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Jason's Wine Blog
I enjoy exploring the world of wine, a new varietal or region lies around every corner. I have no credentials and donít claim to. I describe myself as a ďprofessional consumerĒ. Just sharing what I liked, didnít or loved and lessons I learn along the way. In doing so, I hope to continue to grow my palate while helping filter through the masses of wines to find those that deliver tremendous value to the wallet and the palate. You can read more of my musings at


2009 Les Vendanges du Domaine Rougiť Viognier "02-09-2009" Vin de Pays d'Oc (out of stock)  
Review Date: 1-27-2011
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Amazing dark golden color in the glass followed by a beautiful nose reminiscent of slicing peaches on a slate chopping block (with a bouquet of flowers in the distance). On entry this wine starts crisp and fills the palate but is not overpowering by any means. Instead it becomes ripe and juicy with more of the peach and tropical fruit flavors. These fruit flavors hold through all the way to the finish and linger on nicely. Makes me wonder if they ever make a peach flavored creamsicle? I digress. This is an impeccably made wine with solid acidity to keep it balanced throughout and a touch of oak to add creaminess to the texture. Likely the best Viognier I have had and I certainly need to get me some more of this. De-fricking-licious!
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Urbanite Cellars "Redart" Red Blend (out of stock)  
Review Date: 6-2-2010
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Big juicy blackberry fruit up front on a creamy vanilla backbone. Seems like it may go over the top but a solid dose of acidity kicks in to help maintain the balance and manage the plush, rich fruit. A smooth and pleasing full flavored wine with a warm, toasty finish showing hints of barrel spice that linger on nicely for some time. Nice depth/complexity for the price point!
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