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Staff Favorites - Elsa Baez

Elsa Baez


Laurent-Perrier "Grand Siècle" Iteration #24 Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-17-2019
For those who don't know, Laurent Perrier decided to add the iteration number on the bottles and this happens to be the 24th bottling of the Grand Siecle. Aromatics are soft and balanced with red fruit and a subtle leesy note finishing long with firm acid, bright fruit and a hint of brioche on the mid palate. It's not complex but it has a lot of character and worthy of a special occasion.

Laurent-Perrier Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature Champagne
Review Date: 10-17-2019
This Brut Nature Blanc de Blanc is intended for an apertif, but I think it would pair so well with food (think sushi!) and it delivers! The beautiful aromatic nose with hints of candied almonds pairs so well with the balanced acid, minerality and salinity on the palate. It's the linear finish that really got me. From start to finish, each note represented the fresh, clean and elegant champagne Laurent Perrier is known for. We don't have much in stock so get yours before we run out!

Baron-Fuenté "Grande Réserve" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-14-2019
With 3 year aging on the lees and 1/3 reserves used to make this bottle, the Baron Fuente Grande Reserve is by far the great value champagne anyone will enjoy! On the nose there's good amount of lees-y and toasty notes and subtle bright pear undertones. Bright acid, ripe green apples mid-palate and mineral undertones finishes off this delicious bottle of bubbles. It is seriously a steal for a great quality of bubbles!

Damien Hugot Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut Champagne
Review Date: 09-18-2019
To offer another Grand Cru direct import is very exciting and Damien Hugot does not disappoint in quality and flavor profile! The nose is rich with brioche and golden apple aromas, and finishes with a balance of weight and a nice zing of lemon zest on the chalky finish.
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Damien Hugot Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 09-18-2019
To offer another Grand Cru direct import is very exciting and Damien Hugot does not disappoint in quality and flavor profile! Concentrated strawberry aromas, beautiful weight, and a nice long finish. If you're looking for a refreshing champagne with restrained richness, this is it!
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2007 Thiénot "Black Ball" Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-12-2019
Ripe fruit aromatics with a good amount of acid and hints of vanilla custard notes on the palate. Bright, fresh and a nice texture, this champagne would be a great way to start a fête! A great value for a high end champagne.
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2008 Lanson "Gold Label" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-12-2019
The 2008 Lanson Gold Label is a lean and complex style of champagne. Fresh and intense, this is a very elegant, pure and refined classic champagne with a beautiful mineral expression. It has refreshing citrus notes on the long finish. Another great '08 vintage to add to your collection.

2008 Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-12-2019
A great example of a 2008 champagne! Toasty and nutty aromas followed by bright green apples, almonds and focused acid. With all Grand Cru fruit, this Laurent Perrier bottling is not to miss at this price.
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2014 Leeuwin "Art Series" Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River Western Australia
Review Date: 07-25-2019
The 2014 Leeuwin Art Series Cabernet is a complex and elegant wine.The nose is plush and aromatic -crushed raspberries, baking spices, hint of vanilla- while the palate offers layers of blackberry, cassis, hint of cranberries subtle tones of acid, balanced tannins and medium bodied. When you try it you'll find it hard to believe the quality of wine you get at this price. Grab a couple extra to cellar for future enjoyment!

2002 Billecart-Salmon "Le Clos Saint-Hilaire" Brut Blanc de Noirs Champagne
Review Date: 07-15-2019
The one hectare of this particular parcel is enclosed with pinot noir grapes (the first to be planted on the vineyard) and a winemaking facility on site. It's quite impressive and this bottle shows how complex a single-vineyard cared for in a painstakingly manner shines through. Ripe fruit, honey and spice aromas, intense texture and notes of citrus acidity and minerality speak to the concentration of a single vineyard style of wine. It's a very different style of champagne I've tasted (and I've had many!) and am entranced with how different and delicious the 2002 Le Clos Saint Hilaire expresses itself. This bottling is not released every year and a must for any champagne collector.

2008 Billecart-Salmon Extra Brut Champagne
Review Date: 07-15-2019
2008 is a great year in champagne and to have the Billecart Salmon Brut in this vintage is quite exciting! Toasty/brioche-y aromas, intense minerality coming through each sip and finishing elegant and refined. Billecart Salmon takes pride in their craftsmanship with each champagne they release and this 2008 vintage a fantastic example of their style. A must try for all champagne lovers!

Nicolas Maillart "Platine" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 07-01-2019
We have several top-notch quality champagnes in the grower-producer section that are under $35 and the Maillart Platine Brut Champagne is a top contender. It's got everything - cherry and stone fruit aroma notes intermingling together with a creamy mouthfeel and finishing bright, fresh and elegant. I remember thinking how can this possibly be a champagne under $35 when we first tasted with Gary and was happy to hear it is one of our newest direct import! If you're looking for a nice bottle of bubbles to bring to a dinner party, this is a definite crowd pleaser!

Jean-Jacques Lamoureux Pinot Blanc Champagne
Review Date: 06-26-2019
Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image
You don't see many 100% Pinot Blanc champagnes out there (a unicorn if you will) and if you're curious to try something different (and delicious!) then the Jean Jacques Lamoureux champagne is perfect. You get pretty white flower and elegant fruit aromas paired with racy acidty, toasty notes and finishes with the perfect amount of minerality. As we say in the industry, "...it just keeps going!" We only get so many of these so I'd say try it and stock up before we run out.
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2018 Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
Review Date: 06-25-2019
Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image
I never knew a complex and flavor-packed sauvignon blanc existed until I tasted the 2018 Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc! The aromas are -what I like to call a fresh bouquet of fruit (in this case stone fruits), white flowers and finishing dry, crisp with a tinge of savory notes and citrus acid. Super-balanced and refreshing, this wine certainly delivers so much for so little. You will not be disappointed!
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Le Brun de Neuville "Authentique Assemblage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-17-2019
Le Brun is one of our best-selling top grower-producers at K&L and has become a staff and customer favorite. On the nose there’s this intermingling of both bright and sweet fruit - a tinge of pineapple- and creamyness. On the palate, bright acidity and green apples dance on your tongue. Rich texture, yet restrained with the acid backbone. I cannot express enough the fantastic value you get with this bottle. So good!
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart

Fallet-Dart "Grande Sélection" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-13-2019
Our favorite champagne DI Fallet Dart never fails with each bottling I've tasted. This Grande Selection ages 7 years on the lees, which in turn produces the small bubbles. The beautiful aromatic notes with lees-y and toasty aromatics paired with a balanced acid backbone, notes of granny apples mid-palate and a lemon citrus zest on the finish, this champagne is a great value at this price!
Price: $36.99 Add To Cart

Dérot-Delugny "Cuvée Fondateurs" Brut
Review Date: 05-13-2019
100% Pinot Gris champagne? Yes it's a thing and yes it's really tasty! About 300 years ago, 50% of Champagne was planted with Pinot Gris (aka Fromenteau). It's not as popular in the modern times, however, we are lucky to gain one of the few producers who continue the tradition of using the grape in their champagne. Aromas of white flowers, tropical fruit along with citrus zest. The finish is long and dru with minerality notes, it makes this champagne great with your next sushi meal or alone with a cheese plate.
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Franck Bonville Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 05-07-2019
I cannot express how amazing this bottle of Grand Cru champagne for this price. There are aromas of white flowers, golden apples, a hint of toast and finishes fresh, refined, with a touch of acid which is just enough to compliment the subtle rich and mineral texture. It's created with 50% reserves, which is a good amount to have in a bottling and aged just under 3 years on the lees. With all of these elements put together, it is really a top notch "gateway" Grand Cru champagne!
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Krug "Grande Cuvée" 167 Ème Édition Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-03-2019
Krug has the reserve blending down and the 167th cuvee edition is no exception of their exemplary craftsmanship. The 167 edition is based on the 2011 vintage with blended reserves spanning through 1995. While the 2011 may not be known as an ideal champagne vintage, the folks at Krug created their magic once again with this edition. In my experience, Krug requires some time to sit and open in your glass or be laid down for some aging, but the 167 is ready to drink as soon as you pop the cork. Toasty, rich with tropical fruit, minerality, and a long finish that keeps on going. This champagne is so balanced and elegant, it's undeniably a Krug creation and one you should get your hands on before we sell out!

2017 Lambuena "Roble" Ribera del Duero
Review Date: 04-16-2019
The flavor profile of this wine is full and rich, yet there is a restraint, in that it’s not so plush on the palate. The color is a very intense cherry red, and the wine shows floral, licorice, and ripe black fruit aromatics. With aging for only four months in new and semi-new American (70%) and French (30%) oak, the wine is sufficiently structured, complex, and fleshy. The toasty notes from the barrels come through beautifully integrated, too! I would easily pair this with a lamb or beef dish.
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Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva Penedès
Review Date: 11-25-2017
Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image Glass Full image
By far the best Cava I have ever tasted! Mineral and green apple notes with a crisp and dry finish. A perfect bubbly option for any occasion, especially for upcoming holiday gatherings.So much greatness at a fantastic price. Stock up for the holidays!
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart