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Special Feature - Spirits - 08/19/2013 - Monthly Newsletter

View Spirits Special Feature For the past three years, David Othenin-Girard and I have been travelling to the UK and Europe, searching for spirits to expand our selection at K&L beyond what is normally seen at an American retailer. There's a lot of great booze out there, much of which doesn't make it into the United States, and we want to buy it. One of the biggest reasons we don't seen smaller producers exported to the U.S. is the incredible amount of bureaucratic work involved in doing so. First off, the U.S. requires a standard size of 750ml for its bottles, while almost every other country in the world bottles in 700ml. Therefore, if you want to send spirits to America you've got to purchase a different size of bottle, change the format of your bottling line, and create an entirely new label to fit these new specifics. And that's just the beginning!! As we've become more familiar with the laws, we've been able to help streamline this process for many small producers who would never have taken the time to do it themselves. It's this type of behind-the-scenes hard work, along with many miles on the road, up and down both Scotland and France, that have led to the selections you see here today in this newsletter. In the case of the whisky, we've got so much new stuff coming that we can't even wait until it gets here to begin selling it. That's why we're offering pre-orders at a discount if you reserve in advance. We've never worked harder than we did this year to secure these wonderful spirits, and we've never been prouder of the value and the selection we've been able to offer our customers. Hopefully you'll be just as satisfied (David Driscoll, K&L).

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