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Smooth Ambler 14 Year Old Very Old Scout Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 08-31-2012
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A wonderful pick, with a bright, spicy profile that is often missing in the older whiskies. The nose is peppery and sweet, with no hotness to speak of for its 50% strength. I could sit and nose this for quite a while.
I am not quite so good at the flavor descriptions as the pros at K&L, but I get pepper and phenols, with leather, toffee, mild tannins, and a sweet corn finish. While bringing in some of the aged notes that Pappy 15, Jefferson 18, Sazerac 18, or other older whiskies, it does not lose the bright corn and rye notes that make this taste like bourbon, and not another generic barrel aged spirit.
The rye element really comes through (a big plus in my book), with elements that remind me of the best elements of Sazerac 18 and a good younger LDI high-rye bourbon, such as Redemption.
For the price, a wonderful value. Price aside, still one of the best bourbons I have had.
If you like high-rye bourbon, get it!
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