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2007 La Rioja Alta "904" Gran Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 07-20-2017
This wine holds a special place in my heart. I recently returned from a trip to Spain on which my wife and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a tremendous meal at Taberna Herrerias in Logrono (at the suggestion of one of our direct import producers, Miguel Merino. Thank you Miguel!). While we typically sought out new wines to try on our trip, this was a special night that called for sure fire wine choices. I was thrilled to see this 2007 vintage on the menu. A stunningly classic wine the 904 Gran Reserva is a perfect example of old school Rioja with a touch of modern sensibilities. The sweet black fruits are pure and bright - full of black cherries and wild plums. But the fruit perfectly complements, never overshadows, the savory bass tones of the wine. There are tons of wet stones and rich healthy compost notes here. The oak integrates perfectly offering vanilla and baking spices. High acidity gives excellent freshness and lift to wine which finishes on long and silky smooth tannins. Everything is in perfect balance now and while there will certainly be lots of development to come, it is likely to remain that way for at least a couple of decades in the cellar. I've added several magnums to my cellar for future celebrations already.

2015 Moulin de la Gardette "Tradition" Gigondas
Review Date: 07-20-2017
It's always special when before you've even stuck your nose in the glass, you're struck by the intense color of a wine. This Gigondas pours with a deep ruby core promising intensity and a pale garnet rim eluding to the delicacy within. The nose does not disappoint. Wild cherries and ripe late summer brambles fill the glass. There is an herbal component to the nose that begs for this to be paired with a roast. On the palate the wine is lively and energetic. Intense purity of fruit combines all that was promised by the color and aroma. Rich ripe berries and herbaceous thyme and sage abound. The tannins are fine and dive into a long graceful finish. A splendid wine that will no doubt continue to showcase it's elegance for years to come.
Top Value!
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
RP 90 - 92

2009 La Rioja Alta "Viña Arana" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 07-18-2017
Earthier and denser than the Vina Alberdi, the Vina Arana cries out from the forest floor. It has the wet earth tones of healthy soil blended beautifully with boysenberry and olallieberry sweetness. Fresh cut cedar adds a spicy intrigue on the long and vibrant finish. This is a textbook example of Rioja value.
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JS 94

2010 La Rioja Alta "Viña Alberdi" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 07-18-2017
I tasted this bottle after it had been opened for our staff for 2 days (the good stuff always seems to get opened on my weekends...). It is still tasting great. The lovely nose is full of cedar box and deep dark blackberries. There is a strong mineral component to the lithe body. Somewhat unusual for being 100% Tempranillo, this is a perfect wine to explore the classic markers of the famous Spanish grape for those who wish to study. At under $20 bucks, its the perfect wine to enjoy any day you need a great bottle of red without fail.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
JS 95 RP 91

1984 Caol Ila 33 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 07-07-2017
Old smoke. It's one of my greatest pleasures in Scotch. While this whisky is surprisingly fresh for its 33 years, it has the undeniable hallmark of extra aged peated whisky. The smoke is so mellow and textural. There is a touch of iodine on the nose, but it's taken a back seat to the honeyed notes of dulce de leche and a deeply roasted cafe cortado. The salt spray of Islay is readily apparent. Roasted grain lingers on the finish intermixing with a fine layer of delicate ash. Fabulous. If you're looking for a fine gift for yourself or a lover of decadent peated whisky, this is a perfect bottling.
Price: $349.99 Add To Cart

2016 Domaine de Rimauresq Côtes de Provence Cru Classé Rosé
Review Date: 06-13-2017
This is one of the most exciting Provence rosés I've tasted this year. The nose is super clean and bright, full of cherry and lemon zest. The palate is refreshing and creamy at the same time. It just begs for food -- perhaps BBQ chicken and grilled veggies. The finish lingers pleasantly and is quite long. Big time win in the Provence category!
Top Value!
Price: $16.99 Add To Cart
DC 97

Highland Park "Valkyrie" Isle of Orkney Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 06-11-2017
The nose is reminiscent of the sea breeze blowing hard across the deck of a ship. A raging fire has burnt out on the distant shore. Tart, like the bite of a crisp apple; fresh, and yet sweetly rounded. Stone fruits and pears also blossom on the palate. It’s beautifully golden in color, mellow, and ever so easy to drink. Vanilla and spice abound and lingers for days stitched together seamlessly with a gentle peat. A remarkable feat in the NAS sub-$100 category. Top marks.
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2001 Chateau de la Grangerie 14 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac (750ml)
Review Date: 05-22-2017
Yep. This is my favorite Armagnac that we carry and it has been since we first got it into the store in 2015! It's been sold out for nearly 6 months and it's finally here again - still at the same unbelievable direct price! The nose is seductive - full of rich florals, butterscotch, vanilla, and salted caramel. The most incredible thing about it though is how light it feels. This isn't a dark and brooding Armagnac full of oak spice and tannin, but something light and ethereal still with lovely richness and palate weight. The finish is long, and lingers with the sweet fruit notes of a fresh-picked Honeycrisp apple, almost like a great Calvados of Adrian Camut. While any Bourbon drinker will immediately find something to love here (wood spice, great age, and low prices), this is truly for those who love the best Armagnac has to offer; delicate fruits, wonderful body, nuanced wood influence, and the ever important low prices.
Price: $49.99 Add To Cart

Rancho Tepua Bacanora (750ml)
Review Date: 05-11-2017
It seems everyday I get more interested in agave spirits. Long gone is my loathing of that terrible tequila experience early in my drinking career that so many of us are familiar with; I've embraced the agave distillates wholeheartedly. Nearly every region of Mexico makes its own agave spirit, with its own classification, character, and protected name. Tequila and mezcal just happen to be the most well known (regionally specific to Jalisco and Oaxaca, respectively). Thanks to David's nuanced selections, I'm finding that there are an extraordinary number of agave spirits that demonstrate a finesse and subtlety entirely lacking in the most well known tequila brands. This bacanora (one of the agave spirits of Sonora, Mexico) has finesse in spades. The nose is an interplay of citrus, earth, yerba buena, and savory woody herbs. The palate is a mix of sweet tea, baking spices, pure agave, lemon peel, and most notably, is ultra-smooth and rich. The finish is equally impressive: it's long, clean, and subtle. Not so much smoky as earthy. Bravo!
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1997 Benrinnes 19 Year Old "Old Malt Cask" Single Barrel Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 05-10-2017
An easy and generous whisky. The nose is full of vanilla and toffee and offers a slight hint of dried hay. Cream and sweet pudding combine with cornbread and baked granola on the palate to offer a heady beer-esque flavor. The finish is long and slightly lingers with a slight nuttiness. An all-around pleasureful dram.
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2014 Eisele Vineyards "Altagracia" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 05-10-2017
When "wow" is the first thing you write down upon tasting a wine, that is always a good sign. Deep and concentrated black and blue fruits show both on the nose and palate--plums in particular. Chocolate, mocha, tobacco and cedar offer a splendid combination of sweet and savory. The most notable things to me is the quality of the tannins. They are extremely fine and supple, especially for the vintage. A very impressive wine, and one of my favorite Napa 2014s so far.
Price: $119.99 Add To Cart
JS 96 RP 90

2015 Ronco Blanchis Pinot Grigio Collio
Review Date: 03-13-2017
What a steal! This is a perfect example of the marl and clay from the Collio DOC. Not only do you have the great fruit of golden apples and citrus - but you get a wonderful minerality and salinity too. A little more textural than you might expect for the typical Italian style of Pinot Grigio, there is just enough body to satisfy and stand up to a rich meal. Top marks.
Top Value!
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart
JS 92

2014 Argyle "Reserve" Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 03-08-2017
I tasted this and didn't know the price until just before writing this. It's definitely WAY cheaper than I thought it would be. I was expecting a $35-$40 price tag for this reserve Pinot. The first thing that strikes you is that it looks like Pinot Noir and not Cabernet like so many Pinot's today. It's a rich ruby red, but still markedly translucent. The aromatics are powerful: loads of cherry and cranberry tangle with the earthier side of the spectrum. Like a forest full of dew, wild herbs, and fresh, savory mushrooms. The palate is friendly and inviting, but with a nice acid cut. The soft fruit is delicious and the velvety texture pleasing. The lengthy finish is clean and bright. All in all an excellent value for high quality Pinot Noir!
Top Value!
Price: $28.99 Add To Cart
WS 93 JS 92

2011 Bodegas Muga "Selección Especial" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 03-06-2017
Deeply concentrated nose of dark cherries, boysenberries, cedar, and stone. The palate is expansive, both bright and complex. It shows layered notes of cola, cherry, blueberry, mocha, cedar box, tremendous minerality and length. The finish is dry, with slightly dusty tannin but lengthy. It definitely leaves you wanting another sip, and perhaps a bite of a succulent roast. If you're not familiar with the incredible value that Muga has to offer - this is the place to start. This is a hugely versatile wine that would make a great cocktail party or complement your favorite meal - not to mention convert all your friends to Spanish wine lovers.

2009 Caol Ila 6 Year Old "Old Malt Cask" Single Sherry Barrel Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 03-02-2017
Big and young Caol Ila. Salty and herbal - like dried Nori- this young buck is full of iodine, cooked and candied apples, smoky, and a little dusty. For all of the grace that ancient smoky whisky can offer, there is definitely something to be said for the brash and spunky young smoke of a great malt like Caol Ila. It's a clean and bright smoke and feels full of life and earth.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

1996 Allt-a-Bhainne 19 Year Old "Old Malt Cask" Single Sherry Barrel Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 03-02-2017
You don't have to be paying attention to catch the sherry on this bad boy. Generous and supple this gem is loaded up on fudge, almonds, malt, cocoa, vanilla, fruits and balanced out by a pinch of salinity. The finish is long and sweet yet with a dash of wood tannin it feels quite dry. All in all, very well balanced, well priced whisky. Another victory for the strong dollar and David's hard work scouring the cellars.
Price: $79.99 Add To Waiting List

Old Pulteney 21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 03-02-2017
Extremely weighty and rich on the palate. This Maritime malt is brimming with vanilla cakes, honey, and Kosher salt. There is beautiful spice and dried stone fruit weaving in-between the robust maltiness. An excellent treat for yourself or a friend if you're in the market for something special yet classic.
Price: $159.99 Add To Cart

Le Brun de Neuville "Authentique Assemblage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 02-23-2017
Another stunner in the Champagne Direct Import quiver here at K&L. This blend of 60% Chardonnay/40% Pinot Noir shows the best of both varietals. The zip and freshness of the Chard shows beautiful crisp apples and some lovely and delicate floral notes while the Pinot Noir adds red fruited notes of cranberry and wild cherries. The really remarkable this about this bottle though is that it has been aged for 5 years on the lees - under a cork. This adds richness, a slightly nutty oxidative note, and typically a substantial amount to the price (compare to the also fabulous cork aged bottle of 2005 Bollinger "Grande Année" Brut Champagne for $100). At way less than half of that price this is a magnificent bottle with a unique story to tell.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart
WE 90 WS 90

2013 Domaine A " Lady A" Sauvignon Blanc Tasmania
Review Date: 01-31-2017
This positively jumps out of the glass and to the top of my greatest Sauvignon Blanc's list. Ryan, our buyer shared a sample of this wine with the staff over a year ago and everyone who tasted it basically went crazy. It is finally here and every bit as good as I remember. This is for the serious white Bordeaux fans or anyone who has ever enjoyed the wines of Didier Dagueneau. It's loaded with intense floral and tropical notes and very densely fruited. However, the name of the game here is balance. The wine is in 100% new French oak, but you'd never guess it. It has tremendous richness, but is never heavy. It does NOT suffer the fate of many new oaked California Chardonnays. The bright acid keeps the wine alive and lifted glass after glass. Not to mention it endows the wine with the ability to age effortlessly for quite some time. I never thought I'd find a Sauvignon Blanc that might bring challenge to the great Didier Dagueneau wines of the Loire, but here it is. I'm buying one for now, and a few for the cellar.
Price: $49.99 Add To Cart

2014 Pencarrow Pinot Noir (Palliser) Martinborough
Review Date: 01-31-2017
Who doesn't love a good deal? This is serious Pinot Noir that is not only dangerously easy to drink, but splendidly affordable. And that is pretty much my favorite combination. Of course it has the pretty new world fruit that you'd expect, but you also get so much wonderful earthiness and a bounty of complex herbal notes. What's not to love?

2015 Averaen (Banshee) Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 01-10-2017
I love the guys at Banshee and I've never met them. I have consumed enormous amounts of their Pinot and Chardonnay from Sonoma, and now I have a new favorite. They've made an amazing Willamette Valley Pinot Noir to showcase amazing fruit sources. It's a mix of stainless steel, neutral oak, and neutral oak foudre letting the bright cherry and cranberry fruit shine through. While it's got tons of zip and acidity, it also shows a beautiful level of ripeness. I'm so pumped that they're working on an Oregon project because they always let the terroir shine through, so this is wholly something new to love from the folks at Banshee.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
VN 91

2014 Gary Farrell "Russian River Selection" Russian River Valley Chardonnay
Review Date: 01-10-2017
This is an extraordinary achievement. Gary Farrell has managed to secure unbelievable fruit sources for their Russian River Selection Chardonnay and it shows in the finished product. There is great lively acidity, ripe apple and pear notes, and ample fresh cream without overwhelming heft and oakiness. A really well balanced California Chardonnay.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart
WE 95 WS 90

2014 Domaine Drouhin "Arthur" Dundee Hills Chardonnay
Review Date: 01-10-2017
Wonderful Oregon Chardonnay from a classic producer. This bottling is whole cluster pressed Dijon clone Chard with a mix of oak and stainless steel aging. It goes through natural malo giving it a wonderful richness without feeling fat and heavy. It maintains a bright snap and vibrancy to go with the lovely baking spice and apple notes. Great wine, great vintage, great producer, AND a great price -- it is a must try!

2014 Jax "Y3 Taureau" Napa Valley Red Blend
Review Date: 01-10-2017
Beautiful pure and lush fruit! This is a tremendous red blend consisting of Merlot, Cab, Syrah, and Zin. It's got the wonderful mouthfeel of great Merlot, the structure of Cab, the pepper spice of Syrah, and the intensity of fabulous zinfandel. Best of all, this wine has control and finesse, not just a giant kitchen sink blend of leftover. It's made with intention and the results show it. A great value!
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
WE 90

2014 Louis M. Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 11-16-2016
Holy Smokes! Great Sonoma Cabernet for under 15 bucks that I'm actually excited about putting in the cellar?! This is a triumph for the "high quality yet extremely affordable" category. It's loaded with dark cassis and blackberry fruit and balanced by the more savory and herbal tones of great Cab: tobacco, cedar and mocha. The spicy oak wraps everything together, and poof -- you have the perfect present for your holiday celebrations. Put an extra case in your cellar and you'll have the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart
RP 90

Old Potrero Single Malt 18th Century Style Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 11-04-2016
Fantastically smooth, supple, and full of spice. Most notably, cinnamon and nutmeg. It truly smells like Christmas in a glass. Warm and beautiful. The perfect complement to a hearty winter meal.
Price: $59.99 Add To Cart
Limit of 3 per customer

2013 Dunn Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 10-10-2016
Splendid bottling from Dunn in a remarkable vintage. The nose is spectacular - earthy, sweet, a tinge of green pepper. The tannin structure is robust, but somehow forgiving - surprisingly approachable, but utterly and completely mouth-filling. There is a bountiful selection of dark fruits, dominated by cassis and blackberry and complemented by a more savory graphite note hinting at the greatness to come after many quiet years in the cellar. It will be tempting to drink this now (and you should definitely try one, 'cause it's amazingly drinkable) but the patient will get their reward.
Price: $109.99 Add To Cart
VN 94

1991 Villa Zarri 24 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel Cask Strength Italian Brandy (750ml)
Review Date: 08-04-2016
While I often find "in between" spirits interesting, they don't always excite me. The Villa Zarri 24 yo Brandy from Italy is neither cognac nor scotch, but it is definitely both interesting and exciting! More powerful than cognac (especially at the full proof) it still displays the beautiful smoothness, richness, and fruit forward profile I want from France's fine spirits. Candied fruits and a slight nuttiness are apparent on the nose. Slightly less robust than most of today's scotch bottlings, the Zarri packs a punch and offers the slightly slick glycerol texture of many old and heavily sherried scotches. All this "inbetweenness" makes for the perfect dram if you're looking for a brown-water spirits that has your favorite characteristics both grape and grain. And the value is tremendous. When was the last time you had a 24 year old anything at that price? Especially at cask strength!
Top Value!
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart

2013 Green & Red "Tip Top Vineyard" Napa Valley Zinfandel
Review Date: 07-20-2016
Beautiful, bright, and easy drinking Zinfandel, the Tip Top vineyard is just about always my favorite Zin from Green & Red. It has power and concentration, but without every feeling heavy, sugary, or oaky. It's just made from extraordinary fruit from an amazing vineyard site and treated deftly in the cellar. Bramble fruits, cracked peppercorn, baking spices, and the earthiness of woody herbs all lifted by excellent acidity give this wine beautiful balance and poise. Truly a top value in Zinfandel from anywhere in the world.
Top Value!
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
W&S 94

2012 Storybook Mountain "Mayacamas Range" Napa Valley Zinfandel
Review Date: 07-11-2016
The Mayacamas Zin is tremendous wine showcasing intensity without excessive weight. The aromatics are cool and dominated by baking spices. Cinnamon and cloves stand out above the more commonly found black pepper. Beautiful briar fruit weaves its way throughout from the bouquet through the lovely finish. If you like your Zins well balanced – great acidity, moderate alcohol, and a combination of fruit and savory notes, all with great intensity – this the bottle for you.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart
CG 90

Benchmark #8 Kentucky Straight Bourbon (1L)
Review Date: 07-07-2016
Well this just instantly became the best deal on the liquor shelf. It comes in a 1L bottle, it's well under $20 bucks, and it's a 4 year old bourbon from Buffalo Trace. What more could you ask for? The whisky delicious. It's smooth and full of caramel, vanilla, and shows a great charred oak with a touch of rye spice. Did I mention smooth? Very easy drinking. Buy it by the case for your next cocktail party.
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Don Amado Pechuga Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 07-07-2016
The only thing missing from this Pechuga is the meat. And that's not a bad thing. The fruits, nuts, and spices added instead of turkey breast make for one of the best Mezcal's I've ever tasted. The bouquet shows off the fruit, specifically the extra sweet and tender bit right near the pit. The earthiness that is present on the Largo Mezcal is definitely present here too, but with the marked addition of nuttiness and clove. The finish is tantalizingly sweet and clean. Absolutely fabulous!
Price: $89.99 Add To Cart
WE 93

Don Amado Largo Mezcal (750ml)
Review Date: 07-07-2016
100% Karwinskii (Cuishe) agave and a gentle steaming process load this Mezcal with sweet, wet earth. If you've ever been in the desert right after a much needed hard rain you'll know what I'm talking about. The smokiness so often associated with Mezcal is quietly sitting in the back of the class, if it shows up at all. The palate is creamy and smooth, but doesn't sacrifice the peppery bite I want from great agave spirits. This is a nuanced and thoughtful Mezcal capable of making a great cocktail or being enjoyed neat.
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2012 du Glana, St-Julien
Review Date: 07-05-2016
One of the many things I love about K&L is that I'm constantly being exposed to new-to-me Bordeaux Chateau that are a terrific value. Today's find: Chateau du Glana. The 2012 has a beautiful sweet fruit nose and palate with lots of cassis and raspberry well complimented by notes of cola nuts. The wines structure is defined by acidic lift and a well integrated spicy oak giving it an overall elegance not often found in a bottle of such modestly priced Bordeaux. I'll be adding several bottles of this great value to my cellar.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
JS 90 WS 90

2005 Hendry "Hendry Vineyard" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 06-30-2016
I love aged Cabernet, especially when it still has loads of tasty fruit. The ’05 is in a beautiful spot right now, showcasing intense cassis and savory development notes of leather and cedar. It’s all connected by the sweet spices that show through, oddly reminiscent of a fine aged Burgundy. If you’re a fan of the flavors a decade or more in the cellar can impart to your wine, don’t miss Hendry’s triumph.
Price: $59.99 Add To Cart

2012 Hendry "Blocks 7 & 22" Napa Valley Zinfandel
Review Date: 06-30-2016
I often start my wine notes with a single word that jumps out, my first impression. The 7&22 is, simply, “kicking.” It’s my favorite kind of Zinfandel— big, ripe berries in a trim package. The tangy acid alleviates Zin’s tendency to weigh down the palate. This is a tremendously balanced bottle of wine.
Price: Hidden View Price
W&S 90 WE 90

2013 Hendry "Block 13" Napa Valley Merlot
Review Date: 06-30-2016
Visually striking, this deeply colored ruby tipple is supple and fresh. Sweet and graceful, the black and blue fruits are delicious. A rich mocha character plays with an intense, savory, leather element. This is a wine worth drinking over several days to see how it slowly evolves, if you can manage to not finish the bottle on the first.
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2013 Hendry "Block 24" Napa Valley Primitivo
Review Date: 06-30-2016
Often, I find Primitivo (basically, an Italian selection of Zinfandel) doesn’t distinguish itself enough from other California Zinfandel. Not so here. Much of what you’d expect from a great Zin is here. It has loads of fresh bramble fruits and cracked peppercorn. But there’s also a lovely smokiness, a cross between smoked meat and the earthy aroma of cardamom, that endows this Primitivo with depth. Prickly acidity keeps things feeling fresh. It’s terrific for food pairing—grab a bottle and experiment with your barbecue.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

2012 Nicolas Idiart Blanc de Blanc Brut
Review Date: 06-30-2016
The food pairing possibilities here are endless. This sparkler is light and fresh with a great acidic cut. Fresh apples and pears dance around ready to play nice with all your favorite summertime dishes. The fruit is rounded out by some steely minerality and the lovely faint scent of your favorite bakery just down the street. Oh yeah, and the price lets you drink it every night of summer without any guilt.
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

Charles Baur "Emotion" Cremant d'Alsace Brut
Review Date: 06-20-2016
The color is a beautiful pale straw. The bubbles are lively. There is a generous toasty nose to make the champagne lover blush. The Chardonnay dominates with green and golden apples, a touch of pear on the palate and a satisfying autolytic character. The bracing acidity gives a lemon lime zest and leaves this bubbly extremely refreshing. A great party-time sparkler.
Price: Hidden View Price
WE 90

Launois "Severine" Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 05-22-2016
This is perhaps one of the greatest and most unique examples of terrior in Champagne I've ever personally come across. A careful picking of mid-slope Mesnil Chardonnay is vinified and aged in oak barrels made from 100% Mesnil oak harvested from the forest at the top of the hill. Talk about precision of place. The results are spectacular. The rich and oily texture is the perfect foil to the robust quality of the Grand Cru fruit. It is bursting with green and yellow apple, but also spice, both sweet and savory. There is a thread of nutty sherry like flavors that walks you through the deep complexity of the wine. While the Mesnil Oak is a strong presence, it doesn't overwhelm. Just provides the substance to make this an exceptional wine with heartier food dishes or to be immensely enjoyed as an aperitif.
Price: $59.99 Add To Cart

Antipodes Sparkling Water New Zealand (1L - Glass Bottle)
Review Date: 05-15-2016
We are often asked here at K&L if we have any bottled water to sell and the answer is almost always a sad and thirsty no. Today that is not the case! After reading Ryan Woodhouse's review which states Antipodes water "is hands down the best bottled water I have come across anywhere on earth" I certainly had to try it. I love sparkling water so naturally I tried the bubbles first. It is indeed excellent. It has a bright, clean, and refreshing bead with no offensive flavorings. Just beautifully clean, clear water. I have a long way to travel before I second the claim of the very best in the world, but as of yet, I have nothing to offer to the contrary.
Price: $3.99 Add To Cart

2014 Varner "El Camino Vineyard" Santa Barbara County Chardonnay
Review Date: 02-02-2016
Bob and Jim Varner make some of my favorite wines. Not only are they extremely local (just up the road from our Redwood City store) but they make Pinot and Chardonnay to rival the greats. They always manage to strike a balance between rich, textural Chardonnay and bright acid and freshness that keep things interesting. The El Camino Vineyard Chardonnay is no exception. With fruit grown in Santa Barbara County that goes through full malo-lactic fermentation, but no new oak treatment, this wine is bright and clean. It has notes of baked apples and pears and well as a sparkling clean lemon freshness. At a very modest price given it's quality, this is the perfect middle of the road Chardonnay that will surely pleas the crowd at your next party.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
VN 92

Baron Fuente "Grande Réserve" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 09-25-2015
"Value Champagne" doesn't begin to do this bottle of bubbly justice. Baron Fuente brings all of the class and elegance of the Grand Marque Champagne brands to your table for such a reasonable price (and with more flavor and finesse!). The aroma wafts out of the glass like freshly rising bread finished in a lemon and tangerine zest. The wine strolls gracefully balanced down your palate and finishes with a clean and friendly flourish that brings you right back to the glass wanting more. This is a remarkable bottle of Champagne, especially when you consider it's only 24 bucks.
Top Value!
Price: $23.99 Add To Cart

1998 Bodegas Casa Juan Señor de Lesmos Gran Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 08-30-2015
This is a fabulous, classic, old school Rioja. I opened it last night to enjoy on it's own and the intensity of the dark cherry fruit after 17 years was incredible. It really has a lovely primary fruit that blends seamlessly into the more developed flavor profile of leather, spice, and tobacco. The American oak has also integrated beautifully. This is an exceptionally graceful example of aged Rioja, and without breaking the bank too! It is so good now, but will certainly reward continued patience and cellaring as well.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Ventura Spirits "Wilder" Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 07-01-2015
Woah! This is a trip and a half. Step into this gin and you'll feel like you're hiking the Santa Barbara back country. Miles of it. Sagebrush, cactus fruit, and a rich manzanita tea strike you but this spirit still holds tons of classic juniper. Take a walk on the wild side and liven up your next martini (aka - gin straight outta the freezer, with or without vermouth) or change up your classic G&T this summer. Extra points if you garnish with some locally foraged lavender or rosemary.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Deligeroy Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé
Review Date: 06-28-2015
Tiny bubbles make me happy. Very happy. They can make you happy too! This $13 Cremant De Loire Rosé is just the ticket to add a little zip to your summer. Remarkably fresh and inviting, this sparkling wine offers sweet cherry, strawberry, and tart raspberry. The minerality, acidity, and structure of this wine is worth so much more than the price tag suggests. Give it a try today, tomorrow, and perhaps every weekend until labor day...
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

Underwood by Union Wine Co. Oregon Rosé (375ml can)
Review Date: 06-04-2015
This non-vintage rosé is super crushable. Yes, crushable. As in, I will crush this all day long. By the pool, on the beach, with a tasty plate of oysters--anywhere, really, that you're looking to conveniently consume a tasty rosé loaded with peach and watermelon flavors and a fresh acidity without being tangy. This is the "go-anywhere" wine you've been looking for. Grab it while you CAN. #pinkiesdown
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Quartz Reef "Methode Traditionelle" Brut Central Otago (Biodynamic)
Review Date: 05-19-2015
The first thing to note about this crowd pleasing Brut is its beautiful biscuity aroma and focused acidity. Bright fruit pairs beautifully with the acid to offer tremendous clarity and refreshment. Fully certified as bio-dynamic in 2011, Quartz Reef is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

Bank Note Blended Scotch Whisky (1L)
Review Date: 05-11-2015
Fantastic. This whisky - while killer neat or on the rocks - is the ideal whisky to mix up some great cocktails. The smooth vanilla and clear fruit notes are so well defined that they are not lost or wasted in the mix. Try it in a Horse’s Neck or use it to mix up your next classic Rob Roy. At 20 bucks a liter (Yes, one full liter) this is the blend every household bar should have. It's also available in 1.75L bottles if you need to stock up.
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