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Modern Times Coffee "Cloud Ripper - Autumn Blend (Roasted Nov 21)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz Bag)

From the roastery: "Cloud Ripper is another amazing example of how marrying spectacular single origin lots can lead to a blend greater than the sum of its parts. Our goal was to create a cup loaded with red wine fruitiness balanced by rich chocolate and Autumn spice. After tasting though a bazillion samples, we finally settled on a blend of 50% Ethiopia Wenago, 25% Kenya Baragu and 25% Honduras San Pedro, all origins at the height of seasonal ripeness. Together, they absolutely sing with Autumn flavors reminiscent of apple pie and mulled wine. It’s the c... Read More » 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Modern Times Coffee "Guardian Spirit Blend (Roasted Nov 22)" Whole Bean Espresso Blend, California (12oz bag)

From the producer: "We paired a natural processed Ethiopia Kochere with a natural processed Brazil Santa Rosa (another of our direct trade coffees), and they made a beautiful espresso baby. The flavors are incredibly complex and amazingly layered, starting with sweet blueberry, transitioning into bright orange, and ending on a luscious chocolate note. We found that the best brewing ratio was 21 grams of coffee to 52 grams of water, with a 29 second extraction time. Try it. It’ll blow your nips off." 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Modern Times Coffee "Kenya Ndimaini (Roasted Nov 21)" Whole Bean Coffee, California (12oz Bag)

From the roastery: "I’ll tell you what, this coffee’s a real heart starter. Think big grapefruit nose, even more grapefruit in the flavor, an intense sweetness, and a big bright finish. I’m talking 0-60 in a matter of a few sips. What’s also rad is that this coffee comes to us from a town called Ndimaini, where the super cool organization called the Gakuyu Cooperative Society is located. They are doing rad things, such as this coffee, so all in favor of the Gakuyu Cooperative Society say “AYE!”" 

Inventory: San Francisco

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