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Who am I? I'm an arborist that started drinking Single Malts seriously in 2011. I hated Ardbeg when I first tried it but now I love this Oog and the 10 all day. I don't know how much help my comments will be.


2003 Bruichladdich K&L Exclusive Peated Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 01-09-2013
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For the money you get an incredible experience typically not found in this price range...With exception of Uegeadail and Laphroaig 10yr cask strength.
Nose: leather treatment, new baseball glove, crushed raspberries and pomegranate. Concentrated vanilla... Freshly opened bottle of tennis balls? Holy crap.
Palate: peat and repeat! Vegetal, lanolin, tar... A burnt sugar with very sweet and tart berries right in the middle of it all. I keep hearing about smoke but I don't get smoke... I get smoke in Lagavulin but in this I get more earthy green notes and landscape equipment... But not smoke.
Finish: I can still taste it... And I tried it last night! Seriously though, long finish... 5 minutes and still noticeable. Oil, vanilla on the backend, cinnamon spice around the tongue edges. Now I get smoke. Iodine and salty brine. Orange peels?

Superb stuff. If you're at this price point deciding on whether to get this or another Islay that is regularly available... The choice is obvious. Get this. It's absolutely wonderful. Thanks for suggesting it D. Driscoll!
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Faultline 10 Year Old North Highland Single Barrel 100 Proof Single Malt Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 01-09-2013
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So I was in the neighborhood in Hollywood and David took a lot of time to help me pick out some unique stuff in a really accesible price range. He encouraged me to get I did. His words, "This is a really fun whisky. If you're looking for something traditional...this isn't the one but if you want to have something fun to have around that's really good....get this bottle."

He was right.

Nose: Smell it both in a nosing glass and then a little dash in the palm of your hand....2 TOTALLY different smells. Ludens Cherry cough drops, baked apples...pie?....mmmmm...cinnamon....cherry flavored candy Yum!

Palate: Spice drop. This is a really fun dram. Lots of cinnamon candy, the ones you put on ice cream, vanilla...but not very strong. Great with a dash of water. Syrup and more fruit....sweet citrus. Tangerines, Apricot, Peaches....really very different from the norm.

Finish: For being un-chill filtered I was surprised that the finish didn't last as long. I mean it doesn't just end...but the finish isn't very complex. Just kind of an extension of the palate...but not a ton of change. I gave it a 4.0 because of it...but maybe I'm being too critical. For $55 this is really killer stuff.

Thanks for the recommendation, David.

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