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2006 Achával Ferrer "Quimera" Malbec/Cab/Merlot Mendoza
Review Date: 02-22-2014
i only bought one bottle and held onto it for about 3 years and now wish there was a case sitting around. Dark, inky color. Great fruit on the noise. Very integrated tannins. A New World style with loads of fruit balanced by a good structure. Oak was very minimal. Would love more
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RP 94 WE 90

2008 III Somms "Atlas" Napa Valley Red Wine
Review Date: 12-21-2013
if scoring using price as a consideration, I would say 5. This is very fruit forward and smooth. There is structure but the tannins have almost disappeared. Enjoy this with any kind of meat and also as a sipper before meals or with a chocolate dessert. It is not complex, but is easy to drink and very enjoyable. Great wine for a big party.
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2011 Tessellae "Old Vines" Côtes du Roussillon
Review Date: 08-20-2013
letting this one get some air makes a huge difference. Over the course of about 3 hours the tannins softened quite a bit. Nice fruit and structure which means this could evolve in the bottle for a few years. I am getting 6 more bottles at this price and will most likely wish I had bought two cases.
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RP 93

2012 Mirabeau Côtes de Provence Rosé
Review Date: 08-18-2013
very easy drinking Rose with lots of fruit and medium-dry. paired well with salmon. a wine that drinks well by itself and will pair with chicken, fish, and spicy dishes.
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RP 89

2003 Quinta dos Roques Reserva Dao
Review Date: 01-22-2013
I waited too long to uncork this wine! Should have done it when there was inventory to buy. Alas, I added it to a waiting list though the chances are slim. I found this to have abundant fruit of the blackberry variety along with focused tannins. I would have bought 6 - 12 bottles at the incredible $12.99 price it was going for when I purchased. Oh my!!!
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WE 92

2010 Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo delle Langhe
Review Date: 01-10-2013
Nice acidity that pairs well with cheese and a meat marinara sauce. The light body is really nice. A nice bottle to serve with Italian food though it is not a huge bargain either.
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2010 Karanika Terra Levea Assyrtiko
Review Date: 01-07-2013
The flavors of citrus and other complex flavors made this wine wonderful both by itself and with food. This was quite nice with chicken and roasted sweet potatoes. I think this wine might have some aging potential.
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Zafra 21-year-old Master's Reserve Panama Rum (750ml)
Review Date: 01-07-2013
I compared this with Zaya 12 year old and Appleton Estate 21 year old. The Zafra and Appleton seemed very close in taste and style though the Appleton is about 3x the cost. The Zaya is much sweeter in flavor. While right now my pallet prefers the Zaya because I like the sweeter and more vanilla flavor I can appreciate that a different, dare I say more sophisticated pallet might prefer the Zafra or Appleton.
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2010 Züm Pinot Noir Rosé
Review Date: 11-21-2012
Nice little Rose for the price. Good fruit forward with a nice acidity on the mid-palate and finish. Will hold up to spicy asian foods. Great price point.
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2010 Clos Chanteduc Côtes du Rhône
Review Date: 11-17-2012
This wine needs to be decanted at this time in its' life cycle. When I first tasted it I thought the sour cherry taste was so predominate as to be overwhelming even though with a beef tongue mole it was fine.

The second day brings out a wine that has now fully opened up and is pairing well with, of all things, a brie, arugula, smoked salmon crepe with a bechamel dill sauce. That is very unexpected.

So, if you were put off on the initial taste, give this some time - like a few hours.
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2005 La Rioja Alta "Viña Alberdi" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 09-05-2012
This seems like a big wine to me and something that needs big food. Definitely getting the oak when first opening the bottle. It also has big juice too. A little oaky for my buds though with the steak and charmoula sauce I am getting ready to eat it with, I think everything will be just fine. I would not wait on drinking this one though. It is probably at or near its peak.
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RP 90 ST 90

2011 Ameztoi "Rubentis" Rosé Getariako Txakolina
Review Date: 08-27-2012
Dry and slightly fizzy Rose that is easy to drink and food friendly. If price is not a consideration then pick up a case for that afternoon party or appetizer/first course beverage. I really like this wine but find the $20 price tag a bit of an impediment to drinking regularly.
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2007 Bodegas Puelles Crianza Rioja
Review Date: 06-03-2012
I thought this wine stood up to my lamb loin chops with a parsley/mint/cilantro charmoula just fine. Peppery, lots of structure, nice fruit and very smooth after about an hour of air. Great now and should last another 5 years easy.
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2006 Frédéric Mabileau "Les Rouillères" St.-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil
Review Date: 03-30-2012
Loved this wine and the food pairing possibilities. This wine had lots of fruit but acidity to give it structure. Wish I had tried it earlier while there was still stock at K&L. I still have one bottle left that will probably save for the next roast chicken we do. It still tasted young here in March 2012 though I don't believe there will be much evolution in the bottle.
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W&S 91

2009 Señorío de P.Peciña Joven Rioja
Review Date: 03-17-2012
An easy drinking red that would pair with a wide variety of foods. I can imagine this also going well with hard sharp cheese. My wife and I are going to have it with chile relleno tonight. I love Riojas for their ability to pair with so many foods. I always thought Pinot Noir was the most flexible food wine but am changing my opinion. This wine is really nice due to the emphasis on the fruit as a result of no oak aging. This wine tastes vibrant and young and should hold for another three years easily.
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Yalumba "Museum Reserve" Antique Tawny (375ml)
Review Date: 02-20-2012
For the price this is a 5* and I even say 4 - 4.5 price notwithstanding. Very complex Tawny with figs, dates, and a certain nuttiness. The flavors vary from fore and mid palate to the finish. Thank you to whoever it was at KL that recommended this to me while in the store.
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2005 Charles Baur Riesling Grand Cru Eichberg
Review Date: 02-20-2012
I love this wine. It has been sitting in our wine closet for several years and we decided to uncork it to enjoy with our roast chicken on 2/2012. What a nose! There are definite mineral tones, dried fruit, and honey. On the palate gooseberries, floral accents, and stone. A very complex wine. Not sweet like most Rieslings. Very balanced. If I could only have one white wine this would probably be it except the price makes it prohibitive as an everyday drinker. I would think this would last another 5 years easy.
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2009 Columbia Crest "Two Vines" Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 01-24-2012
For the price definitely a 5. It is a bit of a fruit bomb. I did not notice any oak or tannic structure, but, it was wonderfully smooth and easy to drink. We had it with steak and charmoula and everyone was very happy.
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W&S 90

2001 La Rioja Alta "Viña Ardanza" Reserva Especial Rioja
Review Date: 01-07-2012
Amazing wine. When I pulled the cork and saw the inky dark liquid that made me very hopeful. Then the first taste was fantastic with big fruit enveloped in a tight structure with integrated tannins and glycerin. I cannot remember ever drinking a better wine. Drank it with a paella cooked on an open fire that had chicken, chorizo, spanish sausage, mussels, scallops, and shrimp in a tomato saffron broth and the aborio rice. Superlatives are not enough to describe that meal.

This wine still tastes young and should last another 10 years.
Drink from 2012 to 2012
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JS 97 RP 93

2003 La Gatte, Bordeaux Rouge
Review Date: 01-01-2012
Opened this today on 1/1/2012. This bottle has definitely gone over the edge. The cork looked beautiful and smelled fine. Nice inky cork that usually portends something wonderful. Alas, the wine has a rusty sort of color and tastes rusty too. Not very good. If you have any of these start drinking them before they turn.
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2008 Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 11-17-2011
This is an incredible bargain for $9.99. Bing Cherry fruit flavors on a nice structure with low tannins. Very easy to drink yet it has good substance to it.

My wife and I are contemplating a case of this.
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W&S 93

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur (750ml)
Review Date: 10-04-2011
This liqueur has been so much fun the last couple months. Our favorite has been 2 shots white wine, 2 shots club soda, 1 shot St Germaine over ice with a lime wedge. Any kind of white wine seems to work though Lillet Blanc is exceedingly good.

It also makes a wonderful vodka drink with equal parts St Germain, vodka, and limoncello shaken and served in a martini glass. There is a drink served at the Spoonbar in Healdsburg called the Corpse Reviver that uses St Germain. Check that out.
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WE 96 - 100

2005 Bodegas Castano "Hecula" Yecla
Review Date: 06-04-2010
Sshh, don't tell anyone - just buy a case for yourself first. I was not believing the hype, but, bought a bottle to check it out anyways. When I opened the bottle there was the rich aroma wafting out of the bottle of glycerin. I smelled the cork and thought it was slightly on the "corky" side and was prepared for something not so nice. I smelled the bottle again and it smelled really good. Dark red color in the glass and a nose like a $30+ bottle of wine. A few swishes and taste and I was surprised how smooth this went down. There is some spice, sandalwood, and tannin backbone with cherry and blackberry fruit coming through. Great wine for the price.
Drink from 2010 to 2010
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RP 90 ST 90

2002 Graham Beck "The Ridge" Syrah Robertson
Review Date: 12-31-2009
Incredible wine for the price. Inky and dark that coats the cork, glass and your mouth. Has definitely matured and is drinking perfectly right now. I would not age this one more than a year or two. I am buying at least 6 more of these and maybe a case.
Drink from 2010 to 2010
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2007 Simi Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County
Review Date: 03-22-2009
Fruity, easy drinking wine that has a very clean finish and enough complexity to be interesting This could be enjoyed with any of the white wine food groups. In addition, I can just imagine sipping a chilled glass on a hot summer day on the back patio with fruit, cheese, or a complementary hordouve. Great value.
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