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Chris Miller


2009 Casanova di Neri "Rosso di Casanova Di Neri" (Sant' Antimo)
Review Date: 03-13-2013
From one of Montalcino's most famous estates comes this solid little mini-Brunello. I always sense a lot of polish to the Brunelli of Casanova di Neri, but this little Sant'Antimo comes across as a bit more rustic. Chewy black and red cherry, plum, and earth on the nose, the wine is juicy but has some substantial tannic heft, and a rich, full mid palate that finishes firm. When I tasted this wine with the sales rep, I kept coming back to it as I was hugely impressed by how much was going on for what is ostensibly their 5th or 6th tier wine. Bravo guys, this is a heck of a wine for 20 bucks. Complimenti! CM
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RP 88 - 90

San Venanzio Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut
Review Date: 11-19-2011
Delicious Prosecco. I usually prefer Prosecco done in an "extra dry" style, as I feel the extra touch of sugar accentuates the inherent floral and stone fruit qualities of the grape. Many Proeseccos done in the "Brut" style are often times too "brut" and come of as a little austere, even shrill. This one nails it however. Lots of peachy, key lime and white flower aromas with zesty acidity and surprising depth and length. A deal and a steal at this price. Stock up for all your holiday bubbles sipping. CM
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2006 Ferrero Brunello di Montalcino
Review Date: 10-21-2011
Tucked way down in the southwest corner of Montalcino, the wines of Ferrero tend towards a more opulent, rich, round style. I was very impressed with the 2006 when I tasted it earlier this year at the estate. If you're new to Brunello and used to modern reds from California, this is a great introduction to the region (and an insane value I might add). CM, LA Italian wine specialist

Maui Brewing Company "Bikini Blonde Lager" Hawaii 12oz Cans
Review Date: 07-22-2011
I started working here at K&L about 18 months ago. The only thing that scares me more than trying to calculate how many cans of this I've consumed since that start date, which is also the point at which I discovered this insanely delicious brew, is how much Fernet Branca I drank in the decade I was in San Francisco. I "heart" this beer! CM
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Deligeroy Cremant de Loire Brut
Review Date: 02-12-2011
What a value! I love this wine. An excellent little sparkler for any occasion. Celebrating a wedding, an anniversary, a Tuesday, a Sunday morning, tying a shoe, boiling an egg, the sun rising yet one more time, feeling good. This wine will enhance any one of those. A fridge without a bottle of this is an unhappy fridge. Make more happy fridges!! CM
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Sorelle Bronca Prosecco DOCG
Review Date: 06-19-2010
The Bronca sisters knock it out of the park with this wine. I went to a Prosecco Consorzio tasting in San Francisco a few years back and dutifully tasted well over a hundred different Proseccos and this one was easily in the top five (and the least expensive of those; by half, in fact, in one instance!) This is the sole Prosecco imported by famed Italian agent Oliver McCrum, who insists the extra dry style is the only way to truly express the beautiful pear blossom and white peach inherent in the grape. I couldn't agree more Mr. McCrum, so, Mr (or Miss) Customer, please try this bottle of bubbles and experience one of the best examples of this exceptionally lovely wine, a perennial favorite of yours truly, by the way. Salud! CM
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