Customer Reviews - Elisabeth Schriber

Elisabeth discovered wine (more specifically Frascati) at age 19 while studying in Rome, Italy. It was cheaper than mineral water and went better with penne all’arrabiata. This was the only dish she ate in Italy, which would seem to be a terrible waste, only it was always excellent and could be relied upon to never contain pancetta, guanciale or any other members of the exhaustive pork fat family. While living in San Francisco in her twenties, Elisabeth’s taste in wine and food broadened. As a frequenter of the Wine House, the Wine Club and K&L Wine Merchants, as well as tasting rooms throughout Sonoma and Napa valleys, she learned to love Alsatian whites, Rhone reds, California Zin and embarked on what was to become her life’s great work—to develop a truly encyclopedic knowledge of and appreciation for rosé. Joining K&L’s San Francisco team in 2004 (brian, is this correct?) was, to quote Dr. Phil, a changing day in her life. Brilliant co-workers and engaged customers, not to mention a wicked discount on already low-priced wine, quickly turned a hobby into a career. As K&L has yet to promote Elisabeth to the head rosé buyer position for which she is so obviously deserving, she currently bides her time working from home as web editor/writer, compiling tasting notes and scores for the thousands of wines currently available at K&L. On her off hours, Elisabeth enjoys feeding and dressing her twin baby boys, August and Leo, and sneaking her carnivorous golden-retriever-Tasmanian-devil mix, Marlowe, onto Long Beach’s eponymous shoreline.


2005 La Tour Blanche, Sauternes (375ml)
Review Date: 11-26-2008
My family and friends include more than a control freaks (no reflection on me, certainly) who rarely eat dessert. The good news: They have no problem drinking it! This is the liquid equivalent of apple pie a la mode. My mom will have a second glass of this one, and she's the most obsessive-compulsive of the bunch!