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2009 Domaine Henri Gouges Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru "Clos des Porrets"
Review Date: 02-27-2013
Drop everything. Find a bottle...maybe two.

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
Review Date: 01-07-2011
Nice, smooth, delicious....but not particularly distinct. If, however, you can get your lips around the 17 year, you will fall to your knees and weep with joy. To be fair, the 17 almost ventures out of bourbon territory and into the realm of cognac. No matter. Simply exquisite.
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2005 Joseph Phelps "Insignia" Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend
Review Date: 02-26-2010
Great Expectations strike again. In my opinion, Insignia tastes far better than Dickens reads but, wow, just what was I looking for? Fireworks? Not here. If there is any such thing as a high end ho-hum meritage, this is it. I have one more bottle. I'll try it again.

2007 Matanzas Creek Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc
Review Date: 02-26-2010
Yawn. Whatever.
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W&S 93

2008 Craggy Range "Te Muna Road" Sauvignon Blanc Martinborough
Review Date: 02-26-2010
Here's some faint praise: Not bad; adequate; wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers. I suppose my problem, among others, is that I've been to my personal Sauvignon Blanc mountain (Spotteswoode, Groth). Everything else, thus far, pales.
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W&S 93

2006 Ramey "Ritchie Vineyard" Russian River Valley Chardonnay
Review Date: 02-26-2010
For complexity and sophistication, in my opinion, there is no better chardonnay. Both Hyde and Hudson vineyards are wonderful, but Ritchie is a cut above. Ramey knows chardonnay like no other.

2005 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 02-26-2010
For my taste, there's not a better Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere at any price. Complete ambrosia. After a glass I need a cigarette and a nap. It's that good.
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W&S 92

2008 Lewis Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Review Date: 02-26-2010
Nice, but fairly pedestrian. Not in the same league as Groth or Spotteswoode.
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2006 Bonneau du Martray Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru
Review Date: 02-26-2010
Whoa. First taste was like licking wet sidewalk. Eeesh. But then....a miracle. After a few the fridge no softened and became deliciously complex. UTTERLY different than any New World chardonnay in my limited experience.

2000 Lynch-Bages, Pauillac
Review Date: 02-26-2010
I must be missing something. Very nice wine, but not rend-my-garments spectacular as I was led to believe. My palate must be Palinesque. Live and learn.

2006 Marchesi Frescobaldi Giramonte Toscana
Review Date: 02-26-2010
W/S says best from 2012. Oops. It was delicious as is....complex, a bit tannic but not excessively. Altogether a wonderful bottle of wine. I'll look for more.
Drink from 2012

Jean-Louis Denois Pinot Noir Brut Rosé (old sku)
Review Date: 02-14-2010
What a pleasant surprise!! Easy drinking with all types of pre-dinner fare. Something to enjoy repeatedly.
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Henney's Frome Valley Dry Cider, England (500ml)
Review Date: 12-01-2009
Bought this on a whim for the Holidays since I have an adventurous palate. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. Someone must enjoy this stuff, just not anybody I know.
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