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2015 Eric Cottat Sancerre
Review Date: 07-24-2016
There is a real sense of ease to the 2015 vintage. It has a juicier, sunnier disposition than some of the lean, stony and green Sancerres. That said, it is still recognizably of Sancerre, yielding cantaloupe, lemon and wet stone aromas, and flavors that run to powdery florality, melon, orange, tomato leaf and red jalapeno. A dusting of minerality brings up the rear, playing a subsidiary role here, as does the acidity, which, while ample enough, isn't the first and last thing you notice, instead underpinning the gently radiant, diaphanous tranquillity of the summer-ready flavors. Grab some while you can!
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2014 Hugel "Gentil" Alsace
Review Date: 07-20-2016
Focused, trim and nervy on the palate, this exhibits vibrantly floral, passion fruit, citrus and wet pavement notes. While this has plenty of tooth-sucking acidity, there is enough sweetness to the floral dimension that it keeps things from being too uncompromising. For my money, this significantly out-classes the majority of white wines available at the everyday price it comes in at. Well worth a look.
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JS 90

2013 La Monacesca "Mirum" Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva
Review Date: 07-20-2016
I could almost see this passing as a ringer amidst a blind tasting of Vouvrays. Lemon peel, peach pie, apricot, bergamot, spice and honey waft headily from this from this rich, full-bodied white wine. While this has concentration and depth to its honey, flower and spice flavors, matching its voluptuous texture, this wine shows its pedigree in the firm, lively, cleansing finish, bowing out with echoes of spice and citrus pith and completely effacing the luxuriant, seductive first act. Quite a show!
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W&S 92 WE 91

2015 Claude Riffault "La Noue" Sancerre Rosé
Review Date: 07-06-2016
Are you a fan of the purity, subtlety, and seriousness of which Sancerre rosés are capable? Then sidle on up to a bottle of the 2015 Riffault—you’ll find yourself right at home. This presents such fruit as it has in translucently thin slices, as though you’re tasting the aroma of a fruit rather than the fruit itself, and so functions more in a subsidiary role here, shifting the focus to point up the minerality and ripping acidity, rather than being the star itself.
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2013 Sesta di Sopra Rosso di Montalcino
Review Date: 06-29-2016
Rosemary, fennel, and cinnamon predominate over a dry, resinous background here, alongside a generous dose of dried cherry. There isn’t any fat to trim; this Rosso di Montalcino is vibrant and driven, with a lifted feel to the fruit courtesy of bright acidity, and moderate tannins. Give this tasty little Sangiovese some breathing room, and it’ll stretch out and limber up a bit, too.
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JS 90

2012 Nicolas Idiart Blanc de Blanc Brut
Review Date: 06-27-2016
We've got big, biscuity bottles of bubbles from outside Champagne--this, however, isn't one of them. Sure, there is a whiff of toast point 'n' butter, but this is quickly bypassed, with the wine trading more on delicate, fresh fruit character. The fruit flavor is so light here, with the sort of gossamer transparency you might find in an Asian pear, that it almost seems to be heading in a floral direction, yet it pulls up short. Clean and bright, this makes a persuasive case for itself as perfect summertime refreshment.
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2015 Nicolas Idiart Sauvignon Blanc Touraine
Review Date: 06-27-2016
Hmmm; I smell things beginning with "G," like guava, gravel, and gooseberry. The palate shows the riper side of Sauvignon Blanc, with sweet, fully ripe melon, navel orange, and a touch of jalapeno jam, before the minerality rides back in, followed finally by a neat evocation of lily.
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2015 Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon Rosé
Review Date: 06-24-2016
Notes of wet pavement, pomelo, and lime combine in this eminently refreshing, pucker-y rose. While the texture mid-palate is round, this is emphatically not one of those richer styled Chinon rosés; it is more along the lines of a momentary rest-stop on a tartness continuum.
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2015 Domaine Cherrier Père & Fils Sancerre
Review Date: 06-24-2016
Pea shoots, lime, and wet stones keep the overall character here cool and green. While the palate is high acid, with only some citrus to speak of fruit-wise, this vintage shows a little more generosity in the body. The main focus, as usual, is on the wide streak of flinty minerality. If you are hoping to find a mine in your next bottle of Sancerre, this is the one to start with.
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2014 Domaine de la Noblaie "Le Temps des Cerises" Chinon
Review Date: 06-20-2016
For all the times I’m asked whether I can recommend a low-fruit, drier red wine, here is one of your optimal options. I wouldn’t say there is no fruit—the wine isn’t austere—but it is playing a supporting role here. Smoky, grilled eggplant, black pepper, and cassis start things off on the nose before the wine segues into a dry, dusty, woodsy-spicy palate with slightly rustic but low-key tannins. So, if you want to kick the blowsy, juice-box tasting, red wines to the curb, cuddle up with this Chinon and find contentment!
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2014 Domaine des Falaises "Angelliaume" Chinon
Review Date: 06-20-2016
The 2014 Angelliaume Chinon happily straddles the divide between savory and sweet. If there is ultimately rather more of the former than the latter, such fruit as the wine has shows itself to good effect. Plummy notes pick up leafy, roasted bell pepper, chili powder accents on the nose. Fresh, bright, and juicy up front, with modest tannins, the palate finally resolves in the direction of spice, lentil, and grilled Portobello mushrooms. If you are looking for a versatile, lighter bodied, any-old-day red wine, this has more than enough charm and character to recommend itself.
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Charles Baur "Emotion" Cremant d'Alsace Brut
Review Date: 06-17-2016
The golden apple and lemon tart nose pick up a prominent dried ginger spiciness. The evocation of softer flavors like pastry crust on the palate are firmed up by a greater degree of acidity than one typically finds in a Cremant, which creates the impression of the wine leaning in more of a Champagne-esque direction. Even if it doesn’t muster quite that degree of verve, layering, or richness, it is one of the best alternatives we've got!
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WE 90

2015 Le Coeur de la Reine Sauvignon Blanc Touraine
Review Date: 06-15-2016
This just might be the best inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc in the store right now. The aromatics on this Touraine let you know the varietal you're dealing with right off the bat, with classic gooseberry, lime, fig leaf, and light melon notes set against wet rock. The palate demonstrates a pleasantly surprising weight for what is really a vibrant, tangy mouthful, with the wine hinting at sweetness without turning ripe, showing the barest blade of grassiness alongside the sweet-tartness of ruby grapefruit. The balance being spot on across all the wine's dimensions, this was an immediate fave.
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2013 Dierberg "Dierberg Vineyard" Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay
Review Date: 06-10-2016
It would be hard to miss this Chardonnay: it is an uninhibitedly exuberant example of same. The nose has bright notes running to ripe pear, pineapple, nutmeg, lemon curd, and sweet butter. A viscous mouthfeel is counterbalanced by an equally prominent dose of acidity, with spicy fruit flavors predominating, before a nice evocation of buttered toast brings up the rear.

2013 Antech "Cuvée Héritage 1860" Cremant de Limoux
Review Date: 05-30-2016
Among Antech's cremants, this takes top marks for richness, depth, and length. This citrus, golden apple, and fresh bread redolent sparkler treats you to a bit more over-all generosity, while staying fresh and easy going.
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2013 Brancaia "Tre" Toscana
Review Date: 05-29-2016
While this uses only a smidgen of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to tweak the Sangiovese in this blend, you can certainly see why the habit caught on in Tuscany, as it provides a comparatively round, plush texture that Sangiovese just doesn't muster on its own. The dark cherry-berry fruit has enough spicy nuance to a keep things animated and interesting, and the over-all demeanor is casual and easy going.
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JS 92

Deligeroy Cremant de Loire Brut
Review Date: 05-29-2016
One of the most consistent questions people pose in regards to sparkling wines is: is it dry? If the answer is essentially "not really" in regards to many lower priced sparklers, with the Deligeroy Brut one can happily answer in the affirmative! Light biscuity, nutty and lemon scents are right on point, and the finish has all the snap you want from a bottle of bubbly.
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2013 Jacques Bavard St-Romain Blanc "Sous le Château"
Review Date: 05-11-2016
Pared down and quick, this is a white Burgundy with a mission. While there is actually plenty of body to this wine, it’s floating on brisk acids, and the wine never resolves in favor of one direction or another, but keeps that dialectic running straight through from beginning to end. The flavors of toasted hazelnut, sweet butter, tangerine, lemon, dried flowers, and a hint of minerality, are more focused than expansive here, contributing to the overall impression of abundant energy neatly channeled.
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2014 Zafeirakis Malagouzia Thessaly
Review Date: 04-27-2016
The 2014 Zafeirakis Malagousia does a mean impersonation of the aroma of peach pie. Beside that, there’s petrol, pineapple, and a fat texture. That said, it manages to finish cleanly, with floral lift; a neat trick I wish more wines emulated.
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2015 Sigalas Assyrtiko Santorini
Review Date: 04-27-2016
Pour me a glass blind, and I might imagine I was being confronted with a Riesling: honey, stone fruit, and tangerine mingle with crushed rocks on the nose, while initially ripe, peachy flavors yield in succession to dusty lemon peel, and the mild abrasion of the gravel and grit reappearing. This is dynamic, vibrant wine, of a character more often associated with chilly, more northern vineyards, not the azure of the Aegean sea.
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RP 94

2015 Argyros Estate "Atlantis" White Cyclades
Review Date: 04-27-2016
Estate Argyros crafts the indigenous varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani into the 2015 Atlantis white. Assyrtiko is the majority partner, comprising 90% of it, so you know immediately, if you’ve ever had any exposure to the wines made from the grape, that you’re in for a nice, sharp smack of acidity. Only, the Atlantis keeps that under wraps at first, leading in with honeydew melon, lemon, and lily notes, and a plush mouthfeel. Wait for it: the taste is really emphatically dry. Soon, you get a little mineral grit making its presence felt, and then the citrus comes roaring back, plenty tart–lime, lying in wait. Reaching for a bottle of this in lieu of a Loire Sauvignon Blanc is not too much of a stretch.
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2014 Skouras Moscofilero Péloponnèse
Review Date: 04-27-2016
Outside of Muscat, other grape Moscofilero is often said to resemble is Gewürztraminer. Though I, personally, have yet to encounter an example of Moscofilero that came anywhere near the Wagnerian scale of a richer Gewürztraminer, the Skouras 2014 does show the more luscious, effusive side of the grape’s personality, but stops well shy of launching an aria. For one thing, it finishes with tongue-tingling acidity after the round body of the wine and its evocation of rose, honeysuckle, and intense, sweet, citrus aromatics. We’re safely on the shore here, gazing out across the sea, as the party boat of hedonistic indulgence slowly hoots and thumps its way out of view.
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2014 Troupis "Fteri" Moschofilero Peloponnese
Review Date: 04-27-2016
A little north of Tripoli, a region called Fteri is home to Troupis winery. A small scale, family run operation, the majority of their privately held vineyards are planted to the variety Moschofilero. In their hands, the wine made from these grapes–the 2014 Moschofilero “Fteri”–is lean, clean, and subtly perfumed. There’s a hint of ginger spice, but mostly the flavors and aromas tend to the sweetly floral and citric. The best analogue would probably be a bone dry Muscat, though the Fteri is not as obvious as all that. It is a lighter, more fugitive affair, as if the scent of lilac blooms was being blow over a fence from a neighbor’s yard into yours.
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2014 Fossil Point Edna Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 04-27-2016
As with the previous vintage, the 2014 Fossil Point Pinot Noir leads with a nice chocolate-cherry duet, supplemented by smoky-woodsy notes. The palate commences more tart than sweet, with baked cherry and crumble crust bringing up the rear, before finishing gently, without a hint of tannin.
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2007 Foundi Xinomavro Naoussa
Review Date: 04-20-2016
While the color is going brick around the edges, don’t let that fool you—this 2007 is still very much in its prime. The nose is resolutely dry, with baked earth, dill and fennel seed, wood shavings, and a hint of dusty vanilla. Come to it, the palate is resolutely dry too, a feature only underscored by the firm, but not ferocious, tannins. The woodsy notes take on a resinous quality now, the spice comes through as a masculine perfume might, and underneath it, plum fruit show up to flesh things out a bit. Though not a heavy wine, with its depth and intensity of flavor, this practically begs for something savory and richly flavorful to complement it.
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RP 94

2014 Domaine Les Pins "Les Rochettes" Bourgueil
Review Date: 04-13-2016
Robust aromatics kick off the set with cassis, cracked pepper, grilled eggplant, and dried leaves blossoming forth. Medium bodied, with nice integration to the mouth coating tannins that nevertheless stay on the temperate side, this wine is a resolutely dry red¬¬¬—fruitiness is not what is about. The palate steers instead to the savory side of things, with spicy tobacco, and smoke, as if from a charred pepper, while the cassis sits underneath it all, playing a supportive role. I really like this vintage; it isn’t just the new label that’s different!
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WE 92

2009 Trimbach "Cuvée Frédéric Émile" Riesling Alsace
Review Date: 04-06-2016
Petrol, slate, key lime, and salt aromas set the stage for a bracing mouthful of Riesling. And it does deliver that, though not only that, as it broadens considerably in the mouth, finding a creamy texture, and a suggestion of sweetness, without ever losing sight of its coiled tension and thorough-going minerality. Apple and pear flavors mesh with spice notes, and something quinine-like, before it all ends with pin-point precision. The more supple fruit component finally echoes gently down the long, lingering finish: this really puts on quite a show!

2013 Erik Banti Morellino di Scansano
Review Date: 03-25-2016
Plummy flavors go in a dry, resinous direction in Banti's Morellino di Scansano. There's also a hint of herb to the low-key fruit in this clean, polished entry. Moderate tannins keep the wine standing tall.
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2014 Castillo de Monseran Garnacha Cariñena
Review Date: 03-23-2016
Effortlessly enjoyable, the 2014 Monseran is the party wine par excellence. The nose displays brambly, juicy, berry-fruit aromatics, which lead into a light bodied, low tannin wine. On the palate, the fruit bends towards the red side of the spectrum, with strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb flavors, subtly accented by notes of anise and dry spice. This wine will be equally happy flying solo as a cocktail wine, or getting friendly with a smorgasbord of dishes.
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2013 Henri Bourgeois "Jadis" Sancerre
Review Date: 03-22-2016
The 2013 Jadis is taut, focused, driven, passionate Sancerre. Not that it conjures any particular moods or sentiment, but more in the sense of the over all intensity on display here. Tooth-sucking acidity pulls in a depth of extract on the mid-palate that renders this both rich and weightless. Citrus, lemongrass, tomato skin, smoky rocks, and some minor league kitty-piddle tease out reluctantly on the wound-up aromatics, before the wine does its textural shape-shifting thing on the palate. While I’d expect this to have relaxed a tad a few years on, for all its coiled energy, it still stays this side of austere, and already drops hints of the pleasures to come. ​
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WE 94

Deligeroy Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé
Review Date: 03-07-2016
Light strawberry and citrus notes sally from this charming Cremant. Leaning more towards the tart than the sweet side of its personality, this is a refreshing, straightforward, easy going bottle of bubbly. And speaking of bubbles, the texture of this rose is one of the wines appealing characteristics, with an abundant mousse that yet manages to be silken and filigreed. Happily, it is also available a price that makes it perfect to open for any old reason at all.
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2012 Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino
Review Date: 02-05-2016
Dried cherry, fruitcake, and fennel come out on the nose of this Rosso di Montalcino. A hint of mint accents the juicy cherry notes on the palate, which shows good depth of flavor. There’s lots of youthful vitality here yet, though the tannins are fine enough to make this approachable now.
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2011 Kir-Yianni Ramnista Xinomavro Naoussa
Review Date: 02-03-2016
If I were to smell this blind, I’d probably guess I was in the presence of a Barbaresco. Licorice and mint curl up with berry fruit and warm baking spices on the nose, before it goes in an emphatically dry, high-toned, resinous, woody direction on the palate. The high acidity and strong tannins mark this one as an excellent candidate for squirreling away in a cold cellar; this is going to last for many years. And what will you find years on when its sleep is ended? I suspect that as the resinous notes are absorbed, the wonderfully natural raspberry fruit and dry herb notes that come out now only on the finish will emerge, and the wine will take on a elegant, supple, and seductive character, supplanting the bold and forceful one it displays at present.
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RP 92

2012 Kir-Yianni "Yianakohori Hills" Red Blend Macedonia
Review Date: 02-03-2016
There’s a rich, plummy character, with a tart edge, on the nose here which is nicely accented by some subdued spice. Something like an alternate-world claret in body, there’s boysenberry, bay leaf, and asphalt flavors in this blend, along with bright acidity, and lively tannic structure(hello, Xinomavro!), marking this one as best suited to the dinner table. If it’s rich, savory, and/or meaty, this one will get along with it swimmingly.
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RP 90

2013 Castillo de Monseran Garnacha Cariñena
Review Date: 11-30-2015
Dried herb and spice notes segue into low-key, juicy berry fruit on this easygoing red. Less ripe than some Garnachas, the acidity contributes more towards giving the wine its overall shape than the gentle tannins, and it finishes with a tart cherry note.
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Pierre Paillard Grand Cru Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 11-23-2015
While obviously rose in color, this Champagne strays from the normal expectation of a rosé, stylistically. There’s less fruit here than in many examples, and what there is, is more delicate in its expression. The nose leads off with fresh baked bread, spice, and nut skin. The palate shows a leesy aspect that suggests Parmesan, then veers towards lemon- blood orange-tangerine citrus notes, before finishing cleanly.
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ST 92 WS 90

2010 Michel Delhommeau "Monnières Saint Fiacre" Muscadet Sèvre et Maine
Review Date: 10-11-2015
It is hard to praise something as being “cheesy”, but that’s precisely what I have to do here. Pleasant though it may be, the lengthy lees contact has definitely left its yeasty mark upon this wine in scent and flavor. The beginning is something like Normandy butter set against citrus, and the texture is fat and oily compared to other styles of Muscadet. The region reasserts itself on the finish, with cleansing acidity and minerality making their appearance on the stage, negating the richness: a great balancing act.
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2014 Franck Millet "Insolite" Sancerre
Review Date: 10-02-2015
Well, for those of you who liked Frank Millet’s basic 2014 Sancerre Blanc (and I know there are more than a few of you out there, as it sold out with a quickness), good news is at hand: here comes the 2014 Insolite! All the richness, body, and depth of flavor you’ve come to expect from this cuvee are on display here. Compared with the previous vintage, the aromatics and flavors are more classically tart and green, with honeydew melon, lemongrass, green apple, kiwi, and jalapeno jelly, while the regions minerality makes itself felt via suggestions of pulverized stone throughout. If you are a fan of Loire Sauvignon Blanc, assay a bottle, and you’re bound to become a convert!
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2013 Clos de l'Elu "Ephata" Anjou Blanc
Review Date: 09-14-2015
You can see the relationship between the Ephata and Clos de l‘Elu’s Anjou blanc (formerly known as the Bastingage), but they are distinct. With the Ephata, which is from a different site and amphora aged, you will find much more depth and richness. Persimmon, quince, gravel, beeswax, and chestnut all make an appearance, though at its heart, this is still a wine of purity, not decadence. A slight sweetness mounts in the finish, before yielding completely to echoes of spice and rock. The underlying tension animating the breadth of flavor makes this a scintillating, dynamic expression of Loire Chenin Blanc.
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Bellussi Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
Review Date: 05-15-2015
Sweetly citric; more orange-y than lemon/lime, with a bit of crisp apple, this prosecco still cleaves to the drier end of the spectrum. The texture is almost the most salient feature to my mind: the mousse is generous, but oh-so-soft, and provides a wonderful frame for the gentle suggestion of sweetness implicit in the wine’s flavors. The only thing that will bring you up short is finding yourself at the bottom of the bottle.
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Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva Penedès
Review Date: 03-02-2015
The Mas Codina cleaves more to the doughy-yeasty side of things, but has a light, delicate fruit character, in a citrus, tart apple vein. This definitely comes across on the dry side, and finishes clean, with a suggestion of green apple. Absolutely affordable, and well balanced, this is a great pick when you need good, inexpensive fizz!
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2005 Bodegas Casa Juan Señor de Lesmos Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 02-25-2015
Roasted herb, leather, and iron meet up with salty, balsamic, caraway notions, and light shadings of toasted coconut, on the nose. Somewhat fresher than the nose might lead you to believe, the dusty fruit on the palate is still well seasoned with spice and anise. The tannins are fairly gentle, though sufficient to imagine a future for this wine: whether you hold it will be down to how patient you are! The acidity, while there, never makes its presence obvious. Great Riserva for a great price!
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JS 92

Powers & Sons 12 Year Old John's Lane Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 01-20-2014
The all pot-stilled Powers John’s Lane bottling really ratchets up the intensity and complexity from the usual run of Irish whiskies, while remaining true to type. You’d never mistake this for Bourbon, Scotch or any other style of whiskey. The nose gives up orange marmalade, yellow plum, honeysuckle, powdery vanilla, and cedar, before a duet between toasted graininess and yuzu fruit, with spice and crème brulee accents, begins on the palate. I hope we soon see more like this!
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WA 94

Lot 40 Single Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Rye Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 01-20-2014
Unctuous and rich, this Canadian Rye packs in an intriguing array of flavors that stays true to the character of the grain. Style-wise, it skews to the sweeter side of things, with a fat mid-palate, and a supple, seamless texture. This is definitely the best new addition to the--of recent days--rather un-crowded field of contemplative, sipping Rye Whiskeys that I've had occasion to sample.
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WE 97

James E. Pepper "1776" Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 04-29-2013
Surprisingly sweet and round, with lemon, mandarin peel, and pine contrasting toasted almond, marshmallow, and vanilla, there is a solid depth of flavor here for a two year old rye. That being said, if you plan to make a Manhattan or some similar creation, go with a lighter sweet vermouth and be chary with it. I find this works best for my palate in cocktails with just a few small additions. As an aside, it is refreshing to see that the bottle's legend freely admits to the whiskey being from sourced barrels, while the label's own distillates are coming of age.
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Old Forester 86 Proof Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 04-29-2013
Not every whiskey needs to be pondered. Sometimes, you just want something enjoyable that you can splash liberally about. For under twenty dollars, this delivers. Robust without being heavy, this Bourbon ranges from dried fruit, crème anglais, pecan and nougat, through to cinnamon, allspice, and cedar. While you could nit-pick this or that aspect, overall, I find this quite easy to enjoy just on its own, straight up. Nicely done!
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WE 93

Plymouth Navy Strength English Gin (750ml)
Review Date: 11-04-2012
It had been bruited about that such a creature as “navy strength” Plymouth gin existed, or once had, and here in the midst of the great cocktail revival, where many a long-lost dream comes true, it once more graces these shores. If you’re familiar with Plymouth gin, there are no great surprises in store for you here; which is just fine. Why mess with success? The Navy Strength bottling is simply a brawnier version of the classic Plymouth taste. When this is, for instance, mixed up simply 1:1 gin to vermouth(Noilly Prat), no garnish, as a Wondrich reprint of an early 1850's San Francisco Gibson recipe suggests, this is a fabulous drink, and one in which a standard proof just wouldn't cut it. With the Navy Stength, you can taste the gin’s presence clearly and distinctly. An excellent addition to the canon!
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WE 93

Tempus Fugit Kina L'Aero D'Or Aperitif Du Quinquina (750ml)
Review Date: 10-08-2012
Does Kina l’Avion d’Or replace Lillet? Not exactly; more like compliments Lillet. While you can have a glass of Lillet all by itself, L’Avion is much too sweet for such a maneuver. The bitterness is also, correspondingly, more pronounced in the l’Avion d’Or, though it is still only moderately bitter. What is different is the scope. It would be more correct to say that it has an array of bitter flavors. When mixing, those flavors and l’Avion’s over-all robustness really stand out when you substitute this in a cocktail in place of Lillet. I think you might even find you want to adjust your proportions accordingly to take that into account. The fact that this is so clearly its own creature is to be commended, and provides plenty of room for the imagination to invent new drinks as well as showing established recipes in a different light.
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Tempus Fugit Creme de Menthe (750ml)
Review Date: 09-04-2012
I admit, I had my doubts. While a devoted fan of the sweetly aromatic, cooling smell of fresh mint, any attempt to capture that essence always seems to me to come up short. This liqueur comes about as close as I reckon you can. It doesn’t, naturally, take the place of fresh mint in cocktails; as much as it is true to the flavor, it is best considered as its own creature. It mixes splendidly, especially in gin drinks, where the juniper and the crème de menthe get together and execute a sort of cool tango on your tongue, and in a way that muddled sprigs wouldn't. So, yeah, I'm a convert: this is well worth checking this out.
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