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Modern Times Coffee "Guardian Spirit Blend (Roasted July 12)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz bag)

50% Ethiopia Kochere / 50% Brazil Santa Rosa. From the producer: "We paired a natural-processed Ethiopia Kochere with a natural-processed Brazil Santa Rosa (another of our direct-trade coffees), and they made a beautiful espresso baby. The flavors are incredibly complex and amazingly layered, starting with sweet blueberry, transitioning into bright orange, and ending on a luscious chocolate note. We found that the best brewing ratio was 21 grams of coffee to 52 grams of water, with a 29 second extraction time. Try it. It’ll blow your nips off." 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Modern Times Coffee "Single Origin Bean - Colombia Nariño Fiesta (Roasted May 23)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz bag)

From the producer: "Take everything you know about Colombian coffees and forget about it; this tasty little gem is about to make you rethink what Colombian coffees can be. It's a natural-processed coffee (which means that the fruit is dried on the bean after harvest), which gives it this incredible strawberry aroma, and a wonderful cherry and blueberry flavor. It's a brave new Colombian coffee experience." 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Modern Times Coffee "Black House Blend (Roasted July 12)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz bag)

From Modern Times Brew Co. in Point Loma, California: "12oz of whole bean radness, roasted fresh at the brewery. A blend of Ethiopian Hambela (fruit, berries, brightness) and Sumatra Mandehling (cocoa, caramel, earth), this mocha java-style blend is the same coffee we use in Black House, our year round oatmeal coffee stout. Recommended preparation method: pour over or cold press. Note: coffee may take 7-10 days to ship to ensure freshness." 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Modern Times Coffee "Secret Beach - Summer Blend (Roasted July 13)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz Bag)

From the producer: "Sweet, sweet summer is here, which excites me to no end and makes me want to have a pool party. At the aforementioned pool party, I would drink this coffee as cold brew in a tall Collins glass filled to the brim with ice. And I would love the shit out of it. This year’s blendo is composed of a couple different Kenyan coffees. One is the Kenya Kifahari, which is full of melon and stone fruit flavors. The other is the Kenya Igutha, which is chalk full of grapefruit and orange notes. It’s a blend that’s designed to be brewed cold, but wo... Read More » 

Inventory: San Francisco

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