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New Releases From Old Particular - 28 Year Old Selections At Unbelieveable Prices - 03/01/2017 - Single Malt Scotch

Our "Old Particular" line continues to be a smashing success and with very good reason, as nowhere will you find mature single barrel selections at such amazing prices. As long as we can keep finding these amazing selections, we’ll keep selling them as they are among the best deals you’ll find in the spirits world today. Most recently we’ve brought in a pair of 28 year-olds, one from Glenturret and the other from Strathclyde. Both are nothing short of mesmerizing, offering the wonderfully layered complexity that only mature whisky can deliver. Mind-bogglingly, both a priced under $100, If for some reason you’ve been on the fence about picking up one of our “Old Particular” bottlings, now’s the time to make your move, as if you love a classic, mature and perfectly appointed whisky this pair delivers in spades. Given these limited number of bottles available, it’s always best to put in your order early when it comes to “Old Particular.” Also, to learn more about these remarkable whiskies, check out David Driscoll’s recent blog post in Our Spirits Journal.

Vintage Item Name Score Qty Retail Link
1988 Strathclyde 28 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Grain Scotch Whisky (750ml) >36 $79.99 View
1987 Glenturret 28 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml) >36 $99.99 View

1988 Strathclyde 28 Year Old

1988 Strathclyde 28 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Grain Scotch Whisky (750ml) ($79.99)

If there's one thing we can help take credit for here at K&L, it's been helping to remove the undeserved stigma associated with grain whisky in the Scotch industry. Maligned and misunderstood for years, it wasn't until we started launching a number of 25-50 year old releases at ridiculously reasonable prices that hearts and minds began to change. When Nikka brought their delicious Coffey Still editions to the market and people saw just how fruity and delicious these corn and unmalted barley whiskies could be, we think grain whisky finally got over the hump. Crazily enough, today our single casks of grain whisky are some of the most anticipated by our customers. The 28 year old Strathclyde absolutely soaks up the vanilla from the oak barrel and brings loads of soft caramel along with it. At 58.2% there's some power behind all that supple richness, which allows you to add ice or a bit of water.

David Driscoll | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 22, 2017

Strathclyde is one of the Chivas grain whisky components and as we're discovering here with this single cask release, it shines pretty well on its own as well. Grain whisky isn't just delicious and easy to love, it reminds me of why I like to drink in the first place. To be able to purchase 29 year old cask strength Scotch for seventy-nine bucks is fun! It takes the pressure out of savoring each drop, which is definitely what I would want to do if I were to have paid $200 or more. We've got more grains in store as the year goes on, but few that are this old and this well priced.

Andrew Stevens | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 18, 2017

I loved the the Port Dundas 26 single grain when we had it and at the time it was my favorite single grain I had tasted. Now I believe I will have to follow the example of my coworker Jeffrey and pronounce this my favorite single grain. The nose shows a fantastic complexity with the vanilla and spice notes being underpinned with a touch of lemon zest. Very soft and evolving palate that brings notes of fruit and creamy butterscotch lead to a long complex if subtle finish. The heat is definitely present here at the finish but a little water helps to calm it down and keeps helps highlight the length of the finish.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 17, 2017

This is one of the best single grain whiskeys that I have tasted. The nose is very expressive with vanilla , savory and spice notes. In the mouth it is very complex with a lot flavor offerings. What I tasted was a mixture of vanilla , caramel and spice with an interesting and enhancing hint of savory flavors. This bottle will be a lot of fun for lovers of single grain whiskeys.

1987 Glenturret 28 Year Old

1987 Glenturret 28 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml) ($99.99)

It's rare to see a 25 year old whisky for less than $150 these days, and even when we do see the occasional bottle our first instinct is often to ask: what's wrong with it? Understanding that natural reaction we had to ask ourselves: how will people respond when we offer them a 28 year old, single barrel, cask strength, Highland single malt for $99.99? We're hoping you'll be excited because we're absolutely thrilled! Glenturret isn't a household name among whisky drinkers, but for those in the know it's part of the Edrington portfolio: the group that owns Macallan, Highland Park, and Glenrothes. Glenturret is also considered the oldest distillery in Scotland, having been founded in 1775, and today it's the home of Famous Grouse: the world-renowned blended whisky in which it plays a large role. This 28 year old expression has reduced naturally down to a perfectly-drinkable 49.7% ABV and has the richness, oiliness, and concentration that only mature whisky can offer. It's full of brandied fruit, resin, supple caramel, and creamy malted goodness. Despite its old age, the whisky is surprisingly lithe and light on its feet. By no means is this a heavy, full-bodied number, but rather a classic Highland whisky with plenty of barrel-aged complexity. For the price, it's a no brainer.

David Driscoll | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 22, 2017

Man, this cask of Glenturret is just delicious in an old fashioned Scotchy way. It's nothing more than sweet grains, sweet vanilla, sweet malt, and sweet oak from front to back and the creaminess from the 28 years spent in cask is apparent every step of the way. We sold out of our first Glenturret 28 year cask in about forty-five minutes last year. I'm hoping those of you who missed out that time can get a bottle this time around. It's one of the better values I've ever come across in my ten year career.

Andrew Stevens | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 20, 2017

The pricing we are getting from Old Particular is almost bordering on the ridiculous at this point. I almost feel like I am in a time machine seeing 28 year old single malt for under $100. More importantly though is that it is very tasty. Soft and subtle on the nose with the fruit overlaying a touch of wood. The palate is light and delicate with notes of green apple, lemon bar, vanilla and spice. Surprisingly gentle finish, the heats starts slow and builds up but does not truly ever overpower. Delicious!

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: February 17, 2017

Another great older single malt from Old Particular. The Glenturret offers the delicate flavor profile of a mature single malt. I really liked the honey and wax aromas that were pretty and inviting. In the mouth the honey theme continues in a complex and subtle way that creates a delicious drink. Older single malts do not last long in inventory.