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Tempus Fugit Gran Classico Bitter Liqueur (750ml)

*5 Stars from Paul Pacult - Highest Recommendation!* Gran Classico Bitter is based on the original Bitter of Turin recipe dating from the 1860s. This classic aperitif is artisan-made in a small Swiss distillery from an infusion of numerous herbs and roots including bitter orange peel, wormwood, gentian, rhubarb, and other aromatic plants. Gran Classico Bitter’s color is a natural result of the herbs and plants infused into pure grain spirit produced to the highest Swiss standards and is not artificially colored in any way. It is amazingly complex and re... Read More » 

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2015 Cidrerie du Vulcain "Cidre de Fer" Fribourg (Dry) (Previously $20)

Producer's Notes: "This is the pure expression of the Fer (iron) apple. The variety originated at the end of the 19th century in Germany, where it is called Bohnapfel. It is known for its colored, acidulated and tannic juice. Foraged from untreated, high-branched trees. Indigenous yeast, fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Two to three light filtrations ensure that the desired residual sugar levels are retained. Natural "prise de mousse" (secondary ferment) in bottle. Low sulfur additions (about 20mg/l) before bottling." Sweetness: Labeled as demi-sec... Read More » 

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2014 Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) "SqRt 400 Special Edition" Sour Historical Saison w/ Grapes aged in Oak, Switzerland (330ml)

18th century historical ale brewed with Shiraz grapes and matured in Saint Bon-Chien Oak Barrels 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Etter Zuger Kirsch Eau de Vie (375ml)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "The bouquet smells enticingly of fresh cherries, cherry pit, limestone and cooking spice. Entry is ripe and seductively sweet, with touches of spice; the midpalate explodes with juicy cherry and cherry compote tastes, supported and balanced by mineral. Concludes with a lovely rush of ripe cherry flavor." (12/2008) K&L Notes: Produced from the small black cherries of the mountainous region around Lake Zug in Switzerland, Etter packs the essense of 10 pounds of this unique fruit into one 375ml bottle of kirsch. The spirit is allowed to mellow for 1-2 years in tank befo... Read More » 

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WE 92

Butterfly "Original Boston Recipe" Classic Absinthe 750ml

The lovely Butterfly Absinthe is an exacting recreation of this popular pre-ban absinthe originally produced by P. Dempsey & Co in 1902. Boston was a center for domestic absinthe production and the cultivation of wormwood throughout the northeast is well documented. What set the Boston style and Butterfly in particular apart from its European counterparts was the addition of mint and citrus zest creating a distinct and refreshing profile. The brainchild of Absinthe aficionado Brian Fernald, the project began by diving into the historical record and perso... Read More » 

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La Clandestine "Bleue" Absinthe 200ml Back In Stock!
La Clandestine "Bleue" Absinthe 200ml

This special Absinthe from the birthplace of the venerated drink, Couvet, utilizes traditional techniques and the highest quality botanicals to produce a traditional absinthe from an age old recipe. Val-de-Travers has the perfect geology for growing the rare botanicals need to produce proper absinthe. Almost all of the ingredients are sourced locally and are of the absolute highest quality. This is definitely a benchmark producer for the new swiss Absinthe renaissance. 

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2014 Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) "Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien" Barrel Aged Swiss Ale, Switzerland (1500ml Magnum)

"L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien is an antique beer, a strong sour ale with 11% abv aged in old wine oak barrels during one year," according to brewery notes. "After the aging period, the different casks are blended together in order to obtain complexity and lots of flavors. St Bon-Chien is one of the world's flagship's sour beers coming from a mixed fermentation. It first ferments with wine yeast, then during the cask's maturation, lots of microorganisms coming from the casks change the beer's flavors' profile. The best way to enjoy a good Bon-Chien is to ... Read More » 

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Brasserie Trois Dames "Foret Noire" Imperial Stout Brewed with Cherry Wine and Sour Cherries, Switzerland (750ml)

La Forêt Noire is a reddish-black ale brewed with a mixture of malts (Carafa, Special B) which give it real body and depth - a color and texture reminiscent of chocolate torte. The beer is then blended with cherry wine and fermented cherries, resulting in a dark, roasty beer balanced by the fruity tartness of cherry. A perfect after dinner drink. The beer was named after the famous Black Forest cake: a combination of chocolate cake and candied cherry. Cheers! 

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Brasserie Trois Dames "Saison Framboise" Saison w/ Raspberries, Switzerland (330ml)

Brewed with fermented raspberry juice and aged in red wine barrels. Bubbly and fresh, the raspberry adds a charming bit of acidity and fruitiness, making it the perfect complement to duck breast salad or prosciutto and melon. 

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Bier Factory Rapperswil "Absent" Swiss Hop IPA, Switzerland (330ml)

Absent, our alpine IPA, is produced in our small brewery near Zurich, Switzerland. Its slight hint of anise and herbs of Europe are balanced by the sweet body of an IPA with organic Swiss-hopped bitterness. Enjoy your alpine experience without leaving home. (Producer Notes) 

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