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Customer Reviews - Neil Maiers-Wine Expedition

Neil Maiers-Wine Expedition
Neil is a self-proclaimed wine geek. Heís not an expert, but a feverish enthusiast and he believes that wine isnít a destination- itís an expedition. He can often be found roaming the aisles of K&Lís Hollywood store. Heís always on the hunt for new wine discoveries and good wine values. When he finds something great, he loves to share his findings with anyone and everyone. Heís also the host of the wine-video website

The idea for WineExpedition came during a shared bottle Napa Cabernet with his good friend Jeff. With a shared enthusiasm for wine and the desire to tell everyone about it, they rented a 40-foot motorhome, pointed it north and proceeded to drive to Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles and visit 12 wineries in 10 days. They recorded the whole trip on High-Definition video, and the rest as they say, is history. At WineExpedition, every day and every new bottle is a new adventure. Stay tuned for our tasting notes; more often then not there will be a corresponding webisode with even more information at Cheers!


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2004 Aglieta "Pomo" Toscano Rosso (out of stock)  
Review Date: 4-5-2010
Holy cow, what a wine! This is a big, strong Italian red. A stoic nose of spicy red fruit is followed by sweet, dark red fruit on the palate with a voluptuous mouth-feel, silky tannins and finish o' plenty. It was a perfect pair with chateaubriand.
Price: $31.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2007 Luna Napa Valley Pinot Grigio (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-24-2010
A nose filled with zesty aromas of lemony citrus and a pinch of minerality. A palate bursting with orange, grapefruit and various tropical flavors; it reminds me of the old Cactus Cooler sodas of my youth, though not as sweet. A nice, refreshing acidity, with a complex, crisp, dry finish. Check out our tasting notes webisode on this one at
Price: $14.99 Add To Waiting List ST 90 BC 0

2006 Brandborg "Bench Lands" Umpqua Valley Pinot Noir (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-24-2010
Oregon Pinot for 18 bucks; yes please. A vibrant garnet color, the nose on this wine has nice, light, cherry aromas with a hint of sweet baking spices. on the palate, layers of red fruits: cherries, strawberries and tangy pomegranate with a backbones of warm, sweet spices. If this were Willamette Valley it would cost a lot more; thanks Umpqua Valley! Check out our tasting notes webisode on this one at
Price: $17.99 Add To Waiting List WS 90 BC 0

2006 Fisticuffs Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-24-2010
This wine has a nice dark hue with a classic Napa-cab nose of dark fruit, cassis and a layer of spicy vanilla. Dark berries, plums and currants on the palate with a strong vanilla layer; they were generous with the oak on this one, but it's backing up nice, ripe fruit so it works. Nice texture and a decent finish. Check out our tasting notes webisode on this one at
Price: $19.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2006 Bernadotte, Haut-Mťdoc (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-24-2010
$15 Bordeaux makes me happy. This one is fun; a nice deep color with a nose of red fruit with a hint of herbs and a subtle sweetness. The palate is cherry, plummy fruit with a streak of herbs, but is dominated by the chewy tannins-o-plenty. An hour in the decanter took the edge off this medium-bodied, elegant wine. Check out our tasting notes webisode on this one at
Price: $14.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2008 Momo (Seresin) Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-11-2010
A good vibrant yellow color with bright, tropical & citrus notes on the nose. Pink grapefruit on the palate with a tropical layer and a crisp, dry finish. This wine has a nice weight to it; zesty, zingy and a bright, balanced acidity. Another solid Marlborough Sauv Blanc. Check out our webisode on this NZ treat at

2008 A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir (out of stock)  
Review Date: 3-11-2010
I love an Oregon Pinot and I love a good wine deal- this bottle is both. A nice nose of cherries and spice with a dash of cherry coke, nice berry fruits on the palate and some more spice for good measure. Good balance for a sub-$20 Pinot. Check out our webisode on the '07 vintage at
Price: $15.99 Add To Waiting List WS 90 BC 0

2005 Cellers Capafons-Osso Masia Esplanes Montsant (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-22-2010
I love it when a wine is on sale, and this one is nearly half off! This is a big, dark beauty. It has a lovely, dark ruby color with nice, dark, sweet notes of currant and boysenberry on the nose. The palate has gobs of black cherry, licorice and berries with a solid layer of chocolate and spice underneath- and a nice, smooth, loooong finish. This wine IS NOT small... but the price tag is... Snatch a bottle up, you'll be happy you did. Check out our tasting notes webisode on this one at
Price: $15.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2007 Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-16-2010
This dark, ruby-colored, Carneros Pinot has notes of dark, plummy fruit and spices on the nose, with plums, cherries, sweet spices and vanilla on the palate. It's a fairly complex wine with a nice silky texture. We recently featured this wine in a webisode at Check it out.
Price: $23.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2008 Saintsbury "Garnet" Carneros Pinot Noir (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-16-2010
One look at the glass reveals that this Pinot is aptly named. The nose shows bright, red fruit with a faint mineral streak and a touch of alcohol. Cherries and pomegranates show up on the palate with a hint of spice. The wine is easy, with a bright acidity and a decent finish. A good effort for the price. We tasted two of the Saintsbury Pinots in a recent webisode-check it out at
Price: $15.98 Add To Waiting List BC 0

De Chanceny Cremant de Loire Rosť (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-16-2010
A beautiful color on this bubbly from the Loire... Citrus-y aromas of lemon peel and orange blossoms infused with berries start you off, with flavors of strawberries and raspberries on the palate. The bubbles started out small and lazy in the glass, but once in my mouth they created a nice creamy layer on my tongue. An easy, balanced, and refreshing sparkler with an easy, balanced and refreshing price tag. We tasted it for our Valentine's webisode- check it out at
Price: $12.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2005 Elderton "Command" Single Vineyard Shiraz Barossa Valley (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-15-2010
This wine is inky purple, with strong aromas of juicy blackberry, raspberry and blueberry intertwined with a smoky tinge of lavender and vanilla. It's thick and rich and chewy- like biting into a big piece of blackberry pie; except this pie's sweet, complex filling is laced with chocolate, licorice, spices and a dash of pepper. Silky tannins and a mile-long finish add to the glory of this wine. Sublime.

2008 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-11-2010
Ahhh Pinot Gris... Crisp and clean! A nice, light colored wine with pears, green apples and minerals on the nose. Green apples, pears and tropical notes on the palate with a pinch of spice. It has a light, refreshing acidity but overall it's nicely balanced. Interesting that they use mostly steel fermented juice with just a little off of oak, along with a touch of muscat and Pinot Blanc. Check out our webisode comparing this with an Italian Pinot Grigio at
Price: $14.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2008 Innocent Bystander Pinot Noir Victoria (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-11-2010
$15 Pinot is a good thing! This one is bright and lively from start to finish with bright red cherry and pomegranate notes, a streak of minerals and a nice layer of baking spices. Refreshing and tasty. Check out our video tasting notes on this one at
Price: $11.99 Add To Waiting List ST 90 BC 0

2008 Foxglove Central Coast Chardonnay (out of stock)  
Review Date: 2-5-2010
No oak, no malo, just good fruit here in this bargain of a California chard. A nice nose of green apples, pears and tropical notes and those flavors carry over nicely to the palate. Medium bodied and crisp acidity with a subtle mineral backbone. This wine is more Chablis-ian then Californian in style and there's nothing wrong with that. Bottom line: Some really good fruit and a skilled winemaker. I don't know how they sell it for only eleven bucks! Check out our video tasting notes in the webisodes section at
Price: $10.99 Add To Waiting List RP 91 BC 0

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