We Want Your Wine!

Depending on your collection and preferences, K&L will make you a fair offer to purchase your wine outright, or auction your bottles on our site. While there are advantages to each solution, K&Lís Library Wine Department can help recommend the option that will yield the best results. See below to learn more about each solution:

Sell Your Wine

Sell Your Wines Directly

  • K&L pays by check as soon as we have received the wines and confirmed that they are in good condition and match the list you provide.

    • If you can drop the wines off in person at our Library Wine Department headquarters in San Carlos, CA, you can leave with your check very quickly.

    • If the wines are dropped off in one of our stores or shipped to K&L, we will send a check by US mail.

  • We use a wide range of methods to establish a fair market price for the wines that are offered to us. Current market conditions, our own track record with a specific wine, the condition and provenance and also recent auction activity all play a role in our offer.

  • Due to our ability to feature wines in our stores and website, K&L may be able to offer you more for certain wines than you might be able to obtain at auction after commissions - our Library Wine Department can help you decide if your wines are best suited for auction or outright purchase.

  • Please contact our Old and Rare Wine Department at oldwine@klwines.com to get started.

Auction Your Wines

  • Highly-sought after rare wines that have been properly stored yield the best results at auction.

  • K&L offers the lowest commission structure in the industry, including 0% seller's commission if you take our store credit payment option.

    • Benefit from No Buyer's Premium!

    • A buyer's premium is a percentage fee added onto the hammer price of a lot, which any rational bidder takes into account when determining their highest bid.

  • You will profit from K&L's expansive and loyal customer base - thousands of eyes will be on your lots!

  • K&L puts new auction lots up every day and each lot spends 7 days open for bidding.

  • Visit the Auctions - Selling section of your account and login to get information on submitting your wines for the auction and download our preferred template. Alternatively, you can email us at auctions@klwines.com to get started.

  • Single bottle sales are generally not accepted or items that were given as gifts to the seller. All wine must have a defined provenance and documentation/receipts may be required.

The best place to start is with a list of wines you are looking to sell. Please contact our K&L Auctions and Library Wine Department at oldwine@klwines.com with your list or any questions you may have about selling wines to K&L.