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Denver & Liely Whisky Glass

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, this whisky glass is the best we've yet tried here at K&L and incorporates room for ice if desired. 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City

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Lehmann "Jamesse Vignoble 150" Mouthblown Decanter

This beautiful, mouthblown decanter holds 150CL or 50 oz. It has a height of 260mm and is, at its widest point, 228mm. It is recommended for all types of wine, both current and older vintage. It is also lead free! 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Riedel Cabernet Decanter 750ml 1440/13 (87047) (Elsewhere $59.00)

Machine-blown of brilliant 24-percent lead crystal, 37-1/8-ounce decanter easily holds one 750ml bottle of wine; 9 inches high. 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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True Angled Decanter #4705

This elegant, lead-free crystal decanter is designed to aerate your wines while providing ease of pouring with its delicately slanted neck. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Riedel Syrah Decanter - No Lead 1430/13 (189115)

Functional, elegant and a great value, this lead free decanter is perfect for getting a little air to that young red you just can't resist now or enjoying that gem you've held onto for years. 

Inventory: San Francisco

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Riedel Cabernet Decanter 1.5 L 1440/26 (98086) (Elsewhere $79)

This elegant Riedel decanter's sensuous shape allows wine sediment to settle on older bottles of red, while also making a beautiful service piece for any of your favorite red wines. Made from machine-blown 24% lead crystal. It is pure Riedel: Graceful and crystal clear. Holds 1.5 liters of wine, which is perfect for magnums. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter 1756/13 (136193)

Wine Spectator: "...File Riedel's new Amadeo Lyra under things to make you feel elegant. The decanter is a special design commemorating the glassmaker's 250th anniversary—and the birth year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. All Amadeos are handblown by one man, and no two are exactly alike. The shape evokes the lyre, and the winsome curves encourage cradling it in your arms. If looks alone aren't enough, get this: It doesn't drip. At all." (9/2006) K&L Notes: Form and function come together in this unique and gorgeous decanter. First created in 2006 to celebrate Riedel's 250th anniversary,... Read More » 

Inventory: Special Order

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Lehmann "Jamesse Grip 190" Mouthblown Decanter

This gorgeous decanter is used by Sommelier's for its ease of use, mothblown quality and low weight. It holds 190 CL-63 and 1/3 oz and is 376 mm high and 175 mm wide, at its widest point. Recommended for all types of wines, both current and older vintages. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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