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Truetap - Waiter's Corkscrew Burgundy K&L Logo

A must-have tool for any wine lover. This is a standard pocket corkscrew with hinged brace. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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The Durand Corkscrew for Removal of Old Corks with Confidence

This is the single best invention we have seen for opening old bottles of wine with long and fragile corks! It is a combination of an Ah-So style opener and a worm. Between them, they reliably work together to grab the cork, and remove it intact. It is hand-made in the U.S., from a design by Mark Taylor, and named to honor Sommelier Yves Durand. It is not cheap. But if you are opening a priceless old bottle, it is well worth it to have an intact cork come out of that cherished wine bottle. Swear by it for old Bordeaux, Burgundy or California wines! Nothi... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood Main Warehouse Redwood City

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Le Creuset Leverpull (Screwpull) and Foil Cutter LM 250L

Our best-selling corkscrew (the famous Screwpull Lever Model) is back, now with the Le Creuset label. It's the same great quality, just a new name. Even the most stubborn and fragile corks succumb with ease to the lever-action corkscrew, using the simple up-down technique of the lever to extract the cork effortlessly from the bottle in seconds. Comes with a foil cutter in a lovely gift box. 10 year warranty by Le Creuset. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $79.99 Add To Cart

"Ah-So Style" Two Prong Cork Puller #26753

This two-pronged cork puller, often referred to as the "Butler's Friend" is ideal for removing older corks in tact--a tricky gambit for which the right tool is crucial! 

Inventory: Hollywood

Price: $4.99 Add To Cart

True Virtuoso Lever Corkscrew

An ergonomic soft-touch body and easy-lever handle define the Virtuoso™ Lever Corkscrew. This classic wine opener stays propped off the counter on a kickstand so it’s always within reach. Just pump the lever down, pull up, and your cork is out in one quick, smooth motion. Features: * Stainless steel & soft-touch plastic * Easy-motion lever handle * Includes foil cutter & replacement worm 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $24.99 Add To Cart

Screwpull/Le Creuset Advanced Lever Pull and Foil Cutter- LM-G10

Screwpull's advanced technology lever corkscrew. Works with all types of corks - synthetic, composite or natural. Solid cast metal, including a 4 wheel foil cutter. Includes 10 year Le Creuset warranty. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Le Creuset Wing Corkscrew - Black Nickel Finish WL-300B

An elegant take on the classic wing corkscrew. Le Creuset has elevated this simple implement to an art form. As the owners of the Screwpull line, their expertise in cork removal is unparalleled. This easy to use, beautiful metal corkscrew is a perfect gift for any wine lover. A 10 year warranty is supplied by Le Creuset. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $49.99 Add To Cart