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Einstök Icelandic White Ale, Iceland 12oz
Review Date: 4-30-2012
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With summer fast approaching we're all in need of a super thirst-quenching beer to alleviate the effects of absorbing too much solar energy on our bodies while we flare up the grill for a swirling smoke-athon (ok, admittedly I'm not Mr. Weber, more like one of the guys who stands around getting hot smoke in his face while acting like it doesn't matter).... anyway, just discovered a fantastic antidote to insurmountable thirst in the Icelandic Einstok White Ale, like melting an iceberg slathered in freshly-ground coriander and orange peel. Well, to be truthful, it's a witbier brewed with the same ingredients and tastes absolutely awesome. Beer here now. And in honor of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ill-fated Titanic, pouring an iceberg down your throat might be a good tribute.
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Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut Champagne
Review Date: 12-3-2011
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In his unwavering maxim that "we leave the earth to our children," Jean-Pierre Fleury was the very first winegrower in Champagne to adapt strict biodynamic principles and techniques in his steeply-sloping, calcareous vineyards near the northern village of Courteron. His exquisite Blanc de Noirs is an homage to the perfectability of Pinot Noir under his meticulous stewardship, and certainly one of the finest, long-lasting champagnes we carry at any price. Hand-crafted from select vintages, the Carte Rouge is emblematic, dry and complex, with a well-developed gamut of flavors from brioche and beeswax to cherry and acacia. Hard to say what 'not' to drink this with, but I guarantee you will be reaching for another glass after tasting this redolent, rewarding sparkler.
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2008 Pontet-Canet, Pauillac
Review Date: 6-28-2011
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My advice? If you have a few extra Benjamins lining your well-oiled wallet and are of the mind to buy a beautiful bottle or two of Bordeaux that will, when it eventually reaches full maturity around the time your same vintage 2008 son/daughter celebrate their 21st birthday (and will generously share it with you), then this is the wine for you! A superbly structured, absolutely pitch-perfect Pauillac, reflecting the august gravel and limestone terroir from which it was born.
Drink from 2020 to 2035

2006 Rosenblum "Richard Sauret" Paso Robles Zinfandel
Review Date: 1-31-2011
My tasting experience with Rosenblum's catalogue of Zinfandels goes back to the early 1990's, and their winemaking style, avoiding hyperbole, hasn't always been tempered by restraint. For those ardent Zinfanatics who appreciate exotic, fruit-filled, intense wines, wines which deliver the whole ride and then pass out tickets for the next one, I can more often than not recommend Rosenblum wines with confidence. The Richard Sauret Zinfandel, actually a blend of 86% Zinfandel and 14% Petite Sirah, comes from a special property located at the base of the Santa Lucia Mountains, with head-pruned vineyards planted on a complicated array of soils— limestone, shale and clay. The vineyard is divided into two portions, with 11 acres planted in 1985 and 12 acres planted on the hilltop in 2000 on clay and calcareous soils, both low-yielding sites that, when finally harvested, promise compact fruit with ripe, intense berries. Aged in French and American oak for 15 months, this Zinfandel is bold, big and effusive, ready to work through the room (or party) like a seasoned, palm-pressing politician. All in all, very enjoyable wine, with unsuppressed blackcurrant fruit, sweet cherry and lively, brambly, peppery flavors. I also like the fact that this wine has had a few years to unwind in the bottle, harmonizing the textural elements into a seamless whole.
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Dudognon Reserve Cognac 750ml
Review Date: 11-30-2010
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A voter santé! Raymond Dudognon first distilled his own cognac in 1946, following the venerable traditions laid down by his great grandfather in 1776. The heart of the Charente region, located about 100 miles northeast of Bordeaux, is called Grande Champagne, and consists of deep chalk-rich soils, perfect for creating fragrant, long-lived cognacs. Made from 100% natural Ugni Blanc, this singular spirit is blended and distilled in the traditional alambic Charentais pot and eventually aged in 350 liter barrels. The Dudognon homage to tradition stresses minimal intervention, using only pure water as an additive to create a stunning cognac that charms and caresses the palate, displaying a weightlessness and delicacy of fruit found less commonly in cognacs at twice the price. Highly recommended!
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Sorelle Bronca Prosecco DOCG
Review Date: 7-11-2009
This delightful Prosecco is a strong contender for best in class among its growing legions of fans, delivering dependably delicious flavors of sliced apples, citrus blossoms and almonds in a pure and sparkling persona. Showcasing both freshness and mineral vibrancy, it should complement most summer fare from salads to appetizers, and would be the perfect match for a basket of lightly-fried calamari.
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