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The Durand Corkscrew for Removal of Old Corks with Confidence
Review Date: 01-20-2012
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I was gifted with one of these nifty devices, and I was impressed at once with the craftsmanship and overall design. I recognized at once that it was a good idea... but would it work? My coterie of wine friends (who call ourselves Pompous Twits) have, among them, many older wines that they share for special gatherings or for gifts. So, I have had several opportunities to use my new toy, and in each instance, it worked perfectly. Whereby I have always sworn by the common two-pronged ah-so openers for older wines, there are times, such as with a wet and slippery cork, that it has difficulty finding a purchase on the cork, or ends up pushing the cork into the bottle. The worm screw on the Durand prevents this unfortunate occurance and keeps the cork in place while the ah-so portion allows easy extraction. It is a fine device for old wine lovers, and makes a terrific gift for friends whose older wines you would really like them to share with you!
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