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2010 Pacherhof Kerner Valle Isarco
Review Date: 09-23-2012
Softly floral nose, with sea spray, wet stone and lemon zest. Slight sweetness at the front of the palate, with white peach and lemon notes, giving way to noticeable but smooth acidity and a lingering chalky finish. Nicely balanced and highly enjoyable.
Drink from 2011 to 2011
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ST 92

2009 Maison Jacques Bavard Bourgogne Aligoté
Review Date: 05-10-2012
This was a new varietal to me, as Chardonnay gets the bulk of the white Burgundy attention. It's a pleasant diversion, a simple wine that nevertheless has multiple layers to savor. The nose is flinty and faintly fruity, with a slight citrus note accented with a bit of peppery spiciness. Noticeably acidic up front, but that sharpness is quickly balanced out with a bit of honeysuckle and just a little bit of creaminess in the finish. Pleasant enough to drink on its own, but this really is at its best as a table wine to complement food.
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2009 Domaine Anne & Arnaud Goisot Bourgogne Côtes d'Auxerre Rosé
Review Date: 05-10-2012
An absolutely delightful rose with pleasantly surprising levels of complexity. Multiple aromas are present, ranging from flint to mango to watermelon to jasmine. Pleasant strawberry sweetness lies at the front of the palate, giving way to soft, pink-grapefruit acidity and a surprising level of tannin in the finish. Everything is subtle and restrained, but the presence of those tannins - significantly mellowed at 2.5 years - elevates a sparse, austere wine into something truly fascinating. An absolutely gorgeous wine.
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