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Cook for a living. Graduate of two culinary programs. I lean towards Bordeaux and red more than white. Port lover too. New to bubbles. Very moderate drinker. I can demonstrate that 3 chopsticks are more efficient than two. Cheers!


2003 Clarendelle Rouge, Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Review Date: 05-29-2014
I am so glad I bought these 2003 and the 2005s. Perfect bordeaux. Delmas and Prince Robert - congratulations. Waiting till 2014 was the right thing to do. Haut Brion mastery at everyday prices.
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1997 Potensac, Médoc
Review Date: 02-13-2014
Following Gary Westby's advice I enjoyed this wine on several occasions with steaks aged 5 weeks. Filet on the bone. Perfect.
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2003 Quinta do Noval LBV Port
Review Date: 01-20-2014
Delicious. Great value. Very much like the vintage port.
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W&S 90 WE 90

Quinta do Noval Black Port
Review Date: 11-03-2013
Best value for Port from famous producer. Fantastic all around. Red fruit, chocolate, chinese plum nose and palate. Great mouth feel. Deep rich color that swirls nicely with never ending pleasing aromas. Long satisfying finish. Better the next night if you can imagine that. I like the bottle design too. Great gift for your friends as it has mass appeal. Must have for port lovers, poets and writers. Fresh, no hassle to serve, I would try it in cocktails, dessert recipes - I think it would be quite versatile. Not your grandpa's port for sure. Highly recommended.
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RP 90

2008 La Belle Inconnue Bourgogne Rouge
Review Date: 11-01-2013
The beautiful unknown. Nice red fruit and good acidity. Lively on the tongue. I shared a bottle with two friends after their haunted house extravaganza. The wine color matched the fake blood they were both covered in. Very enjoyable bourgogne.
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1989 Doisy-Védrines, Sauternes
Review Date: 10-07-2013
I read Mr Sands' and Mr Beffa's reviews a lot and have found their opinions to be wine gospel. Especially on Bordeaux. I remembered reading that Mr Sands wrote once about an exceptional sauternes blind tasting and that all 12 of the tasters including himself pegged this the best and thought it would be d'Yquem. Well, having had this 1989 Doisy Vedrines I believe him. Simply perfect and I don't care that other vintages may have higher scores. This and the 1990 are far and away the best. The 2009 and 2010 may equal as time passes. A very high bar has been set. Best sauternes value as classics go.
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ST 92 WS 91

2011 Domaine A&P de Villaine Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise Rouge "La Digoine"
Review Date: 10-05-2013
The name on the bottle says it all.
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2010 Kalinda Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 08-20-2013
I noticed that this seemed to be flying off the shelves a couple of weeks ago. Curious, I ordered a few bottles myself. I opened one and appreciated the beautiful deep color and classic nose then poured a glass and left it alone for a few hours before fully sampling. Geesh, this is and will be a keeper for those that seek out cult California cabs. Thanks to your team I have another secret weapon like the 2008 Kalinda St Helena Reserve for the blind tastings with my wine geek compadres.
Powerful with fine tannins. Such deep purple color. Pleasing dancing aromas. Slighty savory, peppery, olives, coffee, mocha with a wonderful evolving long finish. Lots of fruit now. Recommend decanting for a couple of hours. Tremendous value. Top notch example of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon without going over the top. What a deal.
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2011 Kalinda Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 07-23-2013
Juicy. Quaffable. Very different from the 2010 Kalinda Napa Cab. It is everything Christie says. A good buy.
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2009 Doisy-Védrines, Sauternes
Review Date: 04-28-2013
Fantastic. Hits it out of the ballpark. As great as the 1989. Amazing it is drinking so very well now. Drink now and cellar.

2007 Hétszölö Tokaji Late Harvest
Review Date: 08-25-2012
Terrific aperitif. Great golden color, fragrant fruity, honey nose, medium body, 10 - 12 second finish, good mouth feel, apricot, pear, honey - satisfying and delicious. Had a bottle with wine friends at Gold Mirror Italian restaurant for aperitif. Paired perfect with the variety of foods we had. Beautiful label too.
Had a second bottle last weekend at a friend's birthday party. It was the birthday boy's Hungarian friend, Gabor that set me to looking for this wine. He and other Hungarians were there to drink and they gave their hearty approval. Always a good sign when the natives smile.
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2010 Mas Grand Plagniol "Tradition" Costières de Nîmes Blanc
Review Date: 04-02-2012
My second go to white wine. Aromatic, med body, nice color, honey, pear flavors. Long finish. Very appealing. Well priced.
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2009 Cécile Chassagne Gigondas
Review Date: 04-01-2012
Slight but attractive nose like smoked meat. Medium body. Savory, tangy, full flavors. Reminds me of au jus. Med deep purple-red color.
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ST 89 - 91

2006 "Women of the Vine" Syrah - Heidi Barrett Peterson Edition
Review Date: 03-29-2012
Opaque, deep purple-amethyst color swirls like beautiful colored glass. Wonderfully aromatic from the pull of the cork. Full flavors, black fruit, anise, cherry - it's complex with an attractive bit of heat. Long satisfying finish. Perfect syrah and worthy of her reputation.
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2010 Domaine de la Bécassonne Côtes du Rhône Blanc
Review Date: 03-25-2012
Medium body with tropical fruit, honey and pear flavors. The Roussanne really stands out. Wonderful all around - color, nose, body and satisfying long flavors. My white wine of choice. Highly recommended.
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2006 Rosenblum "St. Peter's Church Vineyard" Reserve Sonoma County Zinfandel
Review Date: 01-16-2012
This is perfect zin. All my guests set out to buy more after trying it. Keep stocking more please.
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CG 91

2009 Evening Land Vineyards "La Source" Seven Springs Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills Chardonnay
Review Date: 11-07-2011
Exceptional. White Burgundy fans will delight. Acid, mineral very balanced and precise. So much going on in the nose and on the palate. Great lingering finish. Sets the bar very high for the competition.

2010 Evening Land Vineyards "Celebration" Eola Amity Hills Gamay Noir
Review Date: 11-07-2011
Delicious. Wonderful nose and fruit.
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2003 Porto Rocha Vintage Port 375ml
Review Date: 09-03-2011
Very nice. Develops nicely as the port gets air. Aromas jump out of the glass. Beautiful deep color. Long finish. Red fruit, chocolate, dried plums, medium body, complex. Very good already and will probably age well. Some sediment as expected. Half bottle enjoyed over a couple of nights. Better as it progressed. A great value and treat. Thank you, whoever is the k&l port buyer.
Drink from 2011 to 2011
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2005 Terre da Vino "Essenze" Barolo
Review Date: 05-29-2011
Harsh, almost undrinkable the first day. Decanted.
Second day - still harsh but improving.
Third day - now it is quite good. Complexity blossomed today.
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WS 92

Canella "Bellini" Wine Cocktail di Venezia
Review Date: 04-23-2011
Sweetness, acidity and minerality are all well balanced. Frothy effervescent and not slushy. Full bodied Veneto white peach pulp perfectly blended with Canella prosecco. Enjoy well chilled. Perfect for entertaining and as apertiff. Nice pink color, smells like fresh peaches, refreshing from beginning to end. Goes with many foods. Addictive.
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