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2005 Zaca Mesa Santa Ynez Valley Syrah
Review Date: 04-22-2010
I taste plums, black cherries and spice, perhaps some chocolate too. The tannins are really soft on the edges - this wine is very well balanced. I can't believe what a great value this is. It probably has cellar life, but for $17 why not drink it now!
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WS 92 WE 90

2005 Purisima Canyon Sonoma County Red Wine
Review Date: 04-18-2010
I found a red fruit profile - strawberry and cherry, maybe some plum. Tannins were nicely balanced with the fruit, definitely soft on the edges. I served it with ribs I smoked, which was a pretty good combination. Price point might lead me to buy more.
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2006 Campo Viejo Tempranillo Crianza Rioja
Review Date: 04-16-2010
Definitely a good price point, but didn't really have much depth. The wine faded quickly. I might give it a second try, but I wasn't impressed.
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2006 Milz Laurentiushof Estate Riesling 180°
Review Date: 04-16-2010
I served this with a spicy paella type dish - everyone loved it. Then I told them it was $10 - high fives all around. If you're scared about sweet Rieslings - not to worry. It has good acidity to cut through the spice of the dish. I tasted herbal notes and some citrus - lemon, kumquat. I was told this is a 180, the lowest ranking of Riesling. Maybe it didn't have the depth or complexity of a great wine, but for $10, it was a steal.
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2003 Guiraud, Sauternes (375ml)
Review Date: 04-16-2010
I've just discovered sauternes. I started on port, then met tokaji and now sauterne. This seems like a very good value - I taste butterscotch, pear, maybe a bit of melon (musk melon or canteloupe) and honey. I may load up on this gem.