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2009 Vietti Arneis
Review Date: 12-07-2010
This is a nice middle of the road Italian white. Plenty of fruit, but has other more floral/slightly earthy qualities that give it it's own, distinct flavor. Really an easy drinking bottle of wine, it could be paired with just about anything foodwise, or simply enjoyed all on it's own. Nice medium bodied texture, and satisfying finish. Might not be *as* conducive to cold weather consumption as say Spring or Summer, but as far as I'm concerned, I could enjoy it equally no matter when it was sat down in front of me.
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2008 Blason Friulano
Review Date: 12-07-2010
Obviously for $9.99 you're not getting something that will absolutely floor you, but for the price, this is a really nice drinking wine. Great balance of minerality & fruit. It's got texture without going overboard. Paired against something salty like a salumi plate (think "prosciutto"), this is a nice contrast.
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Franck Bonville Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne
Review Date: 12-07-2010
This is a FANTASTIC champagne for the price!! Focused, minerally without going overboard, nice bright fruit, amazing texture. Everything about this champagne is agreeable. It drinks much more like a higher priced champagne than others from the same price range. I'm actually planning on stocking up on this one for NYE!
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WE 91 WS 90

2006 Domaine Alain Gras St-Romain Blanc
Review Date: 12-07-2010
I was extremely underwhelmed by this particular selection personally. It was "thin" in the flavor department at best, no really stunning characteristics, flat texture, barely noticeable flavor. I could see paying $6 for a bottle and using it for cooking, but you can do much better for the same price with many other different wines.
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2007 Antaño Crianza Rioja
Review Date: 11-30-2010
I'm no expert, but I have managed to have drank some amazing wines over the years, and have realized that often, my taste exceeds my budget. This wine drinks like it costs $40 or more, but is clearly very affordable at $9.99 a bottle. A classic rioja, it's bold without being overpowering. Fruity without being overbearing. Notes of berry/cherry, vanilla, and a light smokiness that flows through. Let it decant for a while before serving and it opens up like you wouldn't believe. Great for the value!
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