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2006 Havens Napa Valley Merlot
Review Date: 02-17-2010
So far not impressed. Have only opened one bottle out of the case, so maybe it was bad but was expecting more from the description. Will let the next one breath a bit more and see if that makes a difference.
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2007 Perrin & Fils "Reserve" Côtes du Rhône
Review Date: 06-24-2009
Have to agree with the others here; Yum and Wow come to mind when I tasted this. All for $7.99. Its not super big but full enough that you'll be amazed and the quality for the price.
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RP 89

2005 Avalon Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 12-07-2008
I think we are on our third case of this. If you like woody, earthy cabs you will be amazed at the quality for the value here.
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