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2014 Georg Albrecht Schneider "vom Kalk" Riesling Trocken (dry) Rheinhessen
Review Date: 04-27-2016
Say you are curious about Riesling but you don't like sweet wine, or you're already a Riesling fan and you're in the market for a new "house" white. Well, you're both in luck! This is the wine for both of you. Why? 1) It's dry. 2) It's classic - aromas of peach, mouthwatering acid, and a long finish - the quintessential personality of the variety. 3) It's very affordable. Meaning you can take a chance in getting to know it for the first time or make it your regular Tuesday night tipple. All without breaking the bank.
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2014 Foundi Xinomavro Blanc de Noir Imathia
Review Date: 04-27-2016
If you're one of those people who is always looking for something unique, look no further than this Greek white made from a red variety called Xinomavro. Never hear of it? No worries - you're definitely not alone! Think of Xinomavro as the Greek Nebbiolo - a light skinned red grape with high tannin and high acid. This rare white rendition shows an unexpected combination of nectarine and cherry fruit as well as zesty citrus and even a bit of tannin on the finish. When you are ready for a new adventure in white wine, give this one a try.
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