fresh tilled earth with pencil shavings. Then, the fruit comes in with a big blast of poached pear paired with dried ginger and cinnamon. The palate offered up notes of almond roca, candied ginger, and sweet tobacco leaf. The finish was lean, tingly, and expressed some oak spices and apple peels at the very end.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

1995 Allt-a-Bhain 23 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Refill Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-21-2019
Baked green apples wafted from the glass as I gave it time to rest in the glass before delving in. Upon closer inspection I discovered sweet notes of treacle toffee and peach skin, which was complemented nicely by a freshness, like pool water, but slightly less chemical. The palate continued with the sweet theme, with pencil shavings, cocoa powder, white nectarine, jasmine tea, and salt water taffy. The texture was soft, not quite oily, but most definitely pleasant. On the finish the sweet note finally made its exit, while leaving way for a fresh apricot note; too easy to drink.
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1995 Caperdonich 24 Year Old "Chieftain's" K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Unchill-filtered Speyside Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-19-2019
Admittedly, I’m amongst those who had never had a chance to try this ghosted distillery (unless it was in an unnamed blend) and boy do I feel like I’ve been missing out. So many layers on the nose and the longer it was in the glass, the more it changed. Initially I got baby diapers (fresh and clean, no poopiness) followed by raisins, mission fig skin, preserved plum, fennel frond, Nerds candy, and stewed strawberries. It seems to encompass a bright fruitiness with a musty sweetness that just goes so damn well together. The palate was soft and elegant and just a bit chewy, bringing out notes of crisp green apple, quince, wild strawberries enrobed in semisweet chocolate, brandied cherries, and a subtle oak influence. The finish was just long and lovely with toasted sugar mixed with dried strawberries. With this being some of the last of its kind, any sherried scotch lover needs to have this in their collection.
Price: $399.99 Add To Cart

1991 Cameronbridge 27 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Refill Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Grain Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-19-2019
I feel like I’m literally tasting from the barrel. The spirit seems so fresh after spending 27 years in a refill sherry butt. It’s hot and zippy but with that comes a brightness that I’m not used to finding in such an old scotch. If you can make your way past the heat, there are beautiful notes of dark caramel apple, toasted marshmallow with cooked banana, and oak spice on the nose. On the palate, a tingly sensation is coupled with cherry rock candy and raspberry lollipop. I found the addition of water didn’t seem to do much for me in terms of opening up the spirit but it did tone down the heat, which ended up accentuating the caramel notes and even brought out some roasted coffee and red berry flavors. You’d be hard-pressed to find a scotch this old at this price.
Price: $79.99 Add To Cart

2005 Laphroaig 13 Year Old "Chieftain's" K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Unchillfiltered Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
If my family drank, this is a bottle I’d take with me to our holiday dinners. This bottle screams autumn with notes of ume plum, burnt caramel, oak spice, and cinnamon graham crackers on the nose. The palate is fatty, savory, and sweet and I can imagine it going perfectly with turkey and stuffing. It’s warm and inviting, I just want to cuddle up with it next to a fire and look longingly at the glass.
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2004 Ardbeg 15 Year Old "Chieftain's" K&L Exclusive Single Ex-Bourbon Barrel Cask Strength Unchill-filtered Islay Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
This was a fun expression from Ardbeg, combining classic notes of their original bottlings with a bourbon influence from the single barrel. This is a big, hot Islay scotch and I did opt to add a nip of water to my dram. The nose was very grassy and peaty right out of the bottle with burnt sugar being another big player, partnering with an orange blossom honey note. The palate followed the nose, with a nice full texture. Again, peaty and grassy on the palate along with a flavor that reminded me of bbq’d smoked brisket. The finish was long and smokey, a pleasant sipper for any Islay lover.
Price: $239.99 Add To Cart

1988 Bunnahabhain 30 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Refill Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
This dram had a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Everything from the nose to the finish blew me away. Pretty and elegant on the nose with a delicate hint of smoke with red summer berries and canned mandarin oranges. The palate was equally as impressive, with more of a sweet tangerine flesh note with light oak tones and chocolate malt; it felt like sunshine in my mouth. The finish didn’t disappoint, as the sun started to set it left me with a flavor that reminded me of one of my favorite candies- peach gummy rings. This is an absolute dream of a scotch, no water necessary, and with tariffs going up, I’d definitely pick this bottle up for future consumption.
Price: $349.99 Add To Cart

1997 Ledaig 21 Year Old "Chieftain's" K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Unchill-filtered Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
This dram from Ledaig was extremely robust. The aromas from the glass dominated the room with iodine, tanning leather, baker’s chocolate and preserved cherry. I got an undertone of funk mixed with the iodine, which dissipated with time and caused me to revisit the glass a few times. The palate still exhibited signs of iodine detected in the nose but added in pencil shavings and peppered jerky. After the addition of water, sweet schezuan peppers and cherries appeared but for a brief moment. As expected from the nose, the finish was long and reminded me of fruity Korean beef jerky.
Price: $149.99 Add To Cart

Bowmore "Old Malt Cask" 21 Year Old K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
I started by adding water to this dram. It felt a little tight and restrained by the abv in the glass but opened up nicely with a few drops of water. On the nose I got notes of salted caramel apple, oak spice, and nougat. The palate was a bit spicy but picked up some grassy, smokey notes, and then something that triggered a childhood memory: See’s butterscotch lollipop, right in the midpalate, which greatly increased my opinion of this dram. A light brine rolled into a spicy and woody finish.
Price: $149.99 Add To Cart

Kilchoman "Machir Bay" K&L Exclusive Vatting Batch #2 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 11-15-2019
Sniffing this scotch made me feel like I was standing at the edge of a Scottish cliff, there’s a beautiful oceanic brineyness about it before notes of bacon, salt water taffy, and sweet apple join for the view. I love the soft lanoline texture of this scotch and it offers up classic Islay tasting notes with pencil shavings being the most prominent. Ovaltine powder and a briney grassiness help to balance the dram. The finish is long as that oceanic brine lingers on with a grassy oakiness and a very light undertone of milk chocolate. A great value at this price!
Price: $54.99 Add To Cart

Mal Bien Green Tape "Victor + Emmanuel Ramos" Batch 0418 Tobaxiche (A. Karwinskii) Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 11-14-2019
The more I explore the world of Tobaxiches the more I realize the range of complexity and mystery they bring to the bottle. Initially, I though this smelled extremely vegetal but as I nosed I found sweet, citrusy notes of tangerine zest and meyer lemon but a buttery note as well. The vegetal notes came in the form of pine needles and grilled green (underripe) pineapple (yes I know it’s a fruit). The palate started off with a very sweet cement flavor followed closely by what I could only describe as walking through a pine forest on a bed of ice plants whilst chewing on a strawberry starburst. It was also way too easy to sip given that it is clocking in around 54% abv. On the finish I got lightly smoked ham, sweet and tingly with a strong, lingering note of freshly cut grass.
Price: $84.99 Add To Cart

Mal Bien Green Tape "Felipe + Ageo Cortes" Batch 0318 Arroqueno (A. Americana) Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 11-14-2019
Arroqueno may be my favorite species of agave, I hate playing favorites but there it is. I find they strike a balance of all the fun flavors agaves have to offer- fruity, minerally, funky, and green. This one was no different. On the nose I immediately got purple gobstoppers, camembert cheese, watermelon rind, hickory smoked bacon, and sweet pine needles. It got even better on the palate as sweet pine wood hit the tip of my tongue first followed by a briney minerality combined with green plum. Towards the end, I got a mellow jalapeno spice note. The finish was just as great as the experience sipping it as I was left pondering a soft texture, slightly creamy with hints of aloe and a tingling spice.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

Mal Bien Green Tape "Victor + Emmanuel Ramos" Batch 0518 Madrecuixe (A. Karwinskii) Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 11-12-2019
The nose on this was a cacophony of variously cooked fruits like charred pineapple, roasted strawberry and apple combined with underlying hint of vanilla (so weird), and pine forest as the more volatile esters dissipate. The palate doesn’t stray from the weirdness; it’s soft and sweet until the heat hits you at the end. In between you’re treated to kiwi fruit, blue cotton candy and another hint of that vanilla creaminess before you reach the finish. At the end it dries up like a cement sidewalk on a hot day, which nicely compliments the sweetness you get on the nose and palate. Definitely a fun mezcal you should pick up if you like the fruitier side of the spectrum.
Price: $89.99 Add To Cart

Mal Bien Green Tape "Felipe + Ageo Cortes" Batch 0618 Tepextate (A. Marmorata) Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 11-08-2019
After spending decades in the ground, tepextate’s are a wonder and privilege to enjoy. The nose on this comes off way hotter than how it drinks. Notes of pinewood, honey smoked ham, freshly cut flowers, and watermelon rind ride the fumes out of the glass but sipping it is a different experience entirely. Smooth and sweet, this is a bottle that could go down dangerously fast if you’re not paying attention. Ice plants and smoked honey are the large players here that compete against a fruity sweetness that just keeps you wanting more. At this price, you’d be hard pressed to pass up owning this bottle.
Price: $109.99 Add To Cart

Mal Bien Green Tape "Victor + Emmanuel Ramos" Batch 0218 Verde (A. Rhodacantha) Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 11-08-2019
To be fair, this sample had been in a 50ml bottle with a bit of air in it but damn is it smooth. I had to double check the proof to be sure but at 52% this is way too easy to drink. Mal Bien seems to have found a way to produce quality, single species mezcals at a great price. The nose on this Verde followed its namesake. Very green notes of fresh poblano pepper and pine dominated with a sweet hickory undertone and a cement minerality. Sipping this was like candy, smooth and sweet with notes of quince and white pineapple. The finish has a bit of spice to it, which contrasted nicely with how clean and soft the juice was. This verde does not disappoint!
Price: $84.99 Add To Cart

Maker's Mark 46 K&L Exclusive "Barrel #6" Private Select Kentucky Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 11-08-2019
Trying our two barrels side by side was a fun experience and clearly highlights the effects different staves can have on the whiskey. While barrel #5 had fruitier esters, #6 has more oak influence and baking spices, raisin box, umeshu, peanut brittle and demerara sugar dominate the nose. The palate is ridiculously soft as notes of brown sugar, orange peel, and rice crispy treats mix with a sweet herbal note and a slow burn building up to the finish.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart

Maker's Mark 46 K&L Exclusive "Barrel #5" Private Select Kentucky Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 11-08-2019
This pour needed some time in the glass before diving in. After about five minutes the spirit settled down and the aromas started to make their way out of the glass. Notes of clove studded orange peel, angel food cake, toasted caramel, and baked apples reminded me of a cool autumn afternoon. The daydream continues on the palate as this wheated bourbon warms you up like a soft sweater with fruity tones of candied cherries and brown sugar with a sweet herbal note of something like sassafras. The finish is incessantly long and unctuous, leaving a tingling sensation on the tip of the tongue and sweet sassafras and black plums linger.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel "#19-1108" (Rickhouse CN A, Floor 4) K&L Exclusive Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 11-07-2019
The WT Russell’s line may be some of my favorite consistent single barrels we’re able to get. This barrel hit a lot of high tones for me. The nose was a bit tight under the proof but I got strong herbal hints of sassafras, fennel bulb contrasted by sweeter notes of brown sugar, maraschino cherry, and green apple skin. The palate was bright and very sweet, with baking spices, caramelized yellow peaches and brown sugar ginger cookies. The textural component was nice as well, it was soft with a light kick and the finish was long and just a touch waxy. A beautiful dram of bourbon I’d be happy to work on through the holidays.
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

2018 Matt Connell "Rendition" Pinot Noir Central Otago
Review Date: 10-30-2019
After sitting in a covered glass, this wine really seemed to open up. Nosing the pour, I initially got a light black pepper and cranberry note but the more I went back to it the more it offered. Notes of red currant, black mission fig skin, and a sweet toffee like note was somewhere in the background. Once this juice hit the palate, I immediately was drawn to it. Texturally it’s got a medium body with a good acid balance to it, something that would have me going back for additional glasses at a holiday dinner. Black raspberry and watermelon jolly ranchers made the experience even more fun, and the finish definitely doesn’t detract from that. This is a bottle I would be happy to bring to any holiday dinner.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel "#19-345" (Rickhouse CN F, Floor 6) K&L Exclusive Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 10-17-2019
Another wonderful offering from WT. Similar yet different from the other private Russell’s barrels 19-345 hits with purple plums, chocolate covered raisins, vanilla, and sarsaparilla on the nose. The palate starts off a sweet demerara sugar note, with a velvety texture and moves into cherry punch, plums, and purple NERDS candy. The finish presented more of a maraschino cherry note mixed with sweet herbs and lingered for quite a while. Solid bourbon for the price!
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

2014 Bunnahabhain Staoisha Heavily Peated 4 Year Old "Signatory Unchillfiltered Collection" Dechar/Rechar Cask Strength Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 10-15-2019
For being so young this scotch seems to have an old soul. A lot of character coming from this young Islay offering. A soft and warm mesquite wood smoke is immediately noticeable on the nose, with mowed grass lying beneath. Other aromas of iodine, mixed apple salad, charred fennel and serrano pepper seem to be playing musical chairs and never quite show up the same way. On the palate, you get hit with a sweet maltiness on the tip of your tongue, which then moves into a smokey lemon peel and a nice spice before the finish. At the end I was left with a waxy, lanolin flavor/texure along with smoked honey. The finish was long and pleasantly smokey.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart

Old Potrero "K&L Exclusive Barrel #12" 63.33% Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-09-2019
Barrel #12 expressed more of what I would consider to be classic Potrero rye notes, almost hitting some from their 18th Century Style Spirit as well. On the nose, the combination of oak and kola nut reminded me of their original bottlings, but deeper aromas of black raisins and brown sugar melted in butter were also in the forefront. The palate was a bit tight and fairly spicy compared to Barrel #13. Again, brown sugar made its appearance but it intermingled with the spice and a faint note of cinnamon. With the addition of water, the spice was toned down and more fruit notes surfaced, including something that reminded me of purple gobstoppers. The finish was interesting and definitely reminded me of the Old Potrero 18th Century Style Spirit, which always had an RC Cola note to me.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

Old Potrero "K&L Exclusive Barrel #13" 63.21% Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-09-2019
Barrel 13 had a little more fruit notes going on and a roasted/toasted/malty/toffee/coffee thing going on that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But loved it. The nose had strong influences of oak, dried dark plums, and sweet cherries. It really reminded me of Panettone, the Italian holiday cake. Turbinado sugar and hints of that roasted coffee undertone seemed to be the last ones on the trail. The palate carried over from the nose, with Panettone again being the big player. Other notes of spiced cherries, prunes, and just a touch of toasted caramel were also prevalent and quite delightful. The finish on this one was long, and where I picked up on a lot of the roasted/toasted etc. flavor that was hinted at in the nose and palate. I also got a bit of cinnamon cookie at the very end.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

El Samaritano Mexicano (Ambrosio Martinez Blas) Santiago Matatlan Artesenal Oaxacan Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 10-08-2019
To get a wild agave expression, made in small batch, at this price, is becoming more and more rare these days. Mexicano is one of my go-tos when recommending a mezcal beyond the standard espadin, and if espadin is all you’ve tried, this is a fantastic bottle to pick up and to explore other sub-species of agave. The nose is sweet and green, like fresh pressed sugar cane juice (which I recently got to experience in Vietnam), followed by sweet roasted agave, dusty gravel, grilled pineapple and white sage.

The palate is a roller coaster, building you up with smooth and sweet fruit notes, with pineapple playing a major part of that. Then you get hit with cayenne spice and mildly pickled jalapenos (de-seeded), then the sweetness starts to come back and a roasted strawberry note rounds things off on the palate. The finish was mild, sweet with a bit of that cayenne spice riding it out.
Price: $79.99 Add To Cart

New Riff Bottled-In-Bond Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-04-2019
I was surprised with how mellow the rye is, sitting at 100 proof with its bottled-in-bond designation. The nose is herbaceous and spicy with notes of anise seed and liquorice but balanced with sweeter notes of dark brown sugar, vanilla, and cola nut. The palate was soft for a rye, with light liquorice notes showing back up mingling with Whoppers and allspice; I could see this going down way too easily. The finish doesn’t help that, alluring me back to the glass with sweet oak spice and warm cinnamon flavors rounding things out. A no-brainer for any rye lover.
Price: $44.99 Add To Cart

New Riff Bottled-In-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 10-03-2019
Herbaceous, earthy, yet sweet on the nose, the bottled in bond bourbon gives off notes of sarsaparilla, fennel frond, fresh cut grass, demerara sugar and candy corn. At 100 proof, this is way too easy to sip. It slyly sneaks onto your palate with a supreme smoothness and welcoming sweet notes of dulce de leche, diet cola, and brown sugar. The finish adds a nice spice and a little heat to balance everything out while there’s still a note of rock candy. A solid bottled-in-bond bourbon for the price.
Price: $44.99 Add To Cart

Michel Couvreur "Peaty Overaged" K&L Exclusive Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 10-02-2019
Nosing this in the glass was addicting and I had to stop myself before becoming in danger of singeing nerve endings. A sweet hickory smoke softly emanated from the glass with a bit of brine behind it. Working my way past the sumptuous smoke, I got notes of apple skins and barbecued yellow nectarines. The palate was round and soft; I felt no need to add water to this one. Black pepper and honey smoked ham, combined with charred canned pineapple, almost made me feel like I was at a luau. The finish was pleasant, not too long, but had a waxy, spicy play going on, and once everything felt like it was over, a bit of leftover charred pineapple showed up to do one last curtsy.
Price: $79.99 Add To Cart

2018 TWR (Te Whare Ra) Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
Review Date: 10-01-2019
For me, this is summer in a glass, sitting at a beachfront eatery enjoying the sounds of the ocean as tropical aromas of guava, pineapple, a hint of passionfruit and grapefruit dance with the sea breeze. The palate is well rounded yet refreshing and crisp, reminding me of white nectarine, lemon zest coupled with a subtle limestone minerality and great acid structure, giving it a very clean feel. Perfect at dinner parties or picnics on the beach.

Michel Couvreur "Cap a Pie" Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 09-26-2019
This would be a great Scotch for anyone looking to try to get into the Islay flavor profile. It was so approachable, I smiled as I smelled and got the warm and fuzzies (and maybe some audible expressions as well). Sweet leather, bacon wrapped apples, and brine remind me of other Islays but with a lot of the medicinal qualities toned down. Sipping this was a very pleasant experience; smooth, balanced with notes of apple, light peat smoke, chocolate covered toffee and sweet grass, which follows you into the finish. This dram is dangerously delicious for the price and something I could see myself going through multiple bottles with a group of friends.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart

Rezpiral Tepeztate "Series 4 - K&L Exclusive" (Berta Vasquez) San Baltazar Chichicapam Uncertified Oaxacan Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 07-30-2019
:::Cue Homer Simpson drooling:::
Nosing this for the first time, I may have unintentionally let a noise resembling the famous Simpson's character's moment of bliss when there's something delicious at hand. Tepeztate’s are indeed a treat to taste given the decades the plant spends in the ground, and the patience of the magueyero to harvest them. Rain water, river stones, unmistakable cooked agave, quince and pineapple, smoked honeysuckle blossoms and crushed ice plants emanate from the glass. The palate is unbelievably smooth at 93.2 proof, and resonates the crushed iced plant note I got on the nose. Sweeter candied notes also complement the soft vegetal quality while still retaining its clean, freshness. The finish is a bit tingly with light spearmint and raw artichoke leaves. You should definitely pick up this time capsule of agave spirit.
Price: $129.99 Add To Cart

The 86 Co. Ford's Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 07-27-2019
Juniper and citrus aromas jump out of the glass with an underlying malty sweetness. The palate mirrors the aromas almost to a T; juniper with lemon peel with a sweet background as a little bit of heat hits you on the way out. Perfect in G&T's or a Negroni!
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart

Barrell Bourbon "K&L Exclusive" 14 Year Old Cask Strength Single Barrel #E522 Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 07-25-2019
This was truly a unique bourbon for me. Admittedly, I haven't tried too many of the Barrell offerings but am quite familiar with the level of demand, so when I saw the sample come in for this I was quite excited. This bottling has also passed inspection by not one, but two discerning buyers (first those lovely people at Barrell and subsequently our own K&L buyers). On the nose I got stale cherries mixed with subtle pear, oak spice, clove, light orange peel and fig newtons. The palate was surprising smooth for the proof, blending spiced cherry crisp with a sweet, purple hard candy note that reminded me of Willy Wonka's Gobstoppers. The finish was a bit nondescript but had a subtle sweetness and smooth, almost cooling ride out.
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Compass Box "Juveniles" Limited Edition Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 07-17-2019
Pours out a pale gold color and you are immediately hit with peat smoke, dill, and green apple with the slightest hint of toffee and oak spice. A cinnamon spice hits the palate first, then fading into vanilla, nougat, and wet grass. The finish has a nice minerality to it and slowly fades out. The aesthetics of the label does a fine job of matching the juice inside.
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Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Single Barrel "#143-A" K&L Exclusive Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 07-11-2019
The uniqueness of this bottling should not go overlooked. First, solera method bourbon…what? Secondly, private barrel of solera method bourbon…huh? Hillrock uses older sourced stock and combines with distillate they are making themselves in their solera style system, over time, the average age gets older and older in the bottle. From what I hear about this K&L selection is the juice is around an average age of 13 years. The nose is sweet and fun, albeit a little hot- giving off notes of French Toast and brown sugar, oak, baker’s chocolate, and dried plum. The heat does not translate to the palate and is texturally very pleasant. There’s a good depth of flavor with notes of cherry pit, brown sugar, anise seed, and raw almonds. The finish tapers off quickly but you are left with a single, long, spiced cherry flavor. This would make a great gift to any bourbon lover and definitely worth trying since the expressions will only get older with time.
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Fukano 10 Year Old K&L Exclusive Single Cask Japanese Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 07-09-2019
Never have I had a whiskey that reminded me so much of a candy I used to eat as a kid. Growing up, my grandmother always had pieces of Chan Pui Mui (preserved plum candy) in her purse to bribe me with. Something about the sweet, salty, sour "candy" really did it for me and this dram reflects a lot of those flavors. On the nose, peach pit, sherry, and brown sugar all combine to create that preserved plum candy aroma and even more so on the palate. With a light body but plenty of depth and not too hot, again, this tasted like liquid childhood candy dreams. This is definitely one of the best rice whiskies I've encountered, tasting more like whiskey and less like sake. I wanted a little more out of the finish but it did leave with a nice baking spice note that seemed to stick to my tongue like a magnet and a soft nougat-y sweetness.
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Destileria Los Danzantes Los Nahuales "Metodo Antiguo" Mezcal (750ml) [Cannot ship]
Review Date: 06-26-2019
With almost no heat on the nose (so weird at 52.4% abv), I was getting the stemmy, white part of a strawberry mixed with lemonade, a pool surrounded by pine trees, and sweet black licorice and honey baked ham. There's also an unmistakable roasted agave note that's resting under the other aromas. The palate is almost as smooth as the nose kicking off with sweet, briny spearmint and pine mixed with a whisper of vanilla, and under-ripe tropical fruits. The spirit has a cooling texture and extremely long finish of cinnamon bun (no glaze) and under-ripe pineapple. This was a surprising pour and a fun one!
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Bardstown Bourbon Company "Fusion Series" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 06-12-2019
This new distillery started producing in 2016 and quickly started laying down some of their stock. With equal parts 11yr 7mo Kentucky sourced bourbon, 2 yr old high rye estate bourbon and 20% estate wheated bourbon, this bottle expresses what the distillery is aiming to be and gives some good insight into the juice they're making. The nose was rich and sweet and full of spices like cinnamon and cardamom mixed with mascarpone cheese. The palate was smooth and sweet with notes of banana creme and more cinnamon. If you're looking to venture into something produced outside of the bourbon belt, definitely give this bottle a shot.
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Woodinville "K&L Exclusive" Single Cask #1307 Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 06-12-2019
This was a fantastic surprise coming from a craft distillery in Washington. With full sized barrels and grain to glass production, you can taste that no shortcuts were made. The nose elicits notes of roasted coffee with raspberry syrup and a hint of fennel while the palate is silky, smooth, and has a sweet corn note, which plays with a cinnamon flavor very well. The finish is long with anise and brown sugar leading you out. A fun and different bourbon whiskey from what's making it out of Kentucky.
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1995 Charles Heidsieck "Blanc des Millénaires" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
With a name like Blanc Des Millenaires, I already felt like I was sipping above my pay-grade and I wouldn't be wrong. The nose gave off notes of the most perfectly baked croissant and french bread toast with a very light hint of vanilla. The palate took it to the next level with pain au chocolate, baked pear crisp and a fantastic texture that made me wish that I wasn't at work sampling and spitting this amazing wine but instead on a luxury yacht in a white robe imbibing on this beautiful bubbly.

Dérot-Delugny "Cuvée Fondateurs" Brut
Review Date: 05-07-2019
This was such a fun wine to smell. Very pretty on the nose with notes of white flowers and pear jelly bellies (my favorite). The palate was clean and soft with lightly minerals from a crispy pear.
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Le Brun de Neuville "Authentique" Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
If you've ever gone to Japan, you've probably seen the mind boggling white strawberries. This wine smells of that fruit mixed with the tart, almost tannic quality of yellow peach skins. The palate is refreshing with a nice fruitiness and slightly underripe strawberries.
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1995 Le Brun de Neuville "Grand Vintage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
Aged for a whopping 22 years on the lees, this champagne could buy its own champagne (in the U.S.). This is such a fun and expressive wine that's on a totally different level. Umami notes and buttered chanterelles and umeshu plum bombard the nose and are almost perfectly mirrored on the palate. This is definitely a bottle you want to have with rich, fatty, umami laden foods.
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2008 Le Brun de Neuville "Grand Vintage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
2008 was a great year in Champagne and this Grand Cru is a fantastic example of that statement. At 97% Chardonnay and only 3% Pinot Noir the blanc de blanc designation goes out the window but the aromas and flavors seemed to be worth it. Notes of apple blossom honey tickle the nose on a triangle of light toast, while a nice acidity mingles with unripe nectarines. This would be a great wine to pair with spicy Asian foods or great on its own as it finishes with beautiful orchard fruits.
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