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92-Point, Sub-$20 Cool Climate Pinot Noir “To Enjoy Time After Time” - 03/12/2017 - Pinot Noir (domestic)

Husch, despite being the oldest winery in Anderson Valley, continues to fly under the radar of many consumers, which is too bad they are a tried and true estate whose wines never fail to charm. A classic example of the top-flight work being done at this estate is in their 2014 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. Coming from a cool climate AVA, it isn’t a big, burly rendition that’s so often found in California, but rather it’s a more delicate and nuanced. For those who love Burgundy, but don’t want to pay Burgundy prices, this 2014 should rise to the top of their list. Even in terms of California Pinot Noir of this station and caliber, the sub-$20 price is fairly remarkable. The Wine Enthusiast was excited as we were about this 2014 selecting it as an Editor’s Choice and we couldn’t agree more that this is a great little find. If you have yet to try the Pinot coming from Husch there’s no better time than the present.

Red fruits, rose water, subtle wood influences, and earthy tones all coalesce beautifully on a palate that is at once supple, but not without modest grip. It’s easy drinking nature belies the true depth and range this 2014 possesses. If you let it evolve in the glass deeper flavors of wild plum and mushroom emerge give the wine a rounder and fuller expression. Priced just under $20 it’s a value that’s sure to sell at a very brisk clip.

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2014 Husch Anderson Valley Pinot Noir ($19.99)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "*Editors Choice* Husch is one of the original Anderson Valley wineries and has not been a particular Pinot Noir star, but this fantastic 2014 may start a trend. Fresh and alive, the wine is medium bodied but packs lots of tangy cherry and almost jammy plum flavors into a smooth but lightly tannic texture that provides great structure. Simply delicious, its balanced well enough to enjoy time after time." (03/2017)

K&L Notes: Husch, founded in 1967, is the oldest winery in the Anderson Valley appellation which over the last decade has become one of the hotbeds of American Pinot Noir. Sadly though, most people still don't know about the amazing values that the winery puts out year after year. Maybe that is because they don't shout it from every billboard or trade magazine, or maybe it is because they use a little, old horse shed as their tasting bar but you'd be missing a gem of a winery and a myriad of great wines that they continue to produce year after year. This affordably gulpable 2014 Pinot Noir is a perfect example of why we love the wines of Husch as much as we do. (Bryan Brick, K&L)

Staff ImageGary Norton | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 28, 2017

Anderson Valley is one of California's most under-rated appellations and thankfully for you the average price per bottle reflects as such. Husch consistently produces restrained wines that show racy red-fruits and earthy undertones. These age-worthy, truly Burgundian wines are available at a laughable price point considering what you're getting for the money.

Staff ImageJim Boyce | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 28, 2017

If you have shopped at K&L in the last few years looking for cool climate Pinot Noir, it's almost a guarantee that one of our staff members have handed you a bottle of Husch! Long a staff favorite, this 2014 is off the charts with bright cherry and cranberry fruits, a fantastic spice profile from 25% whole cluster and French oak aging, finishing up with a touch of tanins. Overall, this is a simply delicious, must try wine that will please all Pinot Noir fans.

Staff ImageAndrew Stevens | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 27, 2017

This is a very tasty bottle of PN from one of the oldest wineries in the area. Bright red fruit with wild cherry and sweet raspberry notes dance on the acid core that drives this wine. A little herbal and spice on the finish along with very soft tannins help round the wine out and bring about a nice finish. Easy to drink at an easy price point this is worth a bottle or two.

Staff ImageStephanie Vidales | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 10, 2017

Husch is one of the oldest Anderson Valley wineries with some of the oldest vines in the area. Fruit from 6 sustainable vineyards in the valley were hand-harvested to create this red fruited, easy-drinking Pinot Noir that is full of flavor and great to serve at any time. Bright tart cherries, cranberries and baking spices with a touch of herbs fill the nose and continue onto the palette with light tannins and balance that was thoroughly enjoyable!