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Barbolini "Lancillotto" Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro

Wine Enthusiast: "*Best Buy* Real Lambrusco is a rarity in this country, but here it is, purple hued, with just enough fizz to help cut through the fattiness of fine salume. It’s grapy and dry, with hints of anise and herbs that prevent it from being too simple." (12/2003) K&L Notes: Lambrusco is not part of the upper echelon of Italian wine. To begin with, it is not expensive. Also, it doesn't come from Tuscany or Piedmont or any of the well know wine-producing regions of Italy. It comes from Emilia-Romagna. And then there's the fact that it's red and sparking. Actually, foaming is c... Read More » 

Inventory: Hollywood Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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Ca de Medici "Terra Calda" Lambrusco

Old-vine, hillside vineyard Lambrusco = serious fun! This is a magnificent wine: dry, slightly fizzy with just a mess of purple froth. We are pretty confident it will be among the most exciting wines you've tried in a while! A perfect match for simple BBQ chicken and burgers or slices of Mortadella and Parmigiano. Some would even venture to suggest a batch of lasagna! 

Inventory: Hollywood Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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Ca de Medici "Remigio" Sorbara Lambrusco

Exuberant is the word to describe this wonderful wine. A generation ago, legions of mass-produced, sweetened-for-the-U.S.-market Lambrusco flowed all over America, ruining the reputation of the DOC until now. Today Lambrusco is enjoying an incredible rebirth amongst lovers of clean, fresh, dry, fruit character with a hint of bubbles. A perfect aperitif, you won't be able to keep that bottle in the fridge very long. Frothy purple love! 

Inventory: Hollywood Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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1991 Villa Zarri 24 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel Cask Strength Italian Brandy (750ml)

Nestled into the hills of Emilia Romagna is the Villa Zarri distillery, a small production run by Guido Zarri with a stunning portfolio of traditional Italian recipes and impeccable aged brandies. The Cognac-style brandies are distilled on an alembic pot still by from Trebbiano (the Italian version of Ugni Blanc, same as Cognac) and aged in French Limousin oak for at least 10 years. They are unadulterated, have no added caramel or sugar, and are like fuller, richer, more interesting versions of their French cousins. I was absolutely smitten with the 10 a... Read More » 

Inventory: San Francisco

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Giovi 60 Nero d'Avola Grappa (750ml) (1 bottle limit)

Barrel aged for ten months, this high proof Sicilian grappa is distilled from Nero d'Avola grapes and packs an incredible amount of classic grappa character due to the unusual 120 proof. The aromas take on character from the oak with notes of honey and chestnut on the nose, but the spice and pommace character dominate the palate with a long and lasting finish of fruit, vanilla, and earth. This is a grappa for George T. Stagg Bourbon drinkers and easily one of the most complex traditionally-styled grappas we've ever carried. 

Inventory: Redwood City

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