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2006 Havens Napa Valley Merlot
Review Date: 02-25-2010
I find it very amusing that there are users who are STILL recommending to let this wine breathe. I wonder if they will take the time to comment on one of the SPOILED bottles that happen to be bad from the moment they opened it, and that only got WORSE as they let it breathe… Again, this wine is great, but only if you got a bottle that wasn't damaged… Good luck on that one!!! I open 4 bottles, only the 1st one (from the 1st Batch that K & L sold) was good. The other 3 were just undrinkable… Oh, and for the record, I did let ALL of them Breathe for hours… Not worth the disappointment… K & L has much better values, that are FAR more consistent, and tasty, for the same price, or around $10.
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