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Lantzanakis Estate Sitia 0.3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crete (750ml)

About Lantzanakis: "The Lantzanakis family has been growing organic extra virgin olive oil since 1995 on their estate in Sitia, Crete. The olive trees, from which this oil is produced, are family property over generations. The family estate is located in the region of the mountainous village Krya. The olives are organically and biodynamicly cultivated with natural and traditional methods under the control of DIO (Certification & Inspection Organisation of Organic Products). The olives are collected by hand and mechanical means and immediately cold presse... Read More » 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Oleificio "Olio de Oliva" Chianti Olive Oil (1L)

This is Oleificio Chianti's entry-level oil, and it's ideal for sautéing or using en masse as a dipping sauce for artichoke, perhaps, or Dungeness crab. Full-flavored and unctuous on the tongue, and a tremendous value, too! 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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2016 Rocca di Montegrossi Extra Vergine Olive Oil (500ml)

This is made from olives belonging to the Coreggiolo and Moraiolo cultivar, which are manually harvested in several phases in October, before they are fully ripe. This results in very low yields, but also in an excellent oil with acidity lower than 0.2%, and with an extremely reduced peroxide content, unlike polyphenols, antioxidants substances, which are very high. Once the olives are harvested, they are taken to the press within the space of two days, and cold pressed under nitrogen (to prevent oxidation) . This technique produces a very fresh oil with... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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Soefija's Olive Oil Paarl South Africa (750ml)

Incredible olive oil from Francisce Dreyer in South Africa's Paarl Valley. A blend of Italian varietals: Favalosa (30%), Frantoio (30%), Delicata (20%), Coratina (10%), Leccino (10%). A beautifully fragrant oil, with a nice delicate spice and vibrant freshness. A K&L Staff favorite! 

Inventory: San Francisco

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2016 Frescobaldi Laudemio First Pressing Olive Oil (250ml)

The Marchedi de' Frescobaldi family has been making olive oil since the Renaissance, and was crucial in creating the Laudemio Consortium of olive oil makers in the 80s. This group established strict guidelines for Italian olive oil with a focus on specific terroir. This bottling is the first press of the 2016 harvest. Tasting notes from the importer: "A robust, sophisticated blend of the classic Tuscan olives from the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi estates—primarily of the Frantoio variety. Experience the pungency of bay leaf and the bitter astringency of arti... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood

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2014 Quinta do Romeu Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) (Previously $20)

Based on the 2014 harvest (they still feel that their 2015, while excellent, is a bit too peppery and pungent for most palates at this stage of its development), Quinta do Romeu's organic olive oil comes from their own olive trees, processed on the estate in their own mill. A delicious blend of indigenous Portuguese olives, primarily of the cobrancosa variety. 

Inventory: San Francisco

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