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Taiheikai Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (720ml)

Taiheikai, which means "Pacific Ocean", is made by the same brewery as Watari Bune. It is their original brand, which they have made since 1854. They named their first sake after the Pacific Ocean because the region, Ibaraki, is on the Pacific Ocean and they hoped to ship their sake to America some day. More than 150 years after creating this brand, they finally shipped it to the U.S.and we are able to enjoy this lively and delicious sake here. Taiheikai is not made with Watari Bune rice, but rather Gohyakumankoku, but it still shares in a certain house ... Read More » 

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Redstone Mead, Colorado 750ml

Located in Boulder, Colorade, Redstone is one of the largest Meaderies in the US. "Redstone does not cork (to avoid oxidation) but instead uses swing top bottles. This ensures the mead will not breathe while cellaring plus offers a much longer shelf life once the bottle has been opened. In keeping with the 'natural' approach, Redstone does not add any sulfites, a known allergen, as honey is it's own natural preservative. Redstone only pasteurizes the must (unfermented mead) and never boils. The company strives to feature the flavors of the fermentable as... Read More » 

Inventory: Redwood City

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1952 Barbeito Reserva Velha Bual Madeira
Bid on this 2-bottle lot of 1952 Barbeito Reserva Velha Bual Madeira. 

This lot contains the following items:
1952 Barbeito Reserva Velha Bual Madeira (qty: 2)

End Date: Feb 15 2016 6:00PM PT

Current Bid: $510.00
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