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Hidden Pricing! On occasion we are offered special clearance offers from wineries and distributors with the understanding that our retail pricing will not be displayed to the public on our website. Unlike other flash wine sites, we already have a site loaded with thousands of the world's greatest wines and spirits at extremely competitive prices. We prefer to offer things to the public with prices in plain view to everybody.

New offers that we send with hidden pricing to our Insider's Advantage list are deals so good that we had no choice but to agree to the concealed pricing. Members of our Insider's Advantage email list are the only people who can see the prices.

Inventory Clearance! In addition to the deals described above, Insider's Advantage recipients also gain exclusive access to massive price drops on a handful of other selected items from our inventory. These aggressive sale prices on wines and spirits are also hidden from the public and only available to members of our Insider's Advantage list, because of our desire to protect our winery relationships.

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