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St. George Pear Brandy (750ml)

St. George has basically decided to subsidize their amazing fruit eau-de-vie program and offer a full bottle of their deliciously pure pear spirit for the same price as they once sold a half bottle. Dozens of pounds of pears go into each bottle, so you're basically paying for the fruit, let alone the expertly crafted distillation. A true revelation of artisanship and the test by which serious distillery define themselves. 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau de Vie 375ml

A beautiful and unique Eau de Vie from Steve McCarthy's Oregon distillery, Clear Creek. Inspired by an obscure Alsatian distillate called Eau de Vie de Bourgeons de Sapin, this tree spirit was 10 years in the making. McCarthy infused a clear brandy with springtime buds from a Douglas Fir, then redistilled it, then infused it again with more buds. The liquor is then strained and bottled. Greenish in hue, this smells and tastes like the woods. Wow! Spiced and pure with juniper; forest floor, fresh wood, Christmas tree and sweet vanilla, long and quite ama... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood San Francisco

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Nahmias et Fils Mahia Moroccan Fig Spirit (750ml)

The traditional spirit of Morocco is now being produced in Yonkers! Distilled from figs with herbs added, this eau-de-vie was produced and sold primarily by the Jewish population of Morocco, but became a staple in Moroccan culinary cultrure. The revival of the traditional spirit has been a century long journey for the Nahmias from their home of Taznakht, Morocco to their little distillery in Yonkers. Master Distiller David Nahmias' family had distilled this spirit in his home town for generations, but commercial production within Morocco has ceased or go... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Etter Zuger Kirsch Eau de Vie (375ml)

Produced from the small black cherries of the mountainous region around Lake Zug in Switzerland, Etter packs the essense of 10 pounds this of unique fruit into one 375ml bottle of kirsch. The spirit is allowed to mellow for 1-2 years in tank before it is blended and bottled. Crystal clear in color, the smell and taste of this eau de vie evokes the purity of cherry blossoms and mountain fruit. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Laurent Cazottes Mauzac Rose Eau de Vie 375ml (Previously $80)

Laurent Cazottes is considered the king of artisan distillation in France when it comes to eau de vie and liqueurs. Every part of the production process is focused on quality. His fruits are grown biodynamically, they're all hand-picked, they only use the finest parts of the fruit, and their products maintain more freshness and purity than perhaps any other producer in the business. For this reason they are not inexpensive. They are proudly displayed on the menus of the finest restaurants in France and have become almost mythical in their status. When o... Read More » 

Inventory: Main Warehouse

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Reisetbauer Williams Pear Eau de Vie 375ml

No Longer Available. How could something that is absolutely colorless contain so much aroma, flavor and character? There is, simply put, magic in these Austrian spirits, and to call them eau de vie is rather like calling Lance Armstrong a bicyclist. The Pear displays ideal typicity, ripe and juicy fruit fragrances, discreet spiciness, savory grassiness, lively and stimulating, a youthful palate with a beautiful interplay of fruit and spice, great resources for future evolution. 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Reisetbauer Cherry "Kirsch" Eau de Vie 375ml

According to importer Surnik: "Hans Reisetbauer’s dedication in his orchards, detail in distillation and constant quest for new innovations has led him to be considered one of the finest producers of Eaux de Vie in the World." From the distiller: "Brilliant aromas, discreet, sweet floral notes and delicate marzipan, sweetish, cherry fruit with chocolate aromas, energetic finish." 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Christian Drouin Blanc de Normandy (750ml)

Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable. Meet the new lady from Normandy with her perfume of apples and pears. She is clear, slight and high shouldered. She is Blanche de Normandie. This wonderful apple brandy is made from the distillation of cider obtained from only the very best varieties of apples and pears grown in the orchards of Coeur de Lion. The smart, modern packaging is well suited to this this lovely French lady. Experience the lively bouq... Read More » 

Inventory: Special Order

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